How Much Height Do Basketball Shoes Add? [ Best Answer ]

Basketball Shoes

Do you know, How Much Height Basketball Shoes Add? Basketball shoes are the most important gear for the sport. Their quality, support, and comfort can make or break a player’s game performance. Therefore, it is crucial to pick the right shoes for basketball.

Other than providing solid grip and comfort, another benefit of basketball shoes is that they add to the player’s height. But the question arises, how much height do basketball shoes add?

basketball shoes are specially designed to fulfill the requirements of the sport while playing on a court. Hence, these shoes provide the athlete ample cushioning and support and help absorb and redirect momentum. Moreover, their heels typically add a few inches to the athlete’s height, enhancing overall performance. 

On average, basketball shoes can add anywhere from 0.5 to 2 inches to the player’s height. These numbers might vary according to the brand and design of the shoes.

Why Is Height Important For Basketball Players? 

Even though basketball is usually considered a sport for tall people, it is not entirely correct as it depends more on technique than height. However, being taller offers an extra advantage to basketball players.

As the goal height in professional basketball matches is usually 10 feet, taller players can reach the basket more conveniently. Also, a player with a tall height has a larger arm span, enabling them to guard the ball and block throws easily without having to jump. 

Do Basketball Shoes Make You Look Taller?

Generally, basketball shoes are designed to have a thick, cushioned sole and an elevated heel to provide the athlete maximum support and comfort. The thicker the shoe’s sole is, the better its impact absorption. The cushioned sole and elevated heel also add to the player’s height. Therefore, wearing a pair of basketball shoes can make you look taller. 

Other than making you look taller, the height offered by basketball shoes enables you to perform better. However, a common complaint from people wearing these shoes for the first time is the lack of stability and balance. Therefore, it is better to practice with basketball shoes first to get an idea of their mechanics. 

How Much Height Do Basketball Shoes Add?

Usually, the wearer’s weight causes the shoe’s sole to compress. So, basketball shoes even with the thickest soles, can only add a maximum of 1.5 to 1.7 inches to the player’s height. Hence, it is uncommon to find a pair of basketball shoes that add more than two inches.  

Currently, the basketball shoes that add the most height are the Nike Air Max. These shoes can add an average of 1.7 inches to the player’s height. The Nike Air Max also provide excellent traction and stability and are perfect for basketball. 

The Nike’s LeBron series also offer decent elevation, ranging from 1 to 1.3 inches, but do not get close to the elevation provided by the Air Max line.

How Much Height Do LeBron 18 Add?

When Nike’s LeBron 18 basketball shoes were released, the public greeted them with mixed reactions. These shoes are quite stiff, uncomfortable to wear and offer less stability.

Although they are not the first choice of basketball players, they can still add about 1.27 inches of height. This makes them a good option if you are looking for a height-increasing basketball shoe.

How Much Height Do Kyrie 7 Add?

Nike’s Kyrie 7 basketball shoes have a better standing and are considered better than the Lebron 18 for playing basketball. But they still could not meet the durability standards set by the Air Jordans and other shoes in the LeBron and Kyrie series. So, How Much Height Do Kyrie 7 Add?

The Kyrie 7 adds an estimated 1.03 inches to the player’s height, falling 0.24 inches short of the 1.27 inches provided by the LeBron 18. This makes them a less preferred choice for people looking for an elevating basketball shoe.

Does The NBA Measure Height With Shoes?

Before 2019, NBA teams could self-report their players’ heights. This meant that the players could have their heights measured with or without shoes, resulting in inaccurate measurements. It also meant unfair advantages for some players, while others were at a disadvantage. However, starting in 2019, the NBA changed these rules.

The NBA now requires a team doctor to measure the heights of their players with their shoes removed. As a result, it was revealed that quite a few players had been lying about their heights. The heights of several players turned out to be 1 to 2 inches shorter than what they had initially reported.

Is It Possible To Be Taller With Basketball Shoes?

The unique design of basketball shoes can make you appear taller by 0.5 to max 2 inches, helping in boosting your confidence. This increase in height by a few inches also enhances your basketball game performance by aiding in jumping, shooting, and blocking throws easily. 

Additionally, you can opt for inserting padded insoles in your basketball shoes. These can help add a few milimeters to your height as well.

However, wearing basketball shoes with elevated heels or other footwear with thick insoles can not help you increase your natural physical height.


  • Although being tall is not a definite requirement in basketball, it has benefits for shooting and securing goals. Tall players are the preferred choice as centers and for defensive and offensive positions.
  • Basketball shoes have thick and cushioned midsoles and heels for comfort and impact absorption. This cushioning can add anywhere from 0.5 to 2 inches to the wearer’s height.
  • The basketball shoes that add the most height are Nike’s Air Max series. These offer a maximum of 1.7 inches, beating the LeBron 18, which add 1.27 inches, and the Kyrie 7, which add 1.03 inches.

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