What Are Outdoor Basketballs Made Of?

Outdoor basketballs can be pretty tough. Does that ever make you wonder what are outdoor basketballs made of? Or have you found yourself in the sports goods shop wondering which ball material is best for outdoor basketball games?

What Are Outdoor Basketballs Made Of?

If yes, don’t worry, as we will explain everything you need to know about outdoor basketball materials.

What Are Outdoor Basketballs Made Of?

The material plays an essential role in determining performance, durability, longevity, and endurance. So choosing the suitable ball material is necessary for your success in a basketball game.

Mainly basketballs are made up of 3 materials: rubber, composite leather, and leather. Each of these materials has its uses and benefits. 

Let’s look in detail at each one of them.

Why Are Outdoor Basketballs Made Of Rubber?

Rubber is an excellent material for outdoor basketballs. The outdoors tend to have harsh elements like hard surfaces, sun, rain, snow, moisture, and sharp objects, to name a few. 

Having a material that can stick up to these elements is necessary. Rubber fits this criterion exceptionally well. They are cheap, the most durable out of the three materials and are relatively good operationally. 

So given their durability and functionality, if you are looking for a good basketball for outdoor usage without splurging, then rubber is the material for you.

Are Rubber Basketballs Good Outdoors?

Yes, rubber basketballs are suitable for the outdoors. They are relatively cheaper than leather or composite leather basketballs and are also more durable than either. 

It can withstand sunlight, rain, snow, and any other rough usage or elements of outdoor environments. They bounce pretty well on concrete surfaces without tearing or wearing quickly. 

Functionally, they tend to be better for outdoor usage than their counterparts. For example, they don’t tend to be slippery once covered in dust and dirt.

Are Leather Basketballs Good For The Outdoors?

Albeit leather basketballs are known to be stronger and more rigid, they are not fit for outdoor courts. Moreover, when playing outside, it is hard to attain the correct grip and dribble on asphalt or concrete courts as they are softer than outdoor basketballs

There is also a high risk of immediately damaging your leather basketball as it is not durable enough to withstand the harsher elements. This significantly reduces its lifespan.

How Long Does Outdoor Basketball Last

What’s more, given the price tag, it is not worth damaging them by playing outdoors.

Can Leather Basketballs Be Used Outside?

They cannot be as they are made for indoor playing only. The leather material is not fit to survive the rougher outside environments. Leather basketballs are made to function best on hardwood floors. 

Playing with them outside will result in them wearing and tearing easily and drastically hindering your game performance. So it is best to use either composite leather or rubber basketballs outdoors.

Is Composite Leather Basketball Good For The Outdoors?

Yes, composite leather basketball is an excellent choice for the outdoors. The material composite can resist moisture, withstand hours of exposure to the sun, and perform well on hard concrete and asphalt surfaces. 

It is both durable and highly functional for outdoor usage. However, it is not suitable for playing in wet environments like continuous rain as it can ruin the composite leather.

Final Word

Knowing and choosing the suitable material for your outdoor game is essential in preserving your basketball and determining your performance on the court. 

So hopefully, with our guidelines, you will be able to recognize which material best suits the outdoors.

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