5 Steps Of How To Install Basketball Hoop – In Ground, Wall-Mount

If you are a basketball lover, you must know the adventure and fun this game provides. However, to get this fun and experience at any time you want, you must have a proper basketball setup at your home or garage. To get an excellent basketball setup, you need to install the basketball hoop perfectly. This article will take you on the ride of the proper procedure of how to install a basketball hoop.

How To Install Basketball Hoop

There are versatile basketball hoops available that provide you with different features and installation processes. The most stable and professional one is an in-ground basketball hoop.

Further, this article also contains the details of the factors that should be considered before beginning the installation process. Make sure to go through the details twice so that everything and every minor detail would be in your mind while installing.

5 Steps On How To Install Basketball Hoop

Installing a basketball hoop is not a big deal if you have appropriate knowledge of installing it correctly. We will help you in learning how to install a basketball hoop correctly. Make sure to follow the following details keenly and carefully to be able to do the procedure flawlessly.

Types of Basketball Hoops

It’s not always necessary to install a basketball hoop directly on your ground; you can mount it on the garage wall or make it portable with a backboard. Further, the garage-mounted basketball hoops are the best in providing a good game that will make you feel you are playing in a professional environment.

Furthermore, it’s up to you which place you select, but make sure to keep the following things in mind so that you can choose the best appropriate location for installing the basketball hoop.

Selection of A Perfect Place

A suitable ground is needed for fitting the basketball hoop. The surface should be flat and made up of concrete material. The base must be large enough to manage your hoop and the number of players. Between the pole and backboard, there is a distance called an overhang. Overhang lets you know about the requirements of rooms. An ideal hang-up that provides safety and balance is about 2.5 to 4 feet.

The sun’s position should be considered for installing the basketball hoop as it is of high importance during the play. It won’t be accessible if the sunlight gets into your eyes while playing basketball.

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The hoop should be placed towards the North so the light will not get into your eyes, and you will keep your focus and concentration on your game. The goal should be at least 20ft from overhead power lines. Make sure no overhead power lines are below the 20ft radius of the plan.

You should have enough space for shooting point shots at tops and corners. For example, 28 to 30 ft from the pool should be there if you want 3 point lines. Remember that you will need 40ft of width for an entire three-point arc. Furthermore, before digging holes, you should contact the authorities to acknowledge underground piping and telephone lines, water, or other resources.

In this video, you will get all the instructions written in our article.

Materials Required

  • Cement trowel
  • Spade
  • Tape measure
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Screwdriver
  • Stir rod
  • Lever
  • Rubber mallet
  • Drive torque wrench
  • Dry concrete
  • Water
  • Steel punch
  • Shovel

Steps Of Installation Of The Basketball Hoop

Here are five essential steps that should be adequately considered while installing a basketball hoop. If you follow them one by one, you will establish a perfectly mounted basketball hoop to let you start your game.

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However, you can select to install the hoop on its own without any pole and go with the pole installation of the basketball. It depends on you and the area you choose for installation. We are demonstrating the overall installation procedure of hoops with a pole.

Step 1: Digging a hole

To fix and locate the pole for a basketball hoop, you need to dig a proper hole to provide it with a fixed base. This hole will hold the pole in its place and give the pole the strength to deal with quick shots of the basketball. Make sure to search and check for the instructions that come with the model of basketball hoop you have selected.

They will let you know how much and how you dig the hole for the stability and strength you need. It’s not difficult to search a spot after a proper confirmation procedure. You can choose to dig a hole manually with the use of a shovel or can go with the selection of a drill or some other tool that serves you this purpose. Always keep in mind to go with the instructions given by the owner.

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Step 2: Concrete

Now it’s time to use the concrete material to get proper and robust installation. Different basketball hoops come with other poles, which depict pouring concrete into the hole. Most basketball hoops come with a single bar.

If you install the basketball hoop with a single pole, it’s simple to pour the concrete around it. However, you need to take help from your friend or some other one for such a case. One person will hold the pole and fix one corner onto the hole, and the other will pour the concrete into it.

Remember to even wholly and out level from the top with a trowel. Next, remove any extra concrete from the top layer and make it smooth. This can be done with the use of a sponge or cloth piece.

After adequately completing this step, you have to leave the concrete for almost 1 to 2 days to let it dry and hold the pole in its place. Keep on checking on the level of the cement and pole as the pole may lean at one side. If it happens, make sure to straighten it properly and then wait.

Step 3: Backboard Attachment

It has been noticed that the backboard is generally very heavy in its construction and requires more than three to four people to hold it and install it properly. Make sure you have your friends or some other workers with you to install it without any difficulty. You may need a ladder to install it. The other helpers or your friends will take the board up with you to avoid stress on your arm.

On the other hand, one other person will mount it to the pole. Different models come with various accessories and tools to ensure you have all of them for proper installation. Cross braces are the most common ones. Make sure to hold the board in its place very tightly and appropriately to avoid any falls.

Step 4: Net And Rim Installation

Yes, now we are finally moving towards the end steps. It’s time to install the rim and net onto your backboard. The rim is comparatively very easy to install as it only needs bolts to hold it in its place on the backboard. But keep in mind that if your rim is breakaway, you may need extra tools and accessories and extra mounting to hold it in its place tightly.

Alternatively, net installation takes some time. It requires proper looping of the net around the hooks of the rim. This should be done with appropriate care and attention to avoid any missed attempts. Do it until your network is fully installed.

Step 5: Final Touches

Now your basketball hoop is almost complete and ready to use. Some models contain padding for attachment on the corners of the backboard. This is done to add safety and avoid the bumps that can occur on the head of the player in case he hits the basketball hoop.

If your hoop consists of this kind of padding, then you need to fix it. Similarly, you will have to install the court lightning in case you have any. Do these final touches properly and finish your setup to begin your game.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How far should a basketball hoop be from the driveway?

Almost two to four feet overhang is ideal for proper safety and protection and adequate balance in performance. However, if the overhang of the basketball hoop is 5 feet or more, it disturbs the balance. This may cause shaking and vibration in the glass backboard, which affects the overall performance because of its weight.

How long does it take for concrete to cure a basketball hoop?

The concrete takes approximately three days to cure in a warm climate. Two days are more than enough to fix the concrete for basketball hoops on hot climatic days. On the other hand, you will notice a delay in curing the concrete in winters or low temperatures.

What do you put in the base of the basketball hoop?

Sand and water are a perfect combination for concrete to give it a solid basketball base. The density of sand in water is around 45 %. It enhances the strength of the overall system and makes it strong. Sand is expensive but more beneficial as it will not evaporate like water.


Although you can install the basketball hoop on your own, you can take help from a professional. The professional worker is trained in installing the circles properly, so there is almost a zero percent chance of wrongdoing.

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All of the steps mentioned above must be spinning up in your mind, so make sure to read them twice or thrice so that you would be able to install your hoop to make it work properly. Proper installation of the hoop will give you a professional basketball game.

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