How to Break in New Basketball Shoes Fast 2022

We get excited when we buy a new pair of basketball shoes. Players are aggressive in wearing basketball shoes on the court and start the break-in process on the courts. As we all know, sneakers stay in the box for months. When they directly come to stores, they are tight and stiff. Stiff basketball shoes may cause blisters on your feet by worn now on the courts because basketball has dynamic moves. So, to prevent blisters, you should know very well how to break in new basketball shoes.

Usually, the break-in process may take only a few minutes by casually wearing them for 15 to 20 minutes in a whole day.

how to break in new basketball shoes

How to Break in New Basketball Shoes Fast

In the below piece of article, we have guided step by step on the best way to break into basketball shoes.

  1. Before the break-in process, make sure the basketball shoes fit your feet perfectly.
  2. Before wearing them directly on the courts, the first thing you should do is light activity by wearing the new sneaker.
  3. Before wearing the sneaker, we suggest buying high-top basketball socks above the ankle. Because new sneakers are tight and stiff, they may cause blisters due to running and jumping. So for your safety, thick and high basketball socks are essential.
  4. Do not try to break in the basketball shoes quickly; they are stiff and may get torn out with quick shorts.
  5. Once you have worn your basketball shoes for 15 to 20 minutes in everyday activity, your sneakers are ready for gameplay. The process may take 4 to 5 days minimum.

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Going outside for coffee and shopping is also helpful in break-in shoes. These are light activities, but still, make sure to wear high-top socks, or you can use ankle braces. If the break-in way is to wear 15 to 20 minutes by doing light activity, why not play basketball? Exactly no, because basketball has quick cuts, jumpings, and dunking, so we don’t recommend wearing sneakers for basketball to break into them.

Basketball shoes must be comfortable, neither too tight nor too loose. They must be stretchy. If you feel tight even after 15 to 20 minutes, you can increase the time duration to 5-6 minutes. Here is another quick way of a break-in if you don’t have enough time to break in.

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Loosen Up Basketball Shoes

Usually, basketball shoes lose their fitness after 10 to 12 sessions of the game. But for keeping them for the long term, you should be careful. If you wear basketball shoes outdoors, clean your basketball shoes often. For a quick guide, please check out our guide on how to clean basketball shoes.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How long does it take to break in shoes?

While the break-in time depends upon basketball shoes’ choice, it depends upon sole, traction, material, and leather. But the process will typically be between one week.

Why do my basketball shoes hurt my feet?

Every player has a different type of foot. The only issue that may occur when you have flat feet and some pronation issues may develop the common problem is plantar fasciitis. This pain develops when the arch of the feet makes contact with the basketball shoes’ sole due to flatness. However, there are many other sports that hurt.

To prevent that pain, you should purchase the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

How can I make my basketball shoes more comfortable?

By wearing double socks, you can make your basketball shoes more comfortable this will also make your basketball shoes snugger.

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New sneakers are always pretty, but they cause blisters. So it’s imperative to break into them. We have guided you to the simplest and easiest way of break-in shoes, and after doing the above activity, you are good to go. Basketball socks and ankle braces will help you out in preventing blisters. Also, they provide you more comfortable level.

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