Why Do Basketball Players Wear Double Socks?

While watching a basketball game intently, you may have noticed that the players usually wear double socks. If seeing this has your mind stuck on the question of why they wear double socks, we have the answers right here. Read on below to learn all about this habit of basketball players!

Basketball players wear double socks to prevent ankle injuries, protect heel bones, and protect against blisters. They make running, landing, and jumping easy for players. Most players wear double socks to create a comfy fit and cushion the feet.

Moreover, double socks decrease friction against the shoes and give a stylish and professional look. The double socks also act as a buffer and prevent sweat-related allergies and irritation.

What Does Wearing Double Socks Mean?

Wearing double socks is a popular trend in the basketball community. It exactly means what you think; a player wearing two socks on each foot. The origin of this trend is unknown, but double socks are now mainly worn to protect the feet from injuries and blisters during playing. Famous players like Steph Curry and James Harden suggest wearing double pairs of socks to fit the feet properly in shoes.

Are Double Socks Good For Basketball?

Yes, wearing double socks is highly beneficial and suitable for basketball players. They act as a cushion and prevent ankle and foot injuries. Moreover, they help reduce blistering and protect against allergies and infections.

Benefits Of Wearing Double Socks For Basketball

Some benefits of wearing double socks for basketball include:

Less Friction Between Shoe And Socks

The purpose of wearing double socks is to reduce friction between shoes and socks. Due to friction, blisters appear on feet that are very painful and can cause severe irritation during gameplay. Double socks also minimize moisture buildup and keep the skin drier. When a shoe is moist, it increases the chances of skin friction. Hence, the socks keep it dry and reduce the risk of blistering while providing great comfort to the feet.

Prevents Foot Injury

Wearing double socks helps to prevent injuries by supporting the ankles. The extra layer of soft fabric absorbs the shock created due to movements. The compression stabilizes your joints during gameplay and decreases the chances of getting injuries during running, jumping, and landing.

Double socks also reduce the chance of ankle sprains and common basketball injuries related to feet. They act just like the arm and knee sleeves that the players wear to seek protection from injuries.

The heel bone, called calcaneus, is prone to injuries because it withstands most body weight. Basketball players constantly run, jump and land on their feet. The stress arising from these movements can cause fractures and strains. Wearing double socks creates a layer of padding between shoe and foot to protect the bone from injuries due to stress.


Wearing two pairs of socks doubles the comfort level and gives your feet some added cushioning. Basketball players have to run and jump for most of the game’s duration, and comfort is essential to help them perform well. Moreover, double socks deter the formation of blisters that could prevent a player from running at high speed and landing comfortably on the ground after a jump.

Sports shoes manufacturing companies also recommend that players wear double socks. They absorb the sweat and keep the shoe dry, helping in increasing their life and making them last longer.

Stylish Look

Double socks give a stylish look because you can double up with different colors and patterns while maintaining your fashion sense even in uniform. Basketball players wear long socks. Wearing double socks can not only step up your uniform’s style but will also offer protection. 

Does Wearing Two Pairs Of Socks Prevent Blisters?

Yes, wearing two pairs of socks prevents blisters. Blisters on the feet are caused by friction between shoes and socks. Double socks reduce friction and prevent blisters. Moreover, moisture is also a factor behind blister formation. Double socks absorb sweat and keep socks and shoes dry, due to which friction is reduced and no blisters are formed. 

Blisters on the feet are painful, and they can hinder the players from giving their full performance due to irritation and disturbance during gameplay. Wearing double socks can keep them safe and allow them to perform better. 

Related Questions

While the information above covers all you need to know about this trend, here are some additional FAQs if you’re still curious about some related topics. 

Why Do Nba Players Wear Two Socks?

NBA players wear two socks to prevent their ankles and feet from injuries and blisters. Wearing single socks cannot reduce friction between shoes and feet as effectively as compared with double socks. They offer maximum protection to heels and provide comfortable padding while the player runs, jumps or lands. As a bonus, double socks give a stylish look as well.

How To Wear Double Socks For Basketball?

Wearing double socks for basketball is a common trend and is not that complex to follow. Simply put, all you have to do is wear one sock over another. Moreover, double socks are a source of comfort and style. You can pair them up with different colors, patterns, and styles. A, you can take one pair of long and a pair of shorter socks to create a fashion sense with your uniform. This way, you can stay comfortable during the game while looking stylish. 


To summarize, basketball players wear double socks to keep their feet secure. Double socks offer the following benefits: 

  • They reduce the friction between feet and shoes and protect them from blisters. 
  • They keep heels and ankles secure by absorbing the shock when the player jumps and lands. 
  • They provide comfortable padding for smooth running. 
  • They add up a stylish look to the sports uniform. 

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