NBA Players Shoe Size: Largest & Smallest Shoes Size in NBA

In the USA, the average height of a male is measured at 5.9 feet, and their shoe size is 10.5. But wait! What about NBA? NBA players are more significant like rocks; they have unusual height and feet size than an ordinary man. So today, we will tell you the largest and smallest shoe sizes in the NBA. We will also notify you of the average NBA player’s shoe size and the biggest shoe size globally that also credit goes to NBA players.

NBA Players Shoe Size: Largest & Smallest Shoes Size in NBA

Average Height of NBA Players and Shoe Size

The average height of the NBA players is 6.6 feet and the shoe size is 13 to 14.

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Largest Shoe Size in NBA

Shaquille O’Neal has the largest shoe size in NBA, having a length of 22. He was one of the heaviest players ever in the NBA, and his height was 7.1 feet.

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Smallest Shoe size in NBA

Earl Boykins has the smallest size in NBA, having a length of 9.5. His height is 5.5 feet.

Some Other Player’s Shoes Sizes

Player Names

Shoe Size & Height

Signature Shoes

1. Shaquille O’Neal 7’1’’, 22
2. Bob Lanier 6’11’’, 22
3. Yao Ming 7’6’’, 18
4. Kevin Durant 6’10’’, 18
5. DeAndre Jordan 6’11’’, 18
6. Dwight Howard 6’11’’, 18
7. Stephen Curry 6’3″ ,13.5
8. Michael Jordan 6′6″, 13
9. LeBron James 6’9″ ,15

1. Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille is one the heaviest players in NBA history. However, he is famous due to his custom-made lifestyle and shoes. He customs his things from shoes to cars to his shower everything is custom made. While he is only the heaviest but not the tallest player in NBA but he is famous for his largest shoe size, which is 22.

2. Bob Lanier

From childhood, at the age of 11, his shoe size was 11, which was not expected. So, when he decided to step into basketball, his team’s coach brushed him that he would face clumsily due to his abnormal shoe size. However, his biology teacher encouraged him to get back to basketball because he had good health attributes.

He achieved many goals during his career, including an average of 101 rebounds, winning an MVP award, and 201 scores per game. Surprisingly his shoe size grew up from 18 to 22. His shoes were also displayed for his fans in the NBA hall of fame.

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3. Yao Ming

He retired in 2010 due to a foot injury that caused a hindrance in his career. He was famous due to his height. He also achieved many goals, an average of 19 points per game and 9,2 rebounds. He came to NBA due to the overwhelming of 8-time all-stars. His shoe size was 18, and his height was 7.6 feet.

4. Kevin Durant

There were many debates about Kevin Durant that he is the best basketball player in the world. He won 2 titles in 3 seasons, but now it is hard to argue on this. His shoe size is 18, which makes him the largest foot size in the league.

5. DeAndre Jordan

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With a height of 6.11, you never expect such a shoe size. His shoe size is 18. Jordan is a unique player due to his efficient scoring. He is one of the best team leaders and best at defense though he is also a great teammate stated by his teammates. One of Kevin durant’s twilight contracts was worth $40 million with the franchise.

6. Dwight Howard

His rebounding average is 12.4 per game. Although his pace doesn’t like the modern era of basketball, he was one of the most formidable basketball players due to his shoe size, which is 18.

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7. Stephen Curry

His shoe size is not much larger than the above players, but he is one of the most famous basketball players. His shoe size is 13.5. Many analysts called him the most excellent shooter, and he also plays the point guard position. He is 7-times all-star NBA.

8. Michael Jordan

His shoe size is 13, and he is a former player in the NBA. He is working at NBA as a principal of Charlotte Homes. He played approximately 15 seasons in NBA; he won 16 championships.

9. LeBron James

LeBron is one of the most famous players in the NBA. He participated in the Olympics 3 times. Many debates compared LeBron vs. Kevin Durant over the greatest players in history; his shoe size is 15.

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If you think that a large shoe size makes a basketball player successful, then it is not sure because success does not depend upon the size of the shoe. We only discussed the MVP holders of the hall of fame. These are the most famous players in the history of the NBA, having the largest NBA shoe sizes. I hope you enjoyed reading our article. Thank you!

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