Larry bird VS LeBron James – Larry Bird is Better Than Lebron

If you are a basketball fan and you follow the game religiously, then stay here because, in this article, we are going to talk about two of your favorite players, Larry bird VS LeBron James. Making a comparison between two equally good players is not an easy thing to do.

Larry bird VS LeBron James

However, depending upon their overall performances, one can have a personal opinion about them regarding who is better. Playing basketball professionally is not an easy task, but some players have earned their name in the field with passion and dedication. So, let’s go into the details without any further delay.

Larry Bird VS Lebron James – larry bird is better than Lebron

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Below are some of the points about two top-rated players: Larry Bird and Lebron James, that might interest you if you are a basketball lover. But let me tell you that Lebron has got an edge over the Larry bird. But it’s essential to compare their stats for your clarification.

1. Larry Bird and His Career

Larry Bird was known for his exceptional performance that always resulted in excellent outcomes. He was known for lifting his team members and motivating them, resulting in achievements. He was voted for the MVP position multiple times, which is an honor because not everyone gets to experience this.

Moreover, his time spent in the NBA was almost thirteen years as a player. Plus, during his career, he won multiple MVP awards too. So, all these instances show that Larry Bird stood out and depicted a very professional attitude towards his work.

2. Challenges He Faced

Larry Bird also faced many difficulties during his career as a basketball player. After 1986, things became different for him as he was severely injured. He was suffering from back pain which affected his career for many years. However, even in such a condition, he did not give up but gave his best, resulting in victories.

This shows his dedication and his impactful role as a player. That is why most people consider him a legend, including his colleagues and other basketball players of the time.

3. Lebron James As a Player

On the other hand, Lebron James is also considered the best player in the NBA ( National Basketball Association) nowadays. His performance, too, is quite exceptional, due to which he has gained immense popularity and fan following. By looking at his record, one can tell that he is just unbeatable.

He achieved thirty points in the past few games, which means that his opponents will get into trouble. Moreover, his role in the team is always quite effective because of his ability to act as a leader without authority and always be there for the team.

4. James’s Performance

Scoring 224 points in just 16 shots is not ordinary, but Lebron James is an expert, and only he can do that smoothly. This also reflects how much effort he puts in and his commitment to what he does. Apart from that, he can grow and learn new tricks, making him even better as a player.

Having a growth mindset plays a pivotal role in his success because this mindset is essential for self-improvement. So, it will not be wrong to say that he is one of the best players who still have a long way to go.

5. Exceptional Performance of the Players

It is not right to compare the two because it is a subjective opinion since everyone has their likings and dislikes. However, by looking at the stats and facts, Larry Bird has been considered a more effective and efficient player as he won many MVP awards at the age of 30.

Such achievements are not easy to get because it requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and how smart a player performs. However, Lebron James still has a long way to go and prove his capabilities. So, one cannot pass any statements as it is too early for this.

Total points of Both players

Larry Bird has got 21,791. On the other hand, Lebron James has got 36,414. I must see a considerable difference between them, and now you can quickly determine which player is the best.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Who is the most famous basketball player?

There are some famous basketball players. However, one very famous and good player includes Michael Jordan. He is not just a renowned basketball player but also a very successful businessman. Apart from that, he achieved countless victories, making him stand out, and the fame is well deserved.

He is considered a legend because of his extraordinary performance throughout his career. Due to this reason, he is regarded as the most famous basketball player.

Who is the best male basketball player?

There are many good basketball players. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and many other players are also included in the list. Their dedication and challenging performance for their opponents make them the best players of all time. Basketball is not an easy game to play, so all these players have worked hard, due to which they are considered the best players.

Is Lebron a billionaire?

James Lebron is one of the most financially successful and top-rated basketball players. He made his career with sheer hard work and dedication, which is why he is successful and wealthy. Moreover, his professional attitude and achievements are, without any doubt, extraordinary. So, this is why he is so much demanded and considered a worthy basketball player.


So, it is not easy to conclude who is a better player and who is not because both the players have their styles. Those fond of watching basketball may have a biased approach towards their favorite player, which is fine.

However, keeping in mind the facts and data, one can decide which one is better. So, the choice is yours to decide concerning their performance and achievements. Both are good players and have a unique style which makes them distinguished players from the rest of the players.

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