High top Vs. Low Top Basketball Shoes, Detailed Information

The science of high top Vs. low top basketball shoes isn’t hard to understand. You might think of them as the same kind of thing. However, there is a significant difference between these two types. High-top basketball shoes have high ankle covering, and that used to be the most preferred basketball shoes. They protect the ankles and feet from getting sprained and other injuries.

High top Vs. Low Top Basketball Shoes

On the other hand, low-top shoes have little to no ankle support and are a bit airy. Such basketball shoes provide free movement of feet, which makes them preferable by all. You can easily make quick movements in the basketball courts wearing these on. If you are wondering which type of basketball shoes to buy, stick to this article where we will compare high top vs. low top basketball shoes.

High Top Vs. Low Top Basketball Shoes

You are about to make an appearance in the basketball game to hon your skills. If you are confused about which type of basketball shoes to buy, worry not! The following section is about all that. We know that basketball requires a lot of leg and feet movement. You are constantly moving around the court, jumping for the ball and whatnot.

Therefore, you need the comfiest shoes, just according to your preference, that can ensure safety and optimum performance. There are two basic basketball shoes called high top and low top shoes.

High Top Basketball Shoes

High-top basketball shoes have been used for years, and they are the most preferred shoes, according to the National Basketball Association. High-top shoes, as the name suggests, high-top shoes have high ankle support that fully or partially covers the ankle area. These are heavy weighing shoes that allow for maximum foot and ankle support.

Since a basketball game requires a lot of leg movement, which might cause foot and ankle injuries, High-top basketball shoes support your ankles and upper feet, protecting your feet from injuries such as sprains and fractures. Not only that, but it also helps with existing foot conditions such as pain in the ankles and upper feet. These shoes are excellent for high jumps because they offer great shock-absorbing benefits.

Low Top Basketball Shoes

Unlike high-top basketball shoes, low-top shoes have less to no ankle support. It does not provide any sort of ankle support. Therefore, players who prefer wearing low-top basketball shoes are more prone to sprains and other foot injuries.

However, such shoes are great for free movements. These shoes help players with rapid movements such as crossover and in and out dribble. In addition to that, low-top basketball shoes make you quick and keep your feet dry due to constant airflow.

Which One To Buy?

We cannot argue which type is better because it depends on a player’s preference. People who are involved in jumping during the game mostly prefer high-top shoes to prevent their ankles from getting sprained. Moreover, due to their high shock-absorbing capacity, high-top shoes protect the athlete from damages due to impacts.

On the other hand, basketball players who have positions where more movement is involved prefer wearing low-top shoes. Such shoes provide more room for movement, which makes you quicker. Other than that, low-top shoes are airy, which keeps your feet dry during movements so that you can feel comfortable at all times.


What are high-top basketball shoes?

The high-top basketball shoes have higher ankle support that protects your ankles and upper feet from fractures, sprains, and muscle tears. Such shoes are perfect for the players who jump a lot for blocking the ball or doing the basket. The padding around the ankle support protects you from the impact when your feet touch the ground when you land after a jump.

What are low-top basketball shoes?

Unlike high-top basketball shoes, low-top shoes have little to no ankle support. These shoes are as good as high-top shoes. Most players who are involved in quick movement such as ball chasing, side to side movement, crossover, in and out dribble prefer low-top basketball shoes. These shoes allow for easy foot movement and provide no ankle support.

Which type is better for playing basketball?

As well all know that basketball games require a lot of movement and jumps. Therefore, a player must protect his feet health and prevent his feet and ankles from getting sprained. Some injuries might take a lot of time to heal; therefore, it is necessary to wear high top basketball shoes because health is above everything.

Are high-top basketball shoes comfortable to wear?

High-top basketball shoes might be a bit comfortable for some people because of the tight, thick padding around the ankle. Although high-top basketball shoes are very protective and prevent ankle injuries, they inhibit foot movement, which can be a bit uncomfortable for some people. However, high-top basketball shoes are essential in tournaments for the player’s protection.

Final Thoughts

You cannot argue whether high-top basketball shoes are better or low-top shoes. Both types are preferred by the players. High-top basketball shoes have ankle support that is padded most of the time. On the other hand, low-top shoes have little to no ankle support and do not offer ankle support.

High-top shoes inhibit your feet movement a little bit, whereas low-top basketball shoes allow for unrestricted movement. In the end, it depends on your personal preference and position in the court. The above section consists of a detailed comparison between the two types.

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