8 Steps on How To Assemble A Trampoline and Basketball Hoop

You should know how to assemble a trampoline with a basketball hoop no matter what age you are. You will always love to jump and bounce on a trampoline. You can always rely on a trampoline to have some fun and reflect your energy.

Children love to pounce on the best trampolines for fun, and you can use it as an important way for children to do some exercise and positively utilize their energy. You can also enjoy trampoline leaping at a party as a fun activity.

how to assemble a trampoline

As soon as you receive the best trampoline with basketball hoop packages, you mentally start bobbing on it, and it’s pretty reasonable. Physically you become more active as it can also serve as an excellent exercise for your body. For assembling the trampoline, you must keenly observe the instructions for assembly of all the perfect in a perfect place, or you will be regretting.

Every part needs to be fixed correctly in place to avoid any misadventure.

Take a moment first to understand and analyze all the material, and then make sure you have got all the fundamental tools to set up the trampoline. If not correctly fit, you won’t be having high jumpings into the air and wasting more of your energy.

8 Steps of how to assemble a trampoline

Below are the eight steps you can follow for a fundamental understanding of the assembling process where you can follow them to arrange the trampoline and begin bumping perfectly.

1. Inspect All Packages

First of all, check all the arrived boxes and empty each one to check the materials. Mostly you will see the trampoline comes in three packages. Now match all the contents with the list given in the instructions and make sure no piece is missing. Even a single piece can make a big difference in your experience or may ultimately be an obstacle in setting up your trampoline.

So start setting up the trampoline once you are sure that all the pieces are available. If any section is somehow missing, you should contact the company to register your complaint and ask them to deliver the missing part as soon as possible.

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2. Organizing Different Parts

The trampoline comes with several different parts of varying sizes and shapes according to the structure and design of the trampoline. Once you make sure that features are available, you should go for organizing all the pieces in a specific pattern according to their fixings before assembling a trampoline.

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Due to the vast variety setting up the trampoline can become quite confusing for you. So, take some time and first spread all the parts in an open area, now start organizing them in specific order or groupings according to their sizes or position. Some components may look alike, but you must keenly choose them for their perfect fit with slight differences as both can serve a completely different purpose.

3. Get Appropriate Tools

After organizing the parts, you must opt to gather the suitable tools required for assembling your trampoline. You won’t need complicated and a lot of tools but only a few specific ones for setting up the whole trampoline. Namely, the main tools required are a drill machine, screwdriver, rubber mallet, spring puller, and some small essential tools.

While organizing the trampoline, make sure you take all the self precautions not to get yourself hurt, especially safety gloves. Primarily the main accessories required for holding the trampoline come with the packages from the company, but if not available, you can quickly get them from any store.

4. Gather the Round Pieces of Ring

Once you are sure you have all the tools and parts available, start making up the basic structure of the trampoline. Start constructing by gathering the circular regions of the main ring and putting them on the flat ground. Setting it on flat land is done to get an idea of the size of your trampoline and create a fibrous structure.

After this, start attaching the ring parts until you have created a perfect round-shaped ring firmly put together. Now place it aside on the ground falt to avoid the structure from defecting.

Arrange and Set Up Legs of TrampolineOnce done with assembling the ring, you can start by joining the legs of the trampoline. The trampoline mostly got four legs, but some may have more numbers to add more support and balance. The ring already has the marked areas for the fitting of limbs.

You can quickly notice the points and fix the legs. If the legs are not set, you can use a hammer to adjust them correctly, but be careful while hitting so you don’t break your trampoline before even assembling.

5. Attach Bungee Loops and Secure Pad

After you have attached the legs, you should put a secure pad on the springs. This process helps avoid any injury if you fall on the side springs. The pad has holes beneath to get to sit correctly on the springs.

The bungee loop also strengthens the trampoline further and looks like rubber bands. These keep the net in place when you are bouncing on the trampoline. Although not all trampolines come with a bungee loop, you can look for one while buying the product. You can also ask the company to grant you one.

6. Secure Posts, Screws, And Bolts

After setting up, secure the posts of the trampoline using the specified tool for fixing. Also, make sure that all the nuts and bolts of the trampoline are perfectly fit in their respective places. Secure them with the proper tools so the trampoline does not fall apart.

Double-check the bolts and screws if they are in the correct places. Make sure every part is firmly connected to the other and not loosened to protect the trampoline from trembling, especially the legs.

7. Final Testing

Now that you think that your trampoline is assembled make sure by banging on it with care. If it feels sturdy, then your trampoline is all set for jumping, but if it feels untidy, check all the attachments all over again and make sure you don’t make any mistakes this time.

Now Let us Put A Basketball Hoop On A Trampoline

Are you a fun seeker and want some more spice in the entertainment on the trampoline? Then what do you think about a small addition of a basketball hoop? Get ready for a bouncy one-on-one game. With a bit of extra basketball hoops accessory, you won’t regret the decision.

You can follow the given three straightforward steps for installing a basketball hoop and get a perfect combo of a trampoline with a basketball hoop, thus doubling the backyard celebration. The steps are briefly explained for your better understanding.

Step 1

Read all instructions on how to assemble a trampoline carefully and gather the material required. First, attach the ring to the knitted backboard. Now insert the four given poles at the back of the backboard. The poles come in two different sizes. Make sure to add the shorter poles to the bottom of the backboard while the longer ones are on the top.

Step 2

Now place the L-shaped post on by wadding up with the square-shaped bracket that was assembled in the previous step. Secure the whole square bracket setup by tightening the bolts and screws. With your hand, put a little pressure on the structure to ensure that the configuration is stable and toughened enough.

Step 3

Once done with setting up the basketball hoop, select the trampoline pole that you wish to hang your hoop with and remove the eyebolt. Next, pull the bungee loop and insert the Jump-N-Jam into the pole. Insert in such a manner that the basketball hoop faces the center of the trampoline. After adding the hoop, reattach the bungee loop and the eyebolt to secure it properly.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to assemble a trampoline frame?

Layout all the frame pieces on flat ground and assemble them accordingly.

How to assemble a trampoline net?

First, assemble the tubes and attach them to the trampoline base. Then take a net and tie it to the poles starting from the bottom of the trampoline.

How to assemble a trampoline mat?

Check out how to disassemble a trampoline.

Start by attaching the springs evenly. Do it with the help of a partner and attach the springs to the mat on opposite sides at a time.

When to replace trampoline springs?

Change the spring immediately when you see it stretched, rusted, or broken.

How long does it take to assemble a trampoline?

It will take five hours or a minimum of three hours, depending upon your speed and the number of people helping.

Trampoline safety net instructions?

Make sure to install a safety net to avoid any injury. Install the net appropriately to ensure added precautions.

Do shoes ruin a trampoline?

Yes, your shoes can make the trampoline dirty, and the friction can also make it rough.

How much weight can a 14 ft trampoline hold?

A 14 ft trampoline can bear up to 300 pounds of weight.

How many springs are on a 14 ft trampoline?

The 14ft trampoline usually has 96 springs.

What is best to put under a trampoline?

Try to avoid hard surfaces underneath; instead, use some softer surfaces like bark or grass.

Why should you get a trampoline?

Invest your energy in a more fun way. You were also making your mental and physical health better.

What is the best brand of trampoline to buy?

Skywalker is the top-recommended brand and is well known for manufacturing hard-bearing trampolines.


Concluding the article, I suggest bringing home a trampoline to make your life more entertaining. By spending less, you can have great joy right in your backyard. As soon as you have instilled a trampoline, you will love it and can’t stop yourself from pounding. If you have got children, they will love you for such a great product.

Trampoline jumping serves as a good time pass activity and helps improve your physical fitness and bounce your energy into an appropriate business. Following the steps mentioned above, you can comfortably assemble the trampoline yourself with sparse equipment and a little effort. Happy Bouncing!

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