What Happens When You Sit On A Basketball?

If you think sitting on a basketball would not affect it, you are wrong. It badly affects the durability of basketball, no matter how high-quality the ball is. Ultimately, the lifespan of the ball is decreased. This yellow and spherical shape ball comes in a variety of sizes, starting from a few centimeters in diameter to an extra-large size of a few feet.

What Happens When You Sit On A Basketball

What Happens When You Sit On A Basketball?

Basketball is filled with gas, just like balloons, though a basketball is much stiffer. If you sit on a basketball, it may not explode quickly like balloons but will lose its firmness as it is made with various hard materials.  

There are mainly three kinds of basketball. The first one is the leather ball, which professional players usually use. This type of basketball consists of an outer and an inner protective shell. The second one is a rubber ball manufactured to play on outdoor courts and for beginners. For this purpose, it is made bouncy. The last type of basketball is composite basketball, which possesses the highest durability.

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Is It Bad To Sit On A Basketball?

It is not good to sit on a basketball. It can affect the durability and stability of the ball. Moreover, it can lessen the lifespan of basketball. Making a basketball a seat is not a good idea, as it will ruin the quality of the basketball, no matter how many high-quality materials are used to design it.

Will Basketball Explode If You Sit On It?

Sitting on a basketball does not lead to it exploding immediately, but it can ruin the durability and lifespan of the ball. If you are a professional basketball player, you would understand how much care basketball requires. Furthermore, treating a basketball like an ordinary ball is not a good practice. 

Basketballs demand proper care to extend their lifespan and stability. One should not place heavy objects or sharp items like rocks, etc., on them. If you sit on the basketball, it may not explode, but this can change the shape of the basketball or even under-inflate it.

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The explosion of basketball could happen due to several reasons. Sitting on it or placing a heavy object on it can be one of the reasons. No matter how much less weight you possess, you should never sit on a basketball.

Sitting on a basketball sometimes does not necessarily result in its bursting but can cause leaks, easily allowing air to escape slowly. Moreover, this will make the basketball challenging to control. Also, it affects other tricks, including spinning the basketball on the tip of a single finger, performing aerobatic maneuvers, bouncing the ball continuously in varied patterns, and rolling the basketball on the shoulder.

How Much Pressure Can A Basketball Bear?

It is recommended to inflate the basketball between 7.5 to 8.5 pounds per square inch. Usually, a pump is used to fill air pressure in the ball. Higher pressure than this range can deflate the basketball, and lower air pressure causes under-inflation. Air pressure plays a vital role in the bouncing property of basketball. The higher the air pressure, the better the basketball will bounce. But the moderate range recommended by the National Basket Association should be kept in mind. 

Filling correct air pressure in basketball is crucial for players to play comfortably. Under-inflated basketball is challenging to handle and play. Similarly, an over-inflated basketball can explode if struck by hard objects. Generally, an inflation gauge is used to measure the pressure of basketball.

There is a trick to check the amount of inflation in basketball. The technique is that the basketball is held up to the face and then set free to fall. If the basketball bounces over the chest line, it indicates over-inflation. If the basketball bounces below the waistline, it indicates under-inflation. The ball bouncing slightly higher than the waistline is considered best for moderate inflation. This trick is beneficial when a pressure calculating device is not available.

What Factors Affect The Durability Of A Basketball?

Several factors affect durability, stability, and lifespan. The main factor is the inflation means air pressure inside the basketball, which we already have discussed briefly.

Temperature also plays a vital role in the durability of the ball. Basketball should be kept at room temperature, whether you play regularly or not. Keeping the ball in too cold or hot temperatures can ruin its quality. It can alter the color, shape, and grip of the ball. In cold weather, the pressure inside the basketball becomes reduced.

Similarly, keeping the basketball clean from the outside is also essential for maintaining the color. For this, you do not have to struggle. Just wiping up with a cloth would be enough. Never soak the ball in the water; do not use a heater.

The more durable the basketball is, the better performance it could provide the players. This includes passing the basketball to another player comfortably, throwing the ball into the basket efficiently, and continuously bouncing the ball without any discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Little Kid Sit On Basketball?

Although kids have lower body weight than adults, they contain some weight. If a little kid sits on a basketball, the extent of damage would be less. But it can disturb the overall quality of the ball. If you are a professional basketball player, you would never allow anyone to sit on the basketball, even a little kid.

What Effect Does Pressure Show On A Basketball?

Pressure plays a significant role in basketball gaming. If basketball is not filled with pressure, it can not bounce properly, and ultimately the player cannot enjoy his game. Similarly, too much air pressure inside the basketball makes it difficult for players to control dribbling and shooting. Basketball is supposed to be less efficient if it does not bounce much high.

Does A Basketball Need Care?

Yes, a basketball needs proper care. Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, you need to check the pressure, clean it and store it in a suitable place. This is essential not only for the quality of the basketball but also for your overall performance.

Is Basketball Used Only For Games?

No, basketball is not only used for playing the ordinary basketball game. Its uses vary from performing tricks like aerobatics, continuous bouncing in complex styles, spinning the ball on a single finger, and rolling the ball over the shoulder. But it should not be used as a seat, not only for adults but also for kids.


Playing basketball is fun until the quality of the ball is affected. Taking regular care of the basketball is necessary, whether you use it regularly or not, to extend the lifespan of the basketball. Sitting on a basketball can badly affect the durability of the basketball. So, basketball should be placed and stored with great care. Taking care of the basketball is not a difficult task.

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