Does Kicking a Basketball Ruin It?

Basketballs are not made to endure strong kicks. If someone kicks a basketball repeatedly with great force, it may get ruined.In this article we will examine about does Kicking a Basketball Ruin It? so minus any additional let’s get everything rolling.

Does Kicking a Basketball Ruin It?

Does Kicking a Basketball Ruin It?

Kicking the ball can have unpleasant outcomes for the game. It can also disintegrate its shape, causing the ball to appear deflated on one side. This will affect the ball’s bounce when you play, and it will not bounce to very high levels.

In short, kicking a basketball can damage the ball and make it unsuitable for further use.

Is It Okay to Kick a Basketball?

In a basketball game, it is not permitted for any player to kick the ball or hit it with a fist. In a professional setting, kicking the ball would violate the rules. Thus, it is not okay to kick a basketball.

Is It Bad to Kick a Basketball?

Yes, it is bad to kick a basketball because you will be violating the game rules. Kicking will also damage the ball, as we mentioned above. 

Why Should You Not Kick a Basketball?

Kicking a basketball intentionally is against the rules of the game. If you kick the ball, it will put your team at a disadvantage in the basketball match.

Hard kicks can disrupt the shape of the ball and leave holes in it. Therefore, the basketball will lose its inner air and pressure. It will deflate, and you will have to discard the ball.

What Happens if You Kick the Ball in Basketball?

Professional basketball games have a “Kick Ball” rule. In the NBA Rule Book, Rule Number 10, Section IV (Strike the Ball), says:

  • A player should not kick the ball or strike it with a fist.
  • Kicking the ball with any part of your leg violates the rules when the act is done intentionally. If players intentionally strike the ball with their leg to move it or secure it, they break the rules. On the other hand, if any player accidentally strikes the ball with their leg or fist, it does not violate any rules, and the game can go on.

Hence, if you intentionally kick the ball during your basketball match, the referee will term it as a violation of the rules and grant the team a penalty. 

It is up to the referee to decide whether the ball strike was accidental or intentional. The referee’s decision will decide the next step for the continuation of the basketball game.

Is Kicking a Ball in Basketball a Technical Foul?

A technical foul in basketball refers to any act displayed by a player, coach, or the team which appears as unsporty conduct to the referee and the audience. It can include arguing with another player or arguing with the referee. 

However, physical contact with an opponent would not count as a technical foul.

So, does kicking a ball in basketball serve as a technical foul? Well, kicking the ball is a violation of the rules, not a foul. It will not add to the player’s fouls or the team’s foul count. Therefore, it will not count as a technical foul during the game.

What Is the Penalty for Kicking the Ball in Basketball?

If a player intentionally kicks the basketball, the referee counts it as violating the game rules. As a penalty, the player’s team will lose the ball.

The opponent team will get to throw the ball from the sidelines. The throw will be made from the nearest spot where the violation occurred. 

Can a Basketball Player Intentionally Kick the Ball Out Of Bounds?

No, intentionally kicking the ball out of bounds during a game to disrupt the flow of the opponent team or for any other reason is not permissible. If any player throws the ball out of bounds, the referee will pause the game. 

The basketball will be awarded to the opponent team for an out-of-bounds throw-in.

However, if the throw is accidental, this will not be counted as a violation.

Can You Throw the Ball to Yourself in a Basketball Match?

Players cannot pass the ball to themselves in a basketball match. According to the rules, the ball should touch the backboard, basket ring, or another player before a player can grab the ball again. If any player passes the ball to themselves, it will lead to a turnover.

Can You Grab the Basketball Out of Someone’s Hand?

You can grab the basketball out of a player’s hand, as long as you do it legally. For example, your hands should only touch the ball or the opponent’s fingers or palms while grabbing.

Hitting the opponent in any other body part will be considered a “reach-in” foul. You will be penalized with a personal foul point. 

Thus, do not make contact with the opponent while grabbing the ball out of their hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal to Kick the Ball in Basketball?

No, it is not legal to kick the ball in basketball. If you intentionally kick the ball or strike it with your fist during the match, you will receive a penalty for violating the game rules.

Can You Punch the Ball in Basketball?

As we mentioned above, striking the ball with your fist violates Rule Number 10, Section IV. A player cannot strike the ball intentionally with their hands during a game.

Can You Throw the Ball Over Someone in Basketball?

Yes, it is legal to throw the ball over a defender and pass it to your team member. 

You can resume dribbling the ball after throwing it over the opposing player if you get to the ball in time.

Can a Player Run Without Dribbling in Basketball?

A player cannot run without dribbling in basketball. A player has to dribble the ball as they move around the basketball court; otherwise, it will violate the rules.


Basketballs are not made for withstanding hard kicks and pressured punches. You will be ruining the quality of the ball with unnecessary force.

A basketball game has its book of rules and regulations, which are mandatory for the players to follow. Any violation of rules or a  foul would result in a penalty or removal of the player from the ongoing match.

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