Pro Tips on How Do You Maintain Outdoor Basketball?

If you love hooping outdoors, you’ll need the best outdoor basketball. Chances are, your basketball will undergo a lot of wear and tear. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of having access to an indoor court, so most people prefer playing in the nearby local park. Unfortunately, this exposes the basketball to various types of dirt and grime, making it more important to keep it clean and well maintained.

How Do You Maintain Outdoor Basketball

How Do You Maintain Outdoor Basketball?

You may be wondering about the precautions to preserve the life and endurance of your basketball. If that is so then let’s get right into how you can maintain your outdoor basketball the right way!

How Do I Keep My Outdoor Basketball Clean?

Keep your basketball’s vibrant color away from direct sunlight and follow regular cleaning procedures. Dust and debris may get into the cracks of your ball over time. If left alone, the dirt will make the ball slippery, making passing, scoring, and handling more difficult.

There are usually three types of basketballs. So let’s check out the best ways to clean them.

1. Rubber Basketball

  • Pour warm water into a bucket halfway
  • Put some detergent and carefully mix the water.
  • To remove dirt and grime from the basketball, take a soft cloth, immerse it in water, and softly clean it.
  • Repeat the procedure, but apply greater power while scrubbing the surface this time.
  • Ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned it, paying specific attention to the coarse texture.
  • Wash it with lukewarm fresh water.
  • Wipe away extra moisture from the ball’s surface using a dry towel.

2. Synthetic Leather Basketball

3. Original Leather Basketball

  • Fill a container halfway with leather cleaner.
  • Rub some to the basketball’s exterior with a clean towel.
  • For a great shine, lightly rub the surface.
  • Clean the basketball’s surface with a dry towel.
  • Could you keep the basketball in a cool, dry area when you’ve dried the basketball completely?

How Do I Protect My Outdoor Basketball?

If you use the basketball regularly, keep it inside at room temperature. It would help if you did not leave the ball outside for long periods, in bright sunlight, or near a radiator.

The change in temperature, damp weather, and the scorching sun may all wreak havoc on the color of your outdoor basketball. Keeping it out in the elements can also destroy the integrity of the ball, deform its shape, and cause it to lose its grip. This may be detrimental to your game, and you may need to change the ball earlier than planned.

The ball’s air pressure should be maintained, or it won’t bounce effectively, reducing its lifespan. The air pressure information is always shown around the inflation hole. So, pay attention to the specifics and pump your ball to the proper air pressure.

Remember not to apply excessive pressure to inflate the ball as that can burst its bladder. And if you don’t pump your ball in cold weather, it may explode. Before increasing, make sure the needle is well lubricated. Only pump the ball when you have securely gripped the hole.

Can You Leave A Basketball Outside?

Please don’t keep it outside, in bright sunlight, or near a radiator. A change in temperature, damp weather, and the scorching sun can all wreak havoc on the ball’s color. It can also destroy the integrity of the ball and deform its shape. So leaving your basketball outside for too long is not a good idea.

When playing outdoors, try maintaining a boundary around the court to protect the ball from ricocheting against sharp objects or falling into the water.

Like a basketball bag, keep your ball in a cold, dry location. Check that nothing is on top of it or pressing on it from any side as it can alter the ball’s form. Even keeping your ball on a shelf for an extended time might lead it to turn ovular rather than spherical.

Does Kicking A Basketball Ruin It?

Yes, kicking a basketball can ruin it. Basketballs are not meant to withstand such kind of direct pressure. It can create bumps in the basketball and ruin its quality over time. Even though they seem sturdy and firm, they’re meant to be dribbled on hard surfaces. To have the best basketball, avoid kicking it as it can ruin and certainly isn’t the best thing for the kicker’s foot!

Final Word

Properly cared for, your basketball will last years of dribbles on the field and feature spectacular scores. Hopefully, these tips will help you increase the durability and longevity of your best outdoor basketball!

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