How to Clean a Basketball (With Pictures and Video)

Whether you have a keen desire to play Basketball or not, playing Basketball gives you a nice feeling. Since childhood, you started to play Basketball, and it was evident that you love Basketball. But, it would help if you also kept your Basketball clean. So, today, we’ll guide you on how to clean a basketball?

how to clean a basketball


If you are penniless and can’t buy a new best outdoor basketball, you can clean it. Your Basketball gets dirty and messy when you use it regularly. It would help if you washed your Basketball to avoid germs, also.

Now the question is how to clean a basketball?

It would help if you learned about how to clean a basketball. Then, follow the steps below, play with confidence, and keep your mind calm while playing.

If you also love cleanliness, then this article is for you.

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Why clean Basketball?

Regularly cleaning the Basketball lets, you feel fresh and calm. Share your Basketball with your friends and strangers with great confidence. It will positively impact your co-players, and your personality will become more impressive.

On the other hand,

When you play with dirt and the sluggish viral ball, many deadly viruses infect your body that has come attached to your Basketball.

Basketball cleaning materials

Basketball is made up of different kinds of material. The materials which are highly required for Basketball are:

  • Rubber material
  • Leather material
  • Synthetic material

We will discuss the cleaning process of each specific type one by one.

How to clean Rubber basketball?

Commonly, rubber basketball is used in every part of the world because of its cheap rate and tenderness. In addition, its elasticity lets your hands have a firmer grip. So, to clean rubber material basketball, follow the steps mentioned below.

how to clean a basketball by using a toothbrush

By using a toothbrush

Cleaning with a brush is a little complicated, but it gives you the favor that you do not need to introduce a heavy type of thing to wash the Basketball.

  • Take a roughly used brush and dip it into a detergent material.
  • Then smoothly rub this brush onto the basketball surface.
  • After 5 minutes, clean the ball’s surface with a smooth and soft piece of cloth.
  • Put it aside to dry.
  • Your ball is ready to use again.

Cleaning with a toothbrush is a very cheap way to clean Basketball.

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Wash ball with slightly warm water

You can wash the ball directly with warm water. But don’t try to use cold water; otherwise, your ball will get shrunk.

  • Directly use the detergent to remove the messy material and dust.
  • Wash it now with slightly warm water.
  • Let it dry.

How to clean a leather basketball?

The way of cleansing the Basketball is different for a different types of material. For example, lather balls are more expensive as compared to rubber balls. So, we use pretty different ways to remove dust from leather basketball because it includes extra care and preventive measures.

  • First, remove the extra mud and dirty material from the lather-made Basketball.
  • Then make detergent water. Please don’t soak the ball directly into the detergent. Otherwise, it will damage the leather material.
  • Soak the cotton into the detergent water and squeeze it to remove the additional water.
  • Slightly and smoothly rub it over the surface of the leather basketball.
  • Clean the ball with a wet and soft cloth.
  • Keep the Basketball in a cool place. Never put the leather-made Basketball into the sunshine directly. It may result in damage to the leather texture.

How to clean a synthetic material basketball?

  • To clean the synthetic material ball, mild soap is the best option for you.
  • Have some cotton and submerge it into the mild soapy water.
  • Like leather material basketball, don’t submerge it directly into the mild soap.
  • Remove the balls’ strains through cotton, and wash it with slightly warm water.
  • Then dry it by keeping it in a cool place.
  • Treatment with natural shampoo is also a good solution.

But, if you see the dark strains on the ball, which are not easy to remove from natural shampoo or mild soap, then remove them through the method discussed in leather material.


  • If you want to keep your Basketball new, don’t soak it in water or detergent. Otherwise, it will face damage.
  • Don’t use any machine that emits high temperatures to dry the Basketball. Use a cotton cloth to dry the Basketball.
  • Don’t use strong detergents.
  • Never try to clean the deflated Basketball.

Care about basketball

  • Never submerge your ball into the water.
  • Don’t keep your ball in the direct sunlight.
  • Keep your Basketball in a dry and cool place.
  • For charming and a new look, try wood polish paint on the Basketball surface.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is it wrong to wash Basketball?

As we mentioned above, you can wash your Basketball but be sure to dry it quickly with a smooth and clean cloth.

How do you make an old basketball look new?

The simple, easy way to make old Basketball look new is to apply soap to a smooth cloth, rub for a minute, wash it, and dry it immediately. Or use an old toothbrush for cleaning.


Cleaning your Basketball daily is not a big deal. Cleaning your ball decreases your expense and keeps you away from germs and other severe diseases. It also prevents from getting the Basketball dirtier.

It also boosts your confidence level and protects you from embarrassment. So, by following all the cleaning mentioned above, you can easily keep your Basketball clean and clear.

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