How To Make An Outdoor Basketball Grippy?

Playing basketball outdoors comes with its own unique set of challenges. One of the main issues is a slippery or a less grippy outdoor basketball. 

How To Make An Outdoor Basketball Grippy

Nothing is more frustrating than having the ball get out of control at a crucial moment in the game. Even worse, you might not be able to gain traction and speed when needed.

How To Make An Outdoor Basketball Grippy?

However, the good news is overcoming these problems is as easy as pie. So without further ado, let’s look at ways to make your basketball more grippy.

How Can I Make My Basketball More Grippy?

To make your basketball more grippy, you first need to figure out the base problem. 

If it is heavy dampness that has made your ball lose its grip, for example, you left your ball in the rain, or accidentally soaked it in the water while cleaning it, try drying it with a clean towel and then air drying by leaving it in a dry room. 

If it is dirt and debris that has made it slippery, clean your ball properly with recommended cleaning procedures. Don’t forget the crevices because if they are left uncleaned, the accumulated dirt can make the ball slippery as well.

If it is a lack of moisture, for example during dry weather, then either use your body sweat or a damp towel to get back that grip when playing. 

Furthermore, try staying away from these base problems as much as you can to prevent these issues in the first place.

How Do You Make Outdoor Basketball Less Slippery?

The best way to make your outdoor basketball less slippery is to properly and regularly clean them. Do not let the dust settle on it for longer periods. In fact, clean them between quarters or timeouts. 

Use either a bar of mild soap and towel method to clean your ball or simply disinfect it using mild disinfecting wipes. 

You should also ensure that while cleaning you do not excessively wet your ball as this can ruin the material and make it slippery.

Can You Use An Outdoor Basketball Indoors

How Do You Restore The Grip On Outdoor Basketball Again?

Over time, basketballs tend to lose their grip due to dirt, moisture, and other substances accumulating on their surface. To restore the grip on your outdoor basketball again, here are some things you can do: 

  1. The first one is to give it a proper wash. You can do so by cleaning your ball with a bar of mild soap and a towel. Just make sure to thoroughly remove the soap without making your ball too wet. 
  2. Also, try staying away from strong detergents or alcohols and bleaches since they can corrode the exterior material.
  3. Another way to make it more grippy is to brush and/or scrub your outdoor basketball court before playing. This will greatly reduce the amount of dirt and debris sticking onto your ball.
  4. In case of rain, avoid playing with your basketball outside even though you may be tempted to do so. If you do, make sure to let your basketball air dry as a wet ball can lead to less grip. However, do not dry by using a heater.
  5. Moreover, try preserving your ball as much as you can by following the below-mentioned points. Remember, restoring a damaged exterior material’s grip is impossible. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Why Does My Basketball Have No Grip?

There are several reasons a basketball may have no grip. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Dirt and debris accumulating on the balls’ surface 
  • Your ball’s exterior material is soaked with water
  • You have not properly removed the soap after cleaning your ball
  • You have not thoroughly allowed your rubber or composite leather basketball to air dry after cleaning them.

How Do You Preserve Outdoor Basketball?

To make your outdoor basketball last longer, simply follow the steps below:

  • Keep your regularly used basketballs inflated at an optimal level
  • Store your basketball in a dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Do not soak your ball in the water
  • Clean it properly according to advisable methods
  • Do not leave your ball outside for longer periods
  • Stay away from strong detergents
  • Do not play with your ball on rocky surfaces
  • Do not kick your basketball or use it to play other sports

Final Word

All in all, a properly cleaned and well-kept basketball is the key to retaining grip throughout the lifetime of your basketball!

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