How Do I Choose Outdoor Basketball? Detail Guides For All Players

Want to play basketball outdoors but aren’t sure which ball to use? Or perhaps you have a ball but don’t know whether it can be used outdoors? 

Do you think that How Do I Choose Outdoor Basketball? While choosing an outdoor basketball may seem complicated at first, it is not as hard as you think.

How Do I Choose Outdoor Basketball?

Basketballs are mostly made from three kinds of materials: rubber, leather, and composite leather. Each of these materials has different usage.

Choosing the right basketball for outdoors is necessary for the performance, durability, and endurance of the ball. It can also have a significant impact on your performance. Therefore, you must know what ball to choose. 

So without further ado, let us look at our guide below to figure out which ball you can use outdoors. 

What Type Of Basketball Is Good For The Outdoors?

Different factors determine which basketball is suitable for outdoor usage. While it is primarily determined by material, other factors like color and price are also important.


Outdoor basketballs are mainly made from two types of material, rubber and composite leather. These materials can endure the rough outdoor environments better and have a longer lifespan when compared with leather balls. 

These materials also allow the ball to bounce and dribble well on asphalt or concrete surfaces found outdoors while also providing players with the correct grip.


The standard burnt orange color is what we are most familiar with when it comes to color. However, in areas of low concentration of light, a two-colored ball may be more favorable. 

It will be easier for players to spot the contrasting colored ball in low lights than a whole burnt orange ball. 


Lastly, price. It plays an essential role in determining longevity and performance. 

Expensive balls, which are usually made from composite leather, tend to have a longer lifespan and higher performance than cheaper rubber basketballs.

What Are Outdoor Basketballs Made Of?

Outdoor courts are different from indoor courts in various ways. With harsh elements and hard surfaces, materials that can withstand these rough environments are needed. 

Rubber and composite leather are excellent when it comes to these requirements. Almost all of the outdoor basketballs in the market are made from these materials. 

They have higher endurance and longer lifespans than indoor basketball materials and also perform well on outdoor surfaces. 

What Is The Best Material For Outdoor Basketball?

Both rubber and composite leather have their perks and benefits. In terms of endurance, rubber basketballs tend to have the upper hand as they are more resilient to wear and tear. 

Composite leather has a longer lifespan than rubber basketballs when it comes to lifespan. On average, if played for one or two hours every day, rubber balls last for only six months, whereas composite leather balls can last for up to 9 months! You can get all details and information about the best outdoor basketball.

Overall, composite leather has better performance, feel, and durability than rubber basketballs, but they can also be pricier. 

However, if the outdoor courts are harsh, it is best to choose rubber basketballs as they have better endurance and will also be cheaper to replace.

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Which Outdoor Basketball Is Best For Beginners?

In our opinion, Spalding NBA Street is an excellent choice for beginners. This Spalding ball is curated explicitly for outdoor usage and is made from high-performance rubber. It is durable, can stand rough use, and is also light on the pocket. 

The pebbling provides a firm grip in all conditions, the seams improve handling, and the rubber is still soft enough for a comfortable feel. 

This basketball bounces reliably and is tough enough to endure asphalt and concrete courts, thanks to its high-performance rubber coating. 

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It also comes inflated so that it can be used right away!

Does It Matter What Basketball You Use?

Yes, it does matter what basketball you use. Different basketballs are made for various indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

Outdoor courts demand tougher, sturdier, and more durable balls, whereas indoor courts require smooth and softer balls.

Using indoor basketball outdoors and vice versa will not yield the right results. An indoor basketball on outdoor surfaces can immediately wear and tear the material, resulting in less control and grip. 

Similarly, using an outdoor basketball indoors is also not a good idea. It will be harder to dribble and shoot since the hardwood indoor court panels have a smoother surface. 

Final Words

Finally, it is best to use a basketball on the courts it’s made for. So get a basketball explicitly made for playing outdoors if you’re playing outdoors. And, if you’re playing indoors, get a basketball made for playing indoors. 

Hopefully, after reading our guide, you know which outdoor basketball to choose for your next basketball game!

Have fun! 

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