Why Is It Harder To Shoot A Basketball Outside?

Basketball is a fun sport that can be played indoors and outdoors. However, the environment this sport is being played affects the performance quite a bit. That is why you might have sometimes wondered, why is it harder to shoot a basketball outside?

Why Is It Harder To Shoot A Basketball Outside

Shooting a basketball outside is harder than inside due to several reasons. One of the main factors that contribute to it is the weather condition. Mainly the surrounding winds affect the shooting angle and sway the ball in a different direction than the one you are aiming at.

Why Is It Harder To Shoot A Basketball Outside?

Outdoor basketball rings are smaller compared to indoor ones, which causes your shot to go off if missed by a single degree. The placement of indoor rims is set at the height of exactly 10 feet. Contrastingly, the height of outdoor basketball rims may vary, which affects the shooting performance. Moreover, outdoor rims have a more sturdy and rigid build, unfavorable for the ball’s bouncing.

The pavement outside can also make it harder to shoot a basketball. The surface affects the grip on the ball and wears it down, making the dribbling and shooting difficult. Additionally, outdoor courts are not well marked, impacting the players’ positions, which results in unreliable shooting performance.

Is An Outdoor Basketball Harder Than An Indoor?

Anyone who has played basketball for some time might have encountered situations where they had to use an outdoor basketball indoors or vice versa. In comparison, an outdoor basketball is harder than an indoor one. It is why the use of an unsuitable basketball can cause hindrance while playing the sport and may be an unpleasant experience.

An outdoor basketball is designed to withstand the pounding on harsh surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Therefore, it is usually made with rubber or other composite materials that impart durability. Outdoor balls do not require to be broken in and can be used as they are right out of the box.

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Even though the basketballs designed for outdoor use do not have a slippery texture, they are harder and heavier than an indoor basketball. That is why an outdoor basketball does not offer superior grip or have a consistent and reliable bounce characteristic like an indoor one.

On the other hand, Indoor basketballs are manufactured using full-grain leather. It imparts a smooth texture and enables an efficient performance when used for the first time. An indoor basketball also needs to be broken in by constant pounding and practice before using it in an actual game to prevent slipping.

n addition, when compared to an outdoor ball, an indoor one offers a better grip and consistent bounce for smoother game performance.

How Much Harder Is It To Shoot Basketball Outdoors With Any Amount Of Wind Or Other Factors?

It is quite hard to shoot basketball outdoors with any amount of wind or other factors. A windy outdoor court can cause the ball to deviate in another direction while shooting. Generally, a wind speed of 20 mph can affect your basketball game. Strong sunlight is another factor that can reduce visibility during the game, contributing to missed basketball shots.

Other outdoor factors affecting the shooting include shaking or unevenness of the rim, the presence of double rims, and low or high placement of the hoop. An uneven and rough pavement surface also affects the dribbling and alters the shooting experience. Incorrect markings and lines such as the 3 points line can further make shooting a basketball tough outdoors.

Will Playing Outside In The Wind Mess Up My Shot?

Yes, playing outside in the wind will mess up your shot. If the wind is unnoticeable, it does not create any problem. But if the wind speed outside is greater than 20 mph, it can hinder your basketball game performance. The basketball is pushed wide when hit down and swerves during the shooting in windy conditions, hence missing the hoop. The wind may also cause the ball to barely touch the service line, no matter how hard you hit it.

How To Improve Shooting Basketball Outside?

In order to improve shooting basketball outside, it is vital to consider the factors that affect the performance. An essential thing you would require to improve your outdoor shooting technique is wearing appropriate shoes.

An outdoor basketball shoe is designed with thick and hard rubber that provides excellent balance and grip for the slippery court surface. It also ensures comfort without compromising the traction in the shoes and your shooting performance.

Practicing with the right basketball hoop can also improve your shooting skills outside. There are different basketball hoops, such as the double rim hoop, which is highly sturdy. Its rigid design does not allow any room for errors, making it an excellent hoop to practice your basketball shooting skills on.

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Furthermore, buy a quality basketball made with tough material so that it can withstand pounding and does not wear away from the rough outdoor surface. The ball should also offer an excellent grip to dribble and shoot easily.


Should You Shoot Every Time You’re Wide Open?

No, it is unnecessary to shoot every time you are wide open. You should only shoot once you are sure that the ball can make it through. If you shoot every time you are wide open and miss the hoop, you waste a whole possession where no other player touched the ball.

Why Is It Harder To Shoot A Basketball In A Dome?

It is a challenging experience for many people to play basketball in a dome. It becomes harder to shoot a basketball in a dome due to the vast distance behind the loop, which confuses the players about the shot distance.

With the huge gap behind the backboard and all the points of reference removed, it becomes difficult to judge the distance. Therefore, it alters the ability of the shooter to perceive depth, making it harder to shoot the ball.

Is Playing Outside Better Than Indoors?

Overall, playing basketball indoors is more manageable than outdoors because of weather conditions and other factors. Indoor basketball is better if you do a lot of footwork, impactful jumps, or shooting drills. But if you want to challenge yourself and improve your skills to the max, then playing outdoor basketball is the best option.


Outdoor basketball games are more complex than indoors due to stiff double rims, weather conditions, and uneven pavements. All these factors make it harder to shoot the ball. However, opting to practice indoor and outdoor basketball playing can undoubtedly help you polish your shooting skills.

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