Does The Size Of A Basketball Affect Your Shot? Experts Opinion

Acing the right shot can be challenging to say the least. Many factors play an essential role in determining the accuracy of an image. For example, does The Size Of A Basketball Affect Your Shot? Yes! with unmatchable basketball, you never shot a goal.

While some may not be in your control, like height, velocity, and talent, a crucial factor is thankfully controllable. It is the size of a basketball!

Does The Size Of A Basketball Affect Your Shot

Does The Size Of A Basketball Affect Your Shot?

Choosing the right basketball size can significantly affect your shooting capabilities. In addition, the different basketball sizes are made for different body types. Hence, it is recommended to play with a basketball for your age group. 

If you are confused about which ball size will be right for you, keep on reading, as we will discuss all the different basketball sizes and their impact.

Is It Ok To Practice With A Size 6 Basketball?

A size 6 (or 28.5 inches) ball is typically made for teenage boys aged 12 to 14 and females aged 12 years and above. This is a smaller and lighter version of the basketball used by professional players

12 to 14 years old boys are recommended to play with this size to help them practice techniques and build muscle control without resulting in any injuries. 

It is much more convenient for their body size and easier to control. This is also the standard size for female professional players

This site was set to ensure decent shots and maintain female players’ overall health. 

However, boys aged 15 and above should not practice with a size 6 ball. They can shoot either too high or too low. However, they should play with the standard 7 size ball for boys aged 15 and above. 

Dribbling the 6 size basketball will also become hard as the ball size is small compared to their average hand size. For more details, click on best outdoor basketball.

Is It Harder To Shoot With A Flat Basketball?

Not necessarily. It all comes down to how soft you think the ball feels to the touch. Even if the ball is slightly flat, it can rebound in. However, it will not bounce well as it may throw you off when you shoot after dribbling. 

There are certain situations where shooting with a flat basketball can be in your favor. For example, if you want to play with an outdoor basketball on indoor courts, playing with a flat basketball will be easier to dribble and shoot. 

Does Hand Size Matter When Shooting A Basketball?

While many people argue that a hand size has a considerable effect on a shot, this is not entirely true. Instead, it is your grip strength that determines a good picture. That’s what matters when it comes to basketball.

Your grip over the ball and the strength of your fingers and wrist together curate the accuracy and control of your shots. The greater the grip strength, the greater the control. 

So it is better to engage in exercises that help you build grip strength if you want to excel at basketball shots. 

Is It Ok To Practice With A Size 5 Basketball?

Weighing in at around 17 oz with a circumference of 27.5 inches, the size “5′ basketball is the average size for ages 9 to 11. 

Also considered a’ Junior ball’, it is the perfect size for children who want to enhance and explore their techniques. Practicing it can help them ace the skills required to be a future stars. 

Nevertheless, it is not suitable for people over 11 to practice with this ball as the size is not compatible with their body type/size. Moreover, it can adversely affect their skills if they wish to pursue basketball professionally. 

Final Word

The size of a basketball can either make or break your professional skills, so you must know which size is right for you!

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know which basketball size to get for yourself! 


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