How Should You Dress For Basketball In The Winter? To Warm Your Body

The right type of attire is vital for winning a basketball game. Wearing the right suit according to the season can help you better excel at your game and keep you comfortable, which is another key to success! You must know How Should You Dress For Basketball In The Winter?

However, winters can be pretty harsh when figuring out what to wear for basketball. Staying warm while also keeping in mind that the clothes don’t impede your shots can be very difficult to balance.

How Should You Dress For Basketball In The Winter

How Should You Dress For Basketball In The Winter?

Considering this dilemma, we have put together a complete guide on how to dress in winter without hindering your game performance.

What To Wear When Playing Basketball In The Cold?

A typical basketball ball attire consists of a jersey and shorts. However, this isn’t enough to protect you from the harsh weather, especially playing outside. 

During colder temperatures, leggings and a shirt underneath the jersey may be enough to keep you warm. This attire will also let you play without any hindrances.

If the temperature falls, another excellent choice is wearing warm-up suits. They are designed specifically for athletes to help maintain body temperature. 

It is made up of a moisture-wicking material that keeps the sweat at bay. 

Sometimes, the weather usually gets chilly on summer days too. During these cool breezes, you can wear trousers made out of fleece. These help to keep the heat in the body. Pair it with a moisture-wicking shirt, and you are good to go!

However, if you don’t have any of the above choices, simply layer up your clothes under the jersey and shorts. Whatever you choose to wear during colder temperatures, keep in mind that your clothes shouldn’t hinder your movement during a game. 

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What To Wear When Playing Basketball As A Female?

Even as a female, keep it simple. Wear loose-fitting jerseys and shorts. Tight clothes restrict your movements. Make sure your clothes aren’t too skin-tight around your arms and legs. 

Loose clothing can help you move around quickly, but make sure it isn’t flexible enough to fall off. This can divert your focus from the game while you constantly keep putting them in place.

Suitable footwear is another essential item to take into consideration. Shoes that offer good support and grip can help you avoid any injuries while also assisting in performance. Of course, most athletic shoes work for basketball games too.

Another critical and often neglected clothing item is socks. Sock fabrics play a crucial role in your overall performance. Materials that are too thin can rub against your feet, while too thick fabrics can cause your feet to sweat, making you uncomfortable. 

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It is advised to wear athletic socks designed specifically for full games.

Moreover, undergarments also play a massive role in your basketball performance. Therefore, you do not want to fix your undergarments during an intense game moment constantly!  

Sports bras are tight fitted and have additional support too for such activities. Don’t forget to pair them with underwear/shorts that are tight to your waist. 

Lastly, do not forget to add your protective gear. For example, if you wear glasses, buy shatterproof glasses, so they don’t break while playing. 

It is strongly suggested to wear straps that can be tightened around the head to avoid them from falling off. Although basketball isn’t much of an impact game, a mouthpiece wouldn’t be a wrong item either.

What Should You Not Wear When Playing Basketball?

Basketball is a vigorous game. It keeps you on your feet as a player and even as an audience. Therefore, you mustn’t wear anything that can distract you during the game.

As mentioned above, don’t wear snug clothes. Clothes too tight on your arms and legs will make it hard for you to move around.

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Keep away from sweatshirts, jeans, pants, and high tops. Similarly, avoid tightly fitted shoes. They can hurt your feet while you play. 

Moreover, don’t wear loose shoes too. You don’t want your shoes to fall off during the game! But, most importantly, don’t wear shoes that don’t have a good support grip. They can cause you to slip, leading to severe injuries.

Can You Wear Leggings To Basketball Practice?

Yes, you can wear leggings to basketball practice. Leggings can be worn under the shorts to protect you from the harsh weather. It helps to keep you warm too. 

Make sure you wear sweat-proof leggings that keep sweat away from your body. However, make sure they aren’t too tight around the legs, so they don’t restrict your movements. 

Final Word

Hopefully, after reading our guide, dressing up for basketball games during winter will be as easy as it can be!

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