Spalding vs. Wilson Basketball: Which Brand Reigns Supreme?

Nowadays, Spalding vs. Wilson basketball is a hot topic because both companies quickly gained fame. Spalding has got the golden point of producing basketball for NBA tournaments, Spalding NBA Official basketball. On the other hand, Wilson is also making some robust and marvelous basketballs which many basketball athletes are also using.

Spalding vs Wilson basketball

Therefore, keeping an eye on this hot topic, we decided to personally test both companies’ famous basketballs. Now you must be thinking about which basketball is perfect for you. To make your buying basketball easier, we will describe the features and results of both companies’ basketballs. Then you can make a better decision, keeping in mind your priorities and preferences.

Spalding vs Wilson Basketball Comparison in 2024

Spalding basketballs are manufactured with premium composite and full-grain Horween leather. They provide softness and a unique aroma to the basketballs. In addition, they are pretty durable and buttery soft. On the other hand, Wilson basketballs are manufactured with EVO-microfiber composite. They provide a softer feel and grip to the sweaty palms because they have moisture-wicking technology.

Spalding makes the most expensive NBA official basketball and other expensive basketballs worth every penny. However, Wilson basketballs are a little bit affordable and worth every penny.

So, here is the list of the best basketballs from both companies.

1. Spalding NBA official Basketball

Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball

Key Features

  • Manufactured with full-grain Horween leather that provides a soft feel and sweet aroma and is much more durable.
  • Wider and deeper channel that provides exceptional grip.
  • Embedded with the Twitter Hashtag and NBA logo.
  • Designed for indoor play surfaces.
  • Recommended PSI for consistent bouncing is 8 PSI.

2. Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Key Features

  • Number 1 indoor basketball than other basketballs in the USA.
  • The ball provides a softer and signature Evo feel at the court because the cushion core carcass makes handling easier.
  • Its durability and grip are beyond the limits because of the signature Evo microfiber.
  • Broader and deeper channels create a consistent feel over the entire surface of the ball.
  • NFHS approved, proper PSI level is 7.9 PSI.

3. Spalding TF-1000 Legacy Indoor Composite Basketball

spalding tf 1000

Key Features

  • Manufactured with zk microfiber polyurethane composite that provides a softer and tacky feel.
  • Moisture management technology is more advanced and enhanced.
  • Deep channel design for better grip and handling of the ball
  • Softer feel because of soft inner technology that also provides durability.
  • NFHS approved and recommended PSI for consistent bouncing is 8 PSI.

4. Wilson Evo NXT Indoor Game Basketball

evo feel

Key Features

  • Manufactured with Micro-touch internal technology provides shooters an extra grip and shooting phase.
  • Enhanced moisture management that minimized sweat from the palms
  • Softcore construction over the surface offers the players a free range of shooting.
  • 100% Composite laid-in channels provide extra control and are the only ball available in the market with laid-in media.
  • The level of PSI is 8 PSI,

5. Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball

Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball

Key Features

  • Manufactured with an Eco-Grip composite cover that has a hell of a grip and control over the ball
  • Deep channel design is an addition for superior grip
  • Cushioned carcass technology provides consistent bounce.
  • Butyl bladder offers air retention along with nylon windings for structural stability.
  • NFHS approved, and the inflation level is 8 PSI.

6. Wilson NCAA Official Game Basketball

Wilson NCAA Official Game Basketball

Key Features

  • Laid In Composite Channels that provide a smoother feel and control over the ball
  • Cushion Core Carcass technology plus point for more ease in grip and buttery soft.
  • Sweat is not a problem anymore when handling this basketball because of enhanced moisture-wicking technology.
  • NCAA’s approval and the recommended inflation level is 7-9 PSI for a consistent bounce.
  • The Wilson company also manufactured a replica of this basketball Wilson NCAA replica game basketball for outdoor play.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Spalding better than Wilson?

In a survey, John Dean stated that Spalding basketballs provided better performance than Wilson basketballs. Spalding also is a top-rated basketball selling company than Wilson.

Is Wilson replacing Spalding?

The answer is yes, Spalding will be replaced by Wilson as NBA’s basketball manufacturer in 2021. Wilson will also be the WNBA’s basketball manufacturer in 2022. The reason is the coincidence with Basketball player Luka Donic’s ascendance.

Are WNBA balls smaller?

WNBA basketballs are 1 inch smaller than NBA basketball. The regular size of WNBA basketball is size 6 intermediate level 28.5, and NBA basketball is size 7 29.5.


So, these were the main key features of these famous basketballs and every penny they were worth. If you’re a professional basketball player, you will enjoy playing with these basketballs. And if you are a beginner, you can check Best Outdoor Basketballs and Best indoor Basketballs.

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