How To Be A Good Basketball Player For Beginners? Top 13 Tips

Playing basketball can be quite overwhelming. Sure, the game comes with its pros and cons, but it is not impossible to build your aptitude around it! Every newbie wants to know that, How To Be A Good Basketball Player For Beginners?

With a little endurance and effort, you can develop your dribbling and shooting skills and learn to control and defend the ball. That’s it! 

How To Be A Good Basketball Player For Beginners

How To Be A Good Basketball Player For Beginners?

You read that right- “CONTROL” and “DEFEND”! We’ve cracked the game for you. 

These are two vital aspects of becoming a good player. Don’t get cold feet just after a few attempts. The longer you take time to explore different techniques, the better you become.

How To Get Better At Basketball As A Kid

  • Parents can play basketball with their kids to help them get better at it. Create challenges for your kid by competing on who can dribble faster, who can shoot first in the hoop, and who can steal the ball from each other while dribbling.
  • Encourage children to play basketball in their school and participate in leagues with other kids their age. Inter-school competitions are also a great idea.
  •  Allow kids to watch games and YouTube videos to build their interest and learn different techniques to handle the ball

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How To Get Better At Basketball For Beginners

  • Practice makes perfect, right? It would be best to dribble the ball whenever you have a chance. Create obstacles for yourself and try to dribble the ball. Practice defending your ball and passing it. Once you get better at dribbling, try aiming the ball at a target to develop your shooting skills and learn to shoot the ball in the hoop.
  • To develop your endurance and strength, you need to start working out. Include running in your daily routine. Additionally, start lifting weights and strength-building exercises to build muscles. This will build your stamina and allow you to become an aggressive player.
  • Watching the NBA can be fun and help you get an idea about shooting techniques but watching college basketball games will help you more as a beginner. These games use a more traditional way of playing. By watching their moves, you can learn how they defend their ball.
  • You must invest in good basketball shoes. Basketball shoes are durable enough for fast running and jumping. They also provide ankle support.

How To Be Good At Basketball Practice

  • Plan your practice. Allocate time to each component of your training from your total practice session time. This will help you to conquer your weaknesses and work on them.
  • Make your practice sessions like your games by creating the same kind of atmosphere/setup so that you can apply the skills you practice to the actual game.
  • You should remain enthusiastic and energetic throughout the session and try to complete the time.

How To Get Good At Basketball Fast

  • Hire a coach who can guide you and help you learn all the techniques quickly.
  • Practice daily for long hours. 
  • Master your shooting and dribbling skills. Try out new angles for shooting and dribble around new obstacles.
  • Identify your mistakes and learn new alternatives

How Can I Get Better At 2 Hours In Basketball?

If you have a game coming up in 2 hours, you can start building your stamina by working out for 30 minutes. You can then play a match against a player for 30 minutes to warm you up for the game and help you identify your weaknesses and strengths. 

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Then, practice on those weaknesses for 30 minutes and perfect them. Next, for 30 minutes, try out all your shooting and dribbling moves and master them.

How Can I Get Better At Basketball In A Week?

Play one-to-one games, play with teams, and practice alone. Make a schedule, practice daily, and work on every area and every move. Put in your best effort and try to eliminate all weak points.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Basketball?

There is no definite time that can tell how long it will take to be the best at basketball. It depends on how many hours you are practicing daily and how much you already know about basketball. The more you practice, the more expertise you achieve in this sport!

Final Word

Remember- struggle always comes with its rewards. As a beginner, you will frequently face hurdles, but what matters the most is your determination and willingness to get better with each passing day. Follow our tips, put on your basketball shoes and get going! Once you get the hang of it, there’s no looking back!

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