How to Clean Basketball Shoes – Cleaning White & Leather Material

Basketball shoes play an essential role in your appearance and performance on the courts. So, whether you’re playing on an indoor court or outdoor cleaning, a basketball shoe is necessary. There are different types of shoe material available, and for that, proper cleaning is a must. So, today you will know How to clean basketball shoes having other materials like mesh and leather, especially white basketball shoes.

A dirty basketball shoe won’t give you an excellent grip on courts. It may cause slippage across the courts. Slipping may lead to severe injuries; hence, before stepping into the basketball court, your shoes must be cleaned very well.

How to clean basketball shoes

How to Clean and Wash Basketball Shoes

As a basketball player, you know the importance of basketball shoes in a game. But for keeping them in shape, you need to be careful. When you buy a brand new basketball shoe, what do you think how it looks like to wear the latest sneaker and what is the feel of newness?

Do you want that same feeling and the specific smell of new sneakers? If yes, then you must need to be careful. As some basketball shoes are expensive, you don’t want to go daily to an online store to buy them.

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How to Take Care of Basketball Shoes

Proper Storage of the Shoes

Storage of the basketball shoes plays an essential role in retaining the shape of the shoes. At the same time, some players throw the basketball shoes in their bags after the tournament. They don’t think of the pressure in the backpacks due to different things, which may lose the shape of the basketball shoe.

Keep your sneaker in an open-air place where the sneaker is not bound and the air flows out. However, a deodorizer is also the best way to keep the shoes fresh.

Proper Usage

We suggest not to wear the basketball sneaker usually outside if your shoes are designed for indoors or vice versa. Because basketball shoes are designed for their specific courts, wearing them daily may reduce their age and newness.

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Best Way to Clean Basketball Shoes

The above ideas will keep your shoes for a long time. However, cleaning the basketball shoes is often a must, so follow these steps of cleaning.

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Step 1.

Before applying this process, remove the laces of the shoes. Wash the laces in a washing machine with detergent.

Step 2. 

If you’re playing outdoors, maybe there will be concrete on the courts and streets. So before washing and cleaning, you must remove the little stones from the grooves of the soles through a toothpick.

Step 3.

Using a soft brush, wipe out the dust from the whole shoe.

Step 4.

Use an eco-friendly detergent. Mix the detergent with lukewarm water. Then, use a cloth and wipe out the stains gently. If you have white shoes, you can use a tiny amount of toothpaste to make the basketball shoes even brighter and provide shine.

Step 5.

Remove the soap or detergent with a soft cloth and keep the shoes in an open-air place for drying.

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Things to Avoid

  1. Do not dry the sneaker in direct sunlight or any heater.
  2. Do not use any bleach or chemical for removing stains.
  3. Do not wash the basketball shoes in a washing machine.

You can use it instead.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can you put basketball shoes in the washing machine?

We don’t recommend this process. As a result, this will ruin the sneaker. Instead, we suggest cleaning your basketball shoes instantly when they get dirty.

Does water ruin basketball shoes?

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If you dip the basketball shoes entirely in water, they may lose traction or shape. So the better thing is to avoid dropping the whole basketball shoe. Clean with water only using a cloth.

How do I stop my basketball shoes from smelling?

If your basketball shoes keep smelling, remove the insoles from the shoes. Dry them in the air. If this doesn’t work, then wash the insoles with detergent. After drying, keep a pinch of soda sprinkle it on the sole this may help out the smell.

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Wrapping Up

Basketball shoes make your performance crisp and sharp, so you need to take care of them. Clean them often, and remove the stones from the sole if you play outdoors. These tips will increase the lifespan of basketball shoes. We hope that you liked our tips. Tell us the way which you use to clean the basketball shoes. We’re thrilled to collect the information. Thank you! you can check out our reviews on the best basketball shoes for jumping

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