How To Prevent Jammed Fingers In Basketball?

Jammed Fingers

Prevent Jammed Fingers: Basketball may seem easy, but it can get quite complicated. If you make the smallest mistake, you can end up injuring yourself. Although the injury is part of almost every sport, it is always best to be prepared in advance, just in case you ever get injured. You likely encounter this issue if you have played basketball for a long time. The question arises, how to prevent jammed fingers in basketball?

The best way to prevent a jammed finger is to be careful and aware while you play the game. However, you can not prevent an accidental injury at all times. If you fail to prevent a jammed finger at any time, it is always better to take better care of yourself in the recovery phase. Moreover, there are multiple methods you can try to avoid jammed fingers, such as taping.

Does Taping Your Fingers Help In Basketball?

Finger injuries are a widespread occurrence in the sport of basketball. Taping two fingers together, known as buddy taping in basketball, is a well-known tactic to prevent injuries. If you find your finger jammed or injured by playing basketball, your doctor will likely prescribe taping your finger.

Finger taping is beneficial because it helps rehabilitate your finger, support it, and protect recovery. Furthermore, this method is also a great way of preventing any other injury when you return to play basketball again.

Taping your fingers might be a great way to prevent finger injuries, but it can also have a few consequences. Taping your fingers can result in an overall loss of agility of your fingers, which can cause you problems while dribbling and shooting the ball. This can affect your overall game if you play professionally or competitively.

Letting your jammed fingers fully heal before you play basketball again is essential. Even if you have your fingers taped, it does not mean that you can continue playing the game as if nothing happened because if such injuries are not treated properly, it can lead to long-term damage.

Can You Still Play Basketball With a Jammed Finger?

If you have a jammed finger or fingers, specifically on your shooting hands except for the pinky finger. It is recommended that you try your best to avoid playing the game until your finger heals. Playing with such an injury can result in long-term damage to the jammed finger and will take a while to heal.

Moreover, a jammed finger usually needs time to heal, from a few days to even a couple of weeks, depending on the injury’s severity. If you must play no matter what, then it is better to at least wait for the swelling in the injured finger to go down and the movement in that finger to return.

A jammed finger heals quickly, so you usually do not have to worry about taking any extreme precautionary measures. However, if you keep playing with a jammed finger, there will be several consequences, such as the pain getting worse and your finger going numb. In order to prevent this issue, it is best to let your fingers heal and recover instead of letting them get worse by playing more.

How Do NBA Players Treat Jammed Fingers?

Since players in the NBA play professionally, even minor injuries significantly impact them and their careers. NBA players potentially miss out on big games, and significant injuries can often lead to a decrease in fitness in form, which can also directly affect the item or game performance.

However, a jammed finger is a typical injury for basketball players. NBA players use various methods to treat their jammed fingers. However, the most common and used method professional players use to heal jammed fingers is a little ice and a small amount of rest.

Letting the injured fingers rest is always necessary so that the swelling can go down and the pain can go away because NBA players have to play professionally. They need to be fully recovered. 

Prevention Of Injuries In Basketball

Basketball is considered an enjoyable sport and is loved by millions worldwide. However, with all sports, there are chances of injuries. Some are more harmful than others. There are many ways to avoid getting injuries in basketball. 

It is important to note that injuries are never intentional, but you should never strain your injured body part too much as it can lead to more damage. Therefore, taking good care of yourself in the recovery phase is best.

Some ways to prevent injuries are always to warm up and stretch your body before playing any sport. It is also essential to use proper techniques and follow the rules to avoid injuries.

Moreover, when playing basketball, it is essential to wear proper basketball shoes that are non-skid. If you play basketball in slippery shoes, there is a high chance of falling since the court is very slippery. Slipping can lead to severe bone injuries and problems that may damage your basketball career.

How To Cure A Jammed Finger Fast?

A jammed finger usually does not take a long time to heal, to begin with. However, if you want it to heal fast, taking care in the recovery phase is very important. In order to do that, you must not put too much pressure on the injured finger because that can delay the recovery time of your finger.

How Long Does A Jammed Finger Last In Basketball?

A jammed finger in basketball usually lasts from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on how severely the finger is swollen and damaged. A jammed finger needs to be adequately cared for because if you do not take proper care, the injury will take longer to heal.


  • Jammed fingers are a very regular occurrence if you play basketball.
  • Jammed fingers usually do not take a long time to heal. 
  • It can take longer for jammed fingers to heal if you do not take proper care of them.
  • One of the most well-known methods to avoid jammed fingers is taping.
  • Taping your fingers can, however, affect your game performance.

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