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If you’re in a circle of beginner basketball players, you must have faced the debate of In-Ground vs. Portable Basketball Hoop. Some basketball players will prefer in-ground some will portable accordingly. But wait! Have you ever thought about the pros and cons of both basketball goals? Which one is suitable for you? Today we will compare their features so you can invest your bucks wisely.

 In Ground VS Portable Basketball Hoop

At a glance! The main difference between these goals is the moving ability. In-ground basketball hoops are fixed where portable basketball hoops are movable. However, portable basketball hoops are getting an advantage in moving from one place to another.

However, in-ground basketball hoops are getting an advantage in stability and security. Therefore, if you point out vigorous and robust hoops, choose the in-ground one. In-ground basketball hoops are suitable for outdoor courts, and the best indoor basketballs would be a better option.

On the other hand, portable basketball goals are more suitable for indoor courts. Therefore, if you want to choose a portable one, the best outdoor basketball will be a matching choice.

In-Ground vs. Portable Basketball Hoop

Finding the right basketball hoops depends on the player’s choice and needs. But, if you’re going to play with your family and kids, there is no better option available than the portable hoop system. Mobile and adjustable basketball goals serve the purpose of the adjustment according to your child’s desired height, although in-ground is also adjustable.

But your kids can move the portable basketball system from one place to another. Just roll it on wheels.

At a glance! These are the best portable basketball hoops.

On the other side, if you have chosen basketball as a career or want to play in college, we will suggest choosing the in-ground one. Also, one for the home in order to get full practice on. In-ground basketball hoop glass is durable and sturdy, made with tempered glass. A durable and thick breakaway style rim that is perfect for polishing your skills.

At a glance! Some of the best in-ground basketball hoops. You can check out our latest review on the best outdoor basketball shoes.

If you’re placing the hoop in your home, consider the fact of the placement of the hoop. If you have an outdoor play area attached to your home, an in-ground hoop would be best. If you are desired to play on the driveway, then a portable basketball hoop will be the best option.

The main thing is your budget that you should keep in mind. For example, portable hoops are cheaper compared to in-grounds because in-grounds are more havier and more robust in the material.

Features of In-Ground vs Portable Basketball Hoop

Features Portable Basketball Hoop In-ground Basketball Hoop
Installation process
  • It requires pole installation
  • Tools and concrete are required for digging the hole assembling
  • The maximum concrete mixture takes 72 hours to dry.
  • The portable system is a game ready hoop
  • Can be moved easily to one to another place due to wheels and base
  • Take out the concrete from the base and drag it to the desired place
  • It is fixed on the ground you won’t be able to move it
  • If you want to relocate it then unbolt the anchor system hence it’s quite tricky
  • Because its base is filled with water or sand may get wobbling during the hard shoot
  • You can’t hang after dunking the basketball
  • There may be chances of flipping
  • Solid due to installation in the ground
  • You can hang on after dunking
  • Offers maximum stability
  • Suitable for kids and family
  • For those who desire to often shift from one to another place
  • For those who have chosen basketball as a career
  • For professional tournaments outdoor courts
Playing ability
  • Tempered glass backboards
  • Their poles are not much durable that withstand heavy-weight glass backboards
  • You will experience like in the NBA official tournaments
  • They look like NCAA basketball tournaments
  • Heavy tempered and thick glass backboards for aggressive shoots
  • The rim and backboards are durable enough that can bear the weight of hanging after dunking.
  • It will not wobble

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Are our in-ground basketball hoops worth it?

If you have an expansive play area and you think the backboards having sizes of 60″ to 72″ will suit your backyard, then considering the in-ground basketball hoop system is good enough. You will have a more authentic experience of court feel. However, if you have a smaller play area, there are also plenty of small backboards available; you can choose one of them.

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Can I put a portable basketball hoop on the ground?

If you already have a portable hoop and want to save your bucks, then there is none other than a good idea. You can check out here the full video.

Final words

We hope that now you can choose the best basketball hoops accordingly. For cleaning your doubts, we have made a comparison chart so that you can check the difference between in-ground vs. portable basketball hoops. If you want to play like a professional but a beginner, we suggest purchasing an in-ground basketball hoop and assembling it in your backyard.

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In-ground basketball hoops are weather-resistant and durable. You can check out our latest reviews on buying a summer basketball hoop for pools.

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