Is Basketball A Winter Sport?

When thinking about winter sports, the sports that come to mind are the ones played on icy surfaces like snowboarding and skiing. One might be surprised that hard surface sports are also played in winters. However, the question remains, is basketball a winter sport?

Basketball is played throughout the year all across the region. It might be a bit tricky to pick a season for this game. Usually, National Basketball Association (NBA) games begin in winter and end in early summer. The playoffs sometimes further extend the official season timeline. Therefore, some people do consider basketball a winter sport.

What Season Do You Play Basketball?

Basketball is played all around the year. However, the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) session duration is from October to April, and playoffs extend till June. Players play three to four games per week and sometimes even compete in a packed schedule. Moreover, basketball has no off-season so you can play it indoors and outdoors.

Is Basketball A Summer Sport?

Mostly, basketball sessions start in early fall and extend till early summer. These include famous tournaments such as high school basketball games, NBA, college basketball, etc. All these sessions are played in the winter season of the year. So, it might not be suitable to call it a summer sport.

Why Is Basketball In The Winter?

Basketball is played in winter because it is said that basketball was invented as an alternative sport to the sports that require pleasant weather to be played outdoors. By 1905, this game was permanently recognized as a winter sport. However, you can play this game outdoors and indoors. Compared to other games, such as baseball and soccer, basketball leagues do not go on winter breaks to continue after the weather gets warmer. This way, this game is also a source of entertainment when other games are on a break.

Is Basketball A Summer Or Winter Olympic Sport?

In most regions, basketball is played in the winter season. However, still, this game is not considered a Winter Olympic sport. This is because basketball is not played on icy surfaces, unlike all other games included in the Winter Olympic sports. Currently, this game is included in the Summer Olympics.

Benefits Of Considering Basketball As A Winter Olympic Sport

If the International Olympics Committee (IOC) considers basketball a winter Olympic sport, this game will gain more popularity, viewership can be increased, and it will get more followers.

If this sport does get considered by the IOC, professional players would need to take at least two weeks off from their regular sessions. This might extend the session by a couple of weeks. But it is not something that can be planned.

Is Basketball A Winter Sport In High School?

High school basketball has a strong following. Family legacies and loyalty also inspire these games. Basketball is considered a winter sport in high school, as the session is from March and April. Some schools have a game session before the Thanksgiving holiday, and others start it after two to three days of Thanksgiving.

The session starts with tryouts, where players are assessed for their physical and tactical strength. In high school, these games are played on the weekends. Overall, two to three times a week.

Is Basketball A Winter Sport In Australia?

Basketball is one of the most played and enjoyed sports in Australia. It is played both in winter and summer. Other than basketball, games such as netball, tennis, soccer, AFL, rugby union, rugby league, and many others are played in winter in Australia. Some people in Australia also associate winter time with football time.

Is Basketball A Winter Sport In College?

In colleges, basketball games begin in November and then last till April. Therefore, one can easily state that basketball is a winter sport in college because most games are played during that time. Usually, a college basketball team plays 25 to 35 games in one session.

Is High School Basketball A Fall Or Winter Sport?

Most high school basketball game sessions are played before Thanksgiving. However, some schools begin their sessions after Thanksgiving. After playing all winter, the session typically ends in March or April. Considering all this, it is safe to say that high school basketball is more of a winter sport. However, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) league is the only game session not played in the winter season.

Why Basketball Isn’t A Winter Sport?

Basketball is played during winter but is still not counted as a Winter Olympics sport. It does not involve an icy surface and has no such requirement of an outdoor field for playing. Most Winter Olympics games are placed on icy surfaces, and according to the official rule of the Winter Olympics, all sports must require ice and snow. This might be why some people do not consider basketball a winter sport.

Is Basketball Played Year-Round?

Typically, basketball sessions are in the months of winter. Tournaments and leagues such as professional leagues and high school and college games begin their sessions in the fall. The regular sessions extend till early summer or spring. Then the qualified teams also engage in playoffs that extend the session.


  • Basketball is a sport that is played all around the year.
  • Famous tournaments, including NBA, high school, and college basketball, happen during winter.
  • Usually, basketball leagues and sessions start in November and last till April.
  • Basketball is played in the Summer Olympics and is not included in the Winter Olympics because it is played on hard, warm, and dry surfaces and not on icy surfaces.

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