What Size Basketball Jersey Should I Buy: Size Chart

Basketball is a game full of fun and thrill, and being a part of the game brings a sense of enthusiasm. There are specific clothes that you can wear for your basketball game. Basketball requires full passion, and for giving your best, you need a fitting basketball jersey. The basketball jerseys are flexible and provide a cooling sensation to the player during the game. Other than this, there are many benefits that a basketball jersey provides to the athlete.
What Size Basketball Jersey Should I Buy

It is available in different sizes and styles. Buying the right one for yourself might be tricky. Here in this article, I will suggest some sizes and raise awareness of which size basketball jersey you should buy for your game. If you find the perfect size and fit perfectly, you will play the game with total energy and affection.

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The basketball jersey will provide you with a comfortable and smooth feeling during the game. Instead of wasting money, you should choose the right size of your basketball jersey and play like a pro.

What Size Basketball Jersey Should I Buy

Well, this question worries many basketball players. Selecting the right size of jersey for your basketball team is challenging. But this article will surely help you buy the right size basketball jersey for yourself. The basketball jersey provides a fantastic look to the player when you buy it according to your body measurements. So now, let’s make it easy and dive into the required preliminary information.

Things you should know

The first thing that you need to check before buying a basketball jersey is your body size. It would help if you took proper measurements of which jersey would suit your body. The best thing to find your size is that you should go to a shop and wear a shirt similar to a jersey and measure your size. Another simple method to determine your size is to check through measuring tape. For finding your size, you should take measurements in the following way;

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  • Firstly you need to measure the size of your chest to your armpits. Put the measuring tape under your armpits and then run it through your chest. After that, wrap the measuring tape around the chest fully and take measurements according to your requirements. Take most suitable measures, like neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Secondly, you need to measure the length of the shirt you want. You can measure it by putting the tape on your shoulders and bringing it to the hip bone area.
  • Thirdly, wrap the tape around the hip to measure the tightness or looseness.
  • Lastly, you need to measure the waist size for that; you need to measure the rib cage size by wrapping the tape around it.

Sizes of Jersey Chart

There are different sizes that are available, which you can select after measuring your body size. Other numeric and men’s sizes are available. You can choose your jersey easily after knowing the jersey’s measurements available in the market. Following are the different sizes of basketball jerseys.

  • The small size is 36
  • The medium size is 40
  • The large size is 44
  • Extra large size is 48
  • XX-large size is 52
  • XXX large size is 54-56
  • XXXX large size is 60

Following the measurements, you can choose yours easily after knowing your body measurements carefully. You will get the best suitable size only if you have taken your body measurements ideally.

Types of Jersey

Different types of basketball jerseys are available. Some vary in quality, price, and brand, but all are worth buying. Furthermore, these types have subtypes too. It depends upon the brand you are selecting. A few examples are as follows;

  1. Michell and Ness Jersey

It consists of two types

  1. Nike NBA Jerseys (what size swingman jersey should I get)

It also offers two different types

  1. Fantastic Jerseys

This brand provides the best affordable jerseys, which fit perfectly and offer a fantastic experience to the player. Its quality is high and smooth. Of course, it depends upon you which brand you choose, and buy the jerseys accordingly.

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Things To Remember

What are the things you should remember before buying a basketball jersey for yourself? There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the jersey. These points will help you buy the perfect size without any regret.

  • If you wear something under your shirt, you should buy a jersey whose size is slightly loose than average.
  • New brands might have more varieties than the bigger ones.
  • The basketball jerseys are of different sizes from your everyday clothing, so you need to be very careful while buying one for yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size should you get in a basketball jersey?

It depends upon you which size you can comfortably wear. First, buy the jersey, which is a bit larger than your original size, because it will suit you perfectly.

Should your size up for a basketball jersey?

Yes, it would help if you sized up for a basketball jersey because it depends on what suits you more. For example, sometimes you need a fit one, while you need a baggy jersey.

How do I know my jersey size?

To know your perfect jersey size, you need to take measurements of your body first. Once you take the proper measures, you can buy a suitable size jersey for yourself.


Buying a basketball jersey is tricky, but once you take the proper measurement of your body, it won’t be a hassle anymore. The main thing is the comfortability and easiness that one can get while wearing a basketball jersey. You can only get this smooth experience of wearing a basketball jersey when you will buy the best one for yourself. All your doubts must be cleared now, and now you can pick the most suitable jersey according to your requirements.

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