How To Clean Slippery Basketball?

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How To Clean Slippery Basketball?

How To Clean Slippery Basketball?

Just like it is essential to have a good grip on the basketball, a professional player must have profound knowledge about keeping the basketball clean, especially if they are slippery. Basketballs are made of different materials like synthetic leathers and rubber compounds, and they can become slippery due to dirt. Keeping them clean will extend their life.

If your basketball is made from natural leather, you can use a small amount of natural leather cleaner to clean the slippery surface with a soft cloth. Whereas if you have a synthetic leather basketball, you can clean it with a soft synthetic eraser or rubber.

Slippery molten rubber basketballs can also be cleaned with a damp cloth. For the stains not removed through a soft eraser, you can use warm water and scrub the outer surface of the ball to remove slipperiness

How To Restore Grip On A Basketball?

Handmade leather basketballs are used in international games and gymnasiums. While the leather and rubber used in basketball manufacturing are expensive, their grip is reduced with constant use, and their surface becomes slippery as dirt accumulates.

Therefore, to clean a slippery ball to restore its grip, you can observe the following steps:

1.      Find a clean flat surface

You need to find a clean flat surface to start the process and hold the ball carefully, so it does not roll away and get dirty again. The best way is to place the ball on the table and then, after cleaning the ball, wash away the table to remove any residue left behind.

2.      Hold the ball

Grab the ball carefully and ensure it does not slip during the cleaning process. This is the hardest step of cleaning basketball as professionals prefer deflating the ball, so it is easy to hold.

3.      Use a clean cloth and soap

Putting your leather basketball directly into the water will damage its leather. Hence, it would be best to use a rag to clean the dirt off the ball. 

  • Take a rag and dip it in the mild soap solution. 
  • Start cleaning the ball in a circular motion. 
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe the water and soap off the ball when cleaned.

4.      Use leather cleaner

To clean and restore the leather basketball’s grip:

  • Apply the leather cleaner and rub it in a circular motion.
  • After this, let your ball air dry or dry it with a hair dryer. 
  • Use good quality leather cleaner. Otherwise, you may lose the grip of the ball permanently.

How Do You Restore The Grip On An Outdoor Basketball?

Outdoor basketball games involve rubber or plastic basketballs that are not as expensive as leather basketballs. Their counterparts are readily available, and they are a lot easier to clean. 

Follow these simple steps to restore the grip of your outdoor basketball:

  1. Place the ball on a flat, clean surface or take a 6-gallon bucket to soak the ball in it.
  2. Get rid of little marks on the ball’s surface using rubber and clean the residues with a wet cloth.
  3. Take a brush and rub the surface with a brush and drop water over the ball to remove the dirt accumulation. Make sure to remove the dirt on the textured surface properly to get the grip back.
  4. Scrub the ball with soap and rewash it to remove dirt altogether.
  5. Ensure that no soap or dirt residue is left.
  6. Let your basketball air dry. 
  7. You can also use an alternative process by adding washing powder to the bucket and soaking the ball for 5 minutes, followed by rinsing.

How Do You Restore The Grip On An Indoor Basketball?

Molten rubber basketball is preferably used in indoor basketball games. Restoring the grip of an indoor basketball is more effortless than it is for outdoor basketball. However, you should use a mild detergent and soft rubber to remove residues while restoring the grip on an indoor basketball.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make My Basketball Less Slippery?

Basketball has a textured surface, and dirt can quickly accumulate on its surface. To make your basketball less slippery, make sure that dirt is not present on its surface. The best way to avoid getting a slippery basketball is to wash it often because washing removes the dirt and enhances the ball’s grip.

How Can I Make My Old Basketball Grippy Again?

If you have an old basketball and want to make it grippy, you should wash it more often. To wash your basketball, take a bucket full of water, add detergent, and soak the ball for five to seven minutes. After this, scrub the ball with a brush and rinse off the soap and leftover residues with water. Clean the ball with a dry cloth, apply the leather cleaner, and dry in the open wind.

How Do You Fix A Slippery Basketball?

Fixing a slippery basketball is not difficult at all. The best way is to wash the ball properly to store its grip. Place the ball on a flat surface and wash it using soap and a brush. Then, apply the leather cleaner and dry the ball before taking it to the basketball court again.

Why Does My Basketball Feel Slippery?

Gradually, dirt and dust will settle in the crevices of your basketball. The dirt will make your basketball slippery if left unclean, making shooting, dribbling, and passing more challenging. To prevent this, clean your ball more often.


For a good basketball game, the ball must be free of dirt. The textured surface of the ball offers a grip to hold it properly, but when dust sticks on the exterior, it makes the basketball slippery. To restore the grip of the basketball, you should wash it properly and more often. The article highlights the methods to clean and restore outdoor and indoor basketball grip. We hope you find it helpful!

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