How To Stretch Sneakers For Wide Feet [7 Easy Methods]

Sneakers are getting more popular these days due to their ease of use. However, most people remain stress-free when buying a new pair of sneakers. Because in most of the showrooms, you will get sneakers of standard sizes.

But, if you are someone like me who has a wide foot, you will struggle to find comfortable sneakers. Only a few shoes are available in wide sizes. So, you should know how to stretch sneakers for wide feet.
If you don’t know how to do that, continue reading, as I will show you some innovative ways to solve this issue.

How To Stretch Sneakers For Wide Feet

Can Sneakers Be Stretched?

Most of the sneakers are way too small for your feet. It is possible to get a pair that might fit nicely on your feet, but in most cases, the price tag will exceed your budget. You may still face the problem even with the most comfortable sneakers. So, to rectify the situation, you may need to stretch out your sneakers.

Yes, sneakers can be stretched. But, you need to know how to do that right. Many methods will get the job done very smartly. I will discuss those methods in this article for you. But, you should follow the strategy which will suit you the most.

How to Stretch Sneakers for Wide Feet (All Methods)

There are many effective methods that you can follow to stretch sneakers if you have wide feet. Explore some intelligent techniques below to get the job done.

Method 1- Wear Them at Home:

It is one of the easiest methods to stretch out your sneakers. First, you need to wear them regularly at your home. You can start by wearing them for just a few minutes. Eventually, it would help if you increased the wearing time.

Try to walk around in your home while wearing sneakers. It should stretch your sneakers eventually. However, it would help if you did not go outside of your home until it becomes fully extended and entirely comfortable for you.

Method 2- Use Ice Packs:

You can use the following method to use ice to stretch your sneakers. The science behind this is when water molecules are frozen, they expand. You can easily take advantage of this simple science. But one problem with this method is that no one would like to soak his sneakers quickly. Because it will pour water inside of your shoes. Here is a simple solution for you.

You can put sealable bags with half full of water inside your sneakers. First, make sure that your water bag fits nicely inside your shoes. The water bag should fill all over the shoe correctly. Next, take your sneakers full of water bags and put them into the freezer for at least 9-10 hours.

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When you take out your shoes from the freezer, you will be surprised to see that the shoe is properly stretched. Allow some time so that the sneakers get warm up. If you are still not successful, you should go for a repetition of the process. But make sure to fill out three-quarters of the bag with water that time. It should work well.

Method 3- Choke the Shoe:

It is an exciting way to stretch out your sneakers. You will need to get 8-10 pairs of socks in this method. Make sure that they are pretty thick. Now, make small balls by rolling the socks. Then it would help if you stuffed them into your shoes until they filled the sneakers.

You need to leave your shoes in this situation for at least about 10 hours. Trust me, and you will achieve some stretch in your sneakers. Then, do the process repeated until you are satisfied with the level of time you earn.

One important thing to note is that after completing the process, you should leave the sneakers in an open place so that adequate airflow can enter the inside of the shoe. Otherwise, you may experience bad smells from your sneakers as socks stay in the shoe for a long time.

Method 4- Spray Specific Liquids:

There are many liquids available in the market that come with the ability to stretch leather, fabric, or even vinyl. Spraying those liquids can be so effective when breaking in new sneakers. Especially for those who have wide feet, this method works magically.

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The process is pretty much straightforward. First, you need to spray the liquid on the tight areas of your sneaker. Then it would help if you walked in your shoes. Eventually, your shoe will be stretched.

Method 5- Use Hair Dryer:

Another excellent method is using a hairdryer. It is a proven method when you need to stretch your shoes. However, this method is not advisable if your sneaker is made of leather. The technique is also simple.

First, you need to apply a hairdryer to your shoes for two minutes. It will become warm. You need to put the boots on when it’s warm and walk around the home. Continue walking until it cools off.

Upon completing the cooling-off process, you should put off the sneaker and repeat the process from the beginning. Then, you should continue the repetition. Eventually, you will feel comfortable as the sneaker will be stretched perfectly. Honestly, it is a rapid and straightforward method. It works in most cases.

Method 6- Use Shoe Stretchers:

If you don’t want to follow any traditional method and get the job done quickly, you should go for a shoe stretcher. It is a professional tool designed for stretching the shoe without a hassle. Furthermore, using this tool is very simple, and you can do it conveniently even the first time.

Typically, shoe stretchers come as a kit, and you will get everything you need to complete the task. The kit includes spray and the stretcher tool, a wedged-shaped plug.

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First of all, you need to use the spray and apply it inside the shoe. Make sure that you have covered every area of the shoe interior. Now, you should insert the stretcher plug inside of your sneaker. You will get a knob on top of the plug. You should twist the knob clockwise. It will expand the stretcher. Expand it as required.

Now, you need to leave the expanded stretcher inside the sneaker overnight. The following day, you should turn the knob anti-clockwise. It will retract the stretcher. Finally, remove the tool from the shoe. Your sneaker should fit nicely on your wide feet if you do everything correctly.

This method will work almost in every case. However, one point to note is that there are different models of stretchers. Whatever the model is, you need to follow the instructions of that particular model, and the rest will be assured.

Method 7- Fill with Rice or Oats:

Some food granules or ingredients come with the ability to absorb and hold water. For example, you can use rice or oats in this method. First of all, you should put a plastic bag inside your shoes.

After completing the lining process, you should add oats or rice to the plastic bag. Don’t fill the bag with rice or oats. Leave some blank space for water because the rice will swell up to a significant percentage when adding water to the bag.

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Fill the whole bag with water. Leave the shoe in the plastic bag for some hours. Check the bag, and the rice should be swollen up by now. Then you need to add more water. The rice should be swollen after some time.

Now that all of the rice is swollen up, you should leave the sneaker in this situation overnight. Then, the following day you should take the plastic bag out of the shoe. Your shoe should fit perfectly on your feet as it is stretched.

Will These Methods Work?

I hope by now you already know how to loosen sneakers. It creates frustration when your sneakers don’t fit well on your feet because they are wide. No worries at all. Many users, including players, follow these methods. For instance, many basketball players use these methods to stretch their shoes.

No doubt, you will be successful if you follow any methods. First, however, you should know how to stretch basketball shoes or traditional sneakers properly. If you don’t follow the steps correctly, your attempt might fail.

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On the other hand, if you don’t want to do the job yourself, you can always go to a professional, such as a cobbler. Without a doubt, they will give a professional touch to the whole stretching process.

How Much Do Sneakers Stretch?

There is no denying that you will be able to stretch out your sneakers. But how much can you stretch them? If you are thinking about this question, let me clarify it. All of the methods I have discussed above are proven and effective. Of course, you can stretch out your sneakers, but you should know the limit.

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Whether you own tennis shoes, basketball shoes, or simply sneakers, these methods will help you. But, remember one thing, it is not possible to stretch your shoes to the next size. The stretching techniques will help you to make the sneakers fit. If your shoe size is not in line with your feet, go for the next size, which will fit well.

Wrapping Up!

Almost everyone loves to wear sneakers. Having wide feet is not a fault by any means. Without any doubt, you have the right to wear the best-looking sneakers. However, knowing how to stretch sneakers for wide feet will help you make your shoes perfectly fit. I have discussed some intelligent ways to stretch out sneakers in this article. All you have to do is follow the methods correctly.

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