How to Play Basketball Overseas – What is Basketball Overseas?

Are you dreaming about giving a solid competition to basketball teams internationally? You must be ready to give your best shot if you are here. You have seen your favorite leagues competing in a live broadcast. They have been able to accomplish their goals, but they have also influenced thousands of novice players. Well, they did not make the big time in a few days.

How to Play Basketball Overseas

What is Basketball Overseas?

Basketball Overseas is also called professional basketball playing. It is not ordinary like outdoor basketball playing or playing basketball regularly. Overseas basketball is a game where players will have international salaries, accommodations, food arrangements, transportation, and many more.

Basketball overseas will have a team management system that may have directors and presidents. While these all factors depend upon the league of basketball.

How to Play Basketball Overseas

It will help if you also use some creativity and intelligent decision-making abilities other than passion. In addition, the way you sell yourself to managers and international coaches is crucial. I have listed all the significant steps in detail that will facilitate you in the entire process.


One of the primary and crucial requirements before you start contacting the managers or getting training sessions is thinking about your passport. Another query you should get the answer to is whether you are eligible for getting another passport. Once you have more than one citizenship, it will be highly convenient for you to get accepted for playing overseas basketball.

It opens the door for various opportunities, reducing the competitiveness and the stress of applying for this sport. You might ask how. Well, FIBA sanctions rosters for different countries. Every registration involves kinds of players: nationals and imports. Residents already have passports for the country where the league is about to happen. On the other hand, import players do not have citizenship in that particular country.

The sports federation reserves more spots for nationals than imports. Therefore, foreign players without passports will have lesser chances of success in selection. In addition, it is also difficult for imports to remain stable due to tremendous competition and the finances involved.

If a player has citizenship of that country or state, the authorities will consider him a nation there. Some ways let you fulfill the criteria for getting a second citizenship. These include family ties and bloodline, birth in another country, investment, marriage, and excellent service for your country.

Making a Video

The next step after successfully getting dual citizenship is to make an appropriate video. This video should highlight all of your best accomplishments in basketball season or game and your career. This presentation is extremely helpful in getting yourself recognized by overseas teams and coaches. They will evaluate your skills and sportsmanship in detail. Thus, producing this video will play a critical role in the entire process.

There are some key points that I find necessary to mention here. First, the video should be a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of five minutes. Also, please do not make it flashy and try to keep it as basic as possible. You can also hire some professionals for the editing if you feel the need to do so. Moreover, the source of hosting the video should be YouTube and include some contact details.

Developing a Resume

You might be wondering why someone will construct a resume when the video already exhibits what that person got. The video gives the coach an overall idea of your talent and forms their opinion. A summary gives a complete objective outlook to multiple facts. The selection staff wants to have comprehensive knowledge about a player. So, you are going to prepare this profile too.

The resumes for overseas basketball allow players to share their personal information, achievements, experience in playing, the beginning of a sports career, and other related details. This document containing all the information and stats makes it convenient for the coaches since they do not need to ask these questions frequently from the players they are dealing with. Make some extra effort and make the hiring process more manageable and faster﹗

There are specific vital pointers to consider which will assist you in submitting a perfect resume. First, you should start writing in either PDF document or Word format. Keep the text in bullets and use the standard or widely-used font. In addition, use single-line formatting and keep the same pattern throughout. Finally, if you want to get a clearer picture of the content, you can search and download one of the online templates.

Communication with Overseas Teams

After you have prepared and collected materials, it is time to send them to the right people. You must contact several people, including teams, coaches, managers, agents, and scouts. In this phase, remember one thing: “quality over quantity.”

The players must keep their eyes only on relevant factors and focus on those aspects while searching for jobs. The main elements are experience level and skill, passport, geographical relations, and reference point.

If you do not narrow down this search process, it can be extraordinarily tiring and demotivate you. However, you might be able to guess where you will form connections: the country for which you have citizenship. If you have got more passports, then contact as many teams as possible. A website that can help you get on the right track is

Investing in Exposure Camp

There are cases when players do not get the chance even with all this struggle. But hang on; this is not the worst scenario. One thing is for sure they land a better job. Regarding getting noticed by overseas teams, attending the exposure camps and basketball combines facilitates amazingly.

The results improve skills in a stressful environment and collect more high-quality footage. In addition, there is a great likelihood of success since basketball players can participate in scrimmages while being monitored by coaches or hiring staff.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At what age can you play basketball overseas?

Generally, there is no specific limit, and players can get started in their teen for basketball overseas.

How much do overseas basketball players make?

Overseas basketball players can receive between 80,000 dollars and 2000,000 dollars at Ligue Nationale de Basket (NLB). Usually, players can earn above 50,000 dollars per season.

Is Overseas basketball easy?

No, it takes a lot more than skill and experience. Players must make several connections and invest in this field to grab this opportunity.


I know that you might feel exhausted only after going through this guide since you need to do more. However, you should keep this thing in mind that with sheer determination, nothing is impossible. It is nothing more than a challenge if you are ready to share your skills, save some money for specific procedures, and develop an attractive personal profile. I hope the difficulty level has been reduced for you after getting a significant idea.

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