What Are The Basic Skills In Basketball?

Despite being one of the most popular sports in the world, basketball is also considered pretty straightforward, with the game’s primary objective being to put a ball in the hoop. That may sound fairly easy when you think about it, but there are many basic skills and moves that one must master to be able to play the game.

You need to acquire many skills before you can play the game correctly. However, before you learn any other types of skills, there are some basics that you must master. These 10 basic skills are the fundamentals of becoming a good basketball player.

Importance Of Basic Skills In Basketball

If you are looking to get better at basketball or dream of playing professionally one day, playing the game more is vital. However, developing the essential skills is even more crucial. By developing these skills, you learn more about the game in many different areas, which help you in improving more overall.

Many people want to learn basic skills in basketball, such as making a proper shot. The problem begins when you apply these moves or basic skills in a game without practice. You will fail if you try to apply a skill without learning it properly.

Moreover, these basic skills are the backbone of more advanced skills because if you fail to acquire the basics of a specific skill, you can not jump to the more complex version.

Furthermore, basic skills such as passing are a huge part of the game. Basketball is a team sport, and if you have not acquired this skill, you will not be able to play effectively with your team. Thus, making your overall performance as a player worse.

What Are The Basic Skills Of Basketball?

The basic skills of basketball may include skills such as:

  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Rebounding
  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Moves 
  • Violations
  • Assist 
  • Foul

These 10 skills are considered essential for every player to learn. These skills are further divided into multiple subsets, which cannot be performed before having a proper understanding or mastering the execution of the skill before it.

10 Basic Skills In Basketball

These 10 basic skills help you mature as a player and better understand the game to improve your overall mental and physical aspects.


Dribbling is one of the most vital basketball skills. Dribbling is when a player uses one hand to bounce the ball constantly. It is the primary method to move the ball around the court. You cannot hold the ball and simply run towards the other team’s basket to score, as that would be considered a foul. Moreover, the dribbling motion ends when a player grabs the ball with both hands or fails to continue a repetitive bouncing motion.


Since basketball is a team sport, all the players need to play as a team and create opportunities to score using each other’s help. This is where passing plays a key role because it helps keep the possession of the ball between your teammates. Moreover, if a player from the other team tries to steal the ball from you, you can pass it to your teammate to avoid losing the ball to the other team.


The main objective of basketball is to score by shooting or throwing the ball into the other team’s basket. Shooting is also an essential part of the game because it is one of the primary skills you require to score a point. There are several different techniques of shooting a ball that one can master.


Rebounding is the ability of a player to gain or regain possession of the ball after a shot is taken. The team which has more rebounds always has more chances to score and significant possession of the ball throughout the game.


The offense is the chance your team has to score and an aggressive play style that focuses more on attacking and trying to score rather than defending your own goal. The players in one team need to have good coordination with each other in order to play offense.


Defense is when the players in a team properly coordinate with each other in order to stop the other team from scoring any points while also trying to acquire possession of the ball.


Moves are essential in order to make a great short or create an extraordinary play. There are several types of moves that facilitate defense and offense.


It is crucial for players to know different types of violations in the game, as it helps improve their knowledge and awareness on the court.


Assisting is when you help a teammate to score a point by passing the ball to them. It helps improve a player’s passing skills while making them a valuable asset to the team.


There are many fouls in the basketball game, but knowing how to use fouls to your advantage is considered an essential skill. Fouls are often used to stop the clock or either stop a player from scoring quickly.

Different Techniques Of The Basic Skills In Basketball

Many basic skills in basketball, such as shooting, often have different techniques in which they can be performed.

A modern method of shooting in basketball is called dunking. Dunking is when a player leaps into the air while keeping the ball in control and shooting it directly into the net.

Another way of shooting is three-point shooting. To perform this shooting technique, a player must be behind the three-point link and shoot the ball towards the hoop front hat line. 

The points scored from this shot are three, as mentioned in the name. There are many different techniques for these basic skills, but in order to perform these other techniques, one must master the basics first.


  • Basic skills are fundamental to help develop a player into a more professional athlete with a better understanding of the game.
  • There are 10 basic skills that are very important for a player.
  • These 10 basic skills can be performed through different techniques.
  • In order to perform these other techniques, a player should have a better understanding of the basic skills.

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