How Long Should You Practice Basketball A Day? To Become Expert

Practice makes perfect – more done than said stays true when it comes to basketball! How Long Should You Practice Basketball A Day? It depends on how your experience in the basketball game

There are a lot of things you need to know when you hop on to explore this sport; from dribbling, passing, and shooting to footwork, rebounding, and defense, every skill takes a while to learn. 

How Long Should You Practice Basketball A Day

How Long Should You Practice Basketball A Day?

As a beginner, you must be thinking of how much time is this “while”? But, fret not as we give you the deets of everything you need to know about basketball practice durations! 

Generally, the time of your practice depends upon the level of your game, your age, and your expectations (with oneself). 

  • For a beginner, 1-2 hours a day doing drills and playing with others is good,
  • An active player must be spending around 3-4 hours on a court each day, 
  • If you see yourself in the NBA, we wouldn’t recommend any time less than 6 hours a day!

Let’s get into the details, shall we! 

Is Playing Basketball 2 Hours A Day Good?

If you’re someone who plays basketball actively, 2 hours a day are perfect for you. As a beginner, start with 30 minutes and move ahead with increasing 5-10 minutes each day until you touch the mark of two hours. If You want to play basketball outdoor you must need the best outdoor basketball.

Besides practice, playing consistently and regularly will help your skills improve faster and your speed and ball control gets better. This tactic will not only make your body get used to the strain but will also trick your brain into learning basketball as efficiently as possible. 

How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Basketball For 2 Hours?

Every physical activity improves your body function and helps you stay fit. There’s no lie to the fact when we say basketball does the same. If you play basketball every day, you’re likely burning hundreds of calories depending on the intensity of your game. 

Shooting hoops alone burns about 600 calories every two hours. The projection of calories burnt during a half-court game amounts to around 1,162 calories, while for a full-court game, it reaches around 1500 every two hours. 

How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Basketball For 30 Minutes?

The number of calories burned while playing basketball depends upon a person’s body mass index. However, a study shows that a practicing player burns around 250-350 calories every 30 minutes in the game.

How Many Hours A Week Should I Practice Basketball?

Consistency is the key! 

If you’re someone who needs to keep a track of how efficiently you’re playing and how much more work you should be putting in, track your progress while estimating the hours you should be practicing every week. 

For beginners, 6-8 hours a week is an ideal duration. If you’re someone who is actively involved in the sport, 20-24 hours per week of practice indicates regularity. 

How Often Should I Practice Basketball?

The key to practicing basketball is not how many hours you practice, but how many times you do. It doesn’t matter if you play for 6 hours a day, it won’t be any good if you don’t do it consistently. 

To get the gist of it and be a pro at what you do, you should be practicing basketball every day of the week or 6 days a week with one designated rest day. 

However, if that isn’t possible, rushing to the court every next day will be your second best bet.

How Long Is Basketball Practice In High School?

A school’s basketball training depends on the school’s involvement in sports. Generally, a high school student’s basketball practice lasts around 30-40 minutes to an hour, 6 days a week. 

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The practice time also ranges in the intensity of drills, skill work, conditioning, and strategies. Each student’s basketball practice also ranges depending on his/her age. 

How Long Is Basketball Practice In Middle School?

As middle school students are most likely the ones preparing for inter-school or national level championships, the duration depends on conditioning. 

The practice sessions are carried out for 45 minutes to 1 hour each day, including warm-ups, teaching skills, drilling games to practice offense and defense, followed by a cool-down session and stretching. 

Should You Play Basketball Every Day?

Depending on your stamina, you can play every day but it’s not recommended. Rest and recovery time is just as important.

Why do I play basketball

If you’re going for perfection, even then you should be playing basketball every day with just one designated day off. 

Final Word

So, grab your best outdoor basketball, rush to your nearest court, and dribble-pass-shoot until you see the chances of being in the NBA bright. 

Trust us, nothing takes you to the NBA but a good game and consistency that comes with practicing every day.

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