7 Easy Steps of How To Disassemble A Trampoline Quickly

You own a trampoline, and you have no idea how to disassemble a trampoline? Is this the reason why you have landed at this place? Then you would love the following details related to the disassembling of a trampoline and containing various easy steps. Taking down a trampoline is not rigid but requires some basic knowledge as the process is followed step by step, and no action can be altered with the next one or the previous one.

Either you want to take down the trampoline because of extreme weather conditions like hot summers or winters, or you want to increase its longevity, there will be a time when you will need to dismantle the trampoline. Moreover, this de-construction procedure is also essential to save the trampoline from getting rust in its joints, frame, and springs.

How to disassemble a trampoline

The following article will take you towards the easy steps to follow step by step to achieve the target of dismantling the trampoline safely. Please read the following details with proper concentration and start the procedure of dismantling practically after a thorough understanding of how to do it.

How To Dismantle A Trampoline

The following details will take you towards the proper guidance on how to quickly and efficiently disassemble a trampoline.


Initiate the process by having a big container at your side. This will put you at the ease of storing all of the small items and components of the trampoline in one place. Moreover, it will also help you reassemble and find all of these items in your reach. You will also be able to transport them quickly and safely.

Furthermore, those soft components in construction can easily be folded, wrapped, and stored in another big container. This will make them secure from insects nesting in them. Further, this will also help the user transport them without hitting other objects. These items include cushions used for safety, nets, and tents.

Tools That You Should Have While Disassembling Of A Trampoline

Having proper tools with you is essential before initiating the process of dismantling. You will need different accessories and tools to make your disassembling quicker and easier. Moreover, they will also simplify the overall procedure of dismantling. The following is the list of tools you should have before starting this process.

  • Hand Gloves
  • Electric Drill
  • Spanner
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Spring Puller Tool
  • Goggles
  • Storage boxes
  • Plastic bags

Step By Step Guide To Disassemble A Trampoline

1. Cleaning

Before initiating the disassembling process of the trampoline, you first need to clean it from dust and debris. In this way, your trampoline would be more secure and stay durable as you have to store it for some time. Therefore, focus on cleaning the trampoline before initiating the mentioned process. For cleaning purposes, you can use a broom. First, sweep the trampoline’s surface with the use of a broom.

And after that, rub the dirt and dust which has stuck to its surface, and for that purpose, you can use soap, water, and a brush. In case you notice rust on the surface of the poles and frame of the trampoline, you can remove it simply with the use of lemon and vinegar and scrub it until it’s gone. Make sure to clean your trampoline correctly if you’re planning to store it for a long time.

2. Removal of Ladder, Poles. and Enclosure Pads

Not every trampoline is constructed similarly. Some of them contain extra accessories attached to them. Initiate the process of disassembling a trampoline by removing the accessories attached to it. These accessories include a basketball hoop, a clubhouse, or a tent.

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It sometimes also contains electron shooters on it. Carefully remove all these accessories and store them in a box for later use. Now it’s time to remove the safety enclosure net in the first step. This safety enclosure net is located and tied on the top of the poles. This net is attached to the trampoline with the help of nut bolts and screws.

Unscrew all of the screws using the tools required and locate them safely in a box. The poles are now detached as you unscrewed them and removed the screws and bolts. To make the poles reusable again, wrap the tapes around them properly. Next, clean the net, separate it from the trampoline, and fold it. Always keep in mind to zip the enclosure net’s zipper.

3. Removal of The Spring Pad

Now it’s time to remove the spring pad of the trampoline. It’s usually a one-piece construction and is very thick. Removal of the spring pad consists of untying the knots beneath it. Untie the knots attentively. Now the spring pad of the trampoline is free, and you can easily remove it. Ensure to store it at some safer place as you will need it again when reassembling your trampoline.

4. Removal of The Spring

This is the most challenging and most complicated step in disassembling the trampoline. This is because it requires additional effort from you. Here is the time when you will need a spring tool. Although the process is simple, it still requires your energy and effort. Initiate the procedure simply by checking the physical condition of the springs.

This is an important reminder because the rusty and broken springs are rigid to take out and are somehow harmful. On the other hand, the excellent condition and non-rusty springs are very smooth to take off. Keep in mind to wear gloves before dealing with the springs as they could harm your hands.

Take your spring tool in your hand and select the spring you want to take off in the first step. Next, fix the spring tool on the spring, and pull it towards the center of the trampoline with full power and energy. It will take out the spring. As you have removed the first spring, it’s time to move on to the other springs. To keep the balance and safety in check, you need to follow specific instructions while removing the springs.

  1. After carefully removing the first spring, move towards the opposite of this piece and remove it.
  2. This is important to keep in mind to ensure efficiency and safety while removing the springs.
  3. Move towards the 90 degrees from this second spring you have just removed. Now remove it in the third-place using the previously released spring or the spring tool. Whatever you think is appropriate and easy for you.
  4. Your fourth spring should be opposite the third and 90 degrees to the first and second.

This is the basic pattern you need to follow unless and until you have removed all the springs.

5. Spring Mat Folding

Now that you have removed all of the spring from the trampoline, it’s time to fold and wrap the spring mat, which is currently disassembled. This step is effortless as the spring mat is now separated from the frame. Place this mat on the ground.

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Make sure to look for any wear and tear on the mat. In case you find any repair it first, use the repairing kit. Now fold it into half, matching the corners of both sides. Next, fold it again into half of half. Carry on the folding of the spring mat this way until you think it is now able to fit in the box.

6. Frame Disassembling

The springs, the spring mat, poles, net, and other extra accessories are removed from the trampoline. Now it’s time to disassemble the frame to complete the procedure. First, check for the screws and bolts in case the screws are holding the legs and the frame together. Remove them and unscrew them if there are any. Otherwise, move on to the next step.

If there are no screws, focus on the proper pulling apart and removing the metal components. Remove them carefully and place them in combination with the specific legs joined. This step will help you in the easy reassembling of the trampoline.

7. Storing

So yeah! Here you are with your disassembled trampoline. This storing is a vital part, and do not skip this step as it will help you easily reassemble. You need to attentively place every trampoline component in different storage boxes and bags. Locate all of them together in one place and store them accordingly. In this way, you will be able to find them whenever you want to reassemble your trampoline.

You can watch the full and proper video of disassembling a trampoline.


How long does it take to disassemble a trampoline?

Dismantling of the trampoline depends upon the size of the trampoline you have. Those trampolines which are more extensive generally take more time than the smaller ones. It has been observed that the spring-based trampolines take around 4 to 4.5 hours to dismantle. On the other hand, those trampolines which do not have springs can be dismantled within two hours.

How much does it cost to disassemble a trampoline?

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Like many other services, trampoline assembling and disassembling services are also available. The accurate and actual cost of dismantling the trampoline depends upon the size and toughness of your trampoline. But it lies somewhere in between 200 to 500 dollars. If you think you cannot correctly disassemble a trampoline, you can hire a professional to help you with that.

What to do with the separated parts of the trampoline at the end of disassembling?

This is the essential step that plays a vital role in the longevity of your trampoline. First, you need to store them in a dry place and away from direct sunlight. If your trampoline is smaller and does not need a proper disassembling procedure, you can locate it the same way you were using it.

It means you have to locate it horizontally inside the home. Although it covers some of the areas in your home, this is essential for its quality and longevity.


Disassembling the Springfree trampoline is a bit complicated procedure but not impossible. Even if you are a beginner, you can do it conveniently and confidently with the availability of the right guide. This guide will provide you with seven easy step-by-step points to help you safely dismantle the trampoline.

Make sure you have all the tools available before initiating the process. Remember that you have to pay proper attention to each step and understand it before applying it. After that, you would be able to separate the trampoline parts properly.

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