Does Basketball Make You Taller: The Secret Behind the Scene 

You might have noticed that maximum basketball players are taller than ordinary people. Hence, an obvious question you may want to ask them desperately is whether basketball makes you taller or you all were taller from the beginning. 

Let me tell you here: There is no evidence of increasing height by playing basketball. Even though no physical activity will increase the height. An increase in size depends upon the nutrition an individual gains in childhood.

If you don’t know, no such evidence has been found yet that proves basketball or any such activity can increase your height. As the crown is a predetermined case, it mostly depends on genetics. Otherwise, some more factors affect your size but not basketball.  

Does Basketball Make You Taller

If you wish to be a part of basketball and are confused, does height matters in basketball or not, then this article will solve all the puzzles and help you know the exact truth behind the scene. 

Does Basketball Help You Grow

Does Basketball Help You Grow

If we talk about science, then after much research, no such document has been found that says basketball can increase the height or can put any effort to improve it.

Many health reactions can be seen due to basketball, like balance in blood pressure, decreased body fat, improved heart health, etc. But, unfortunately, these don’t affect height. So ultimately, you can assume that basketball has nothing to do with your size. 

Most average height people have a wish to be taller like a basketball player. So if you are among those average height people, you might have wanted to know or have already asked many people, like does basketball increases height or how you got your height. But I am sure you didn’t get any satisfactory answer.

Many people assume that these heavy activities, running and jumping, may help grow the bones and let your height grow faster, but the truth is different. After a particular time, it is almost impossible to change your size, especially when you are in your adulthood. 

But some significant changes in your height can occur if the proper nourishment happens during childhood and teenage. Especially the intake of nutritious food and adequate exercise will benefit you when puberty strikes. The fastest change in height is well noticed during the time. 

And basketball is among those activities that help release the growth hormone and make you taller. So during the puberty period playing regular basketball will affect your bones and muscles, which definitely will help you grow faster.

But that’s not all. Besides basketball, you will have to take care of your health with a healthy, nutritious diet plan and sound sleep. Only then the best result will be achieved. 

How to Get Taller for Basketball

If you wish to be a part of basketball, you need early preparation to start. Three things will help you here Like

 Intake of Proper Nutrition

It’s imperative to have a healthy diet chart during puberty as this is the only time when height determines its ultimate limit. 

How to Get Taller for Basketball

Regular Exercise

Heavy exercises cause good blood circulation and all muscle movement; therefore, the brain can emit the growth hormone, which helps get a few extra inches. 

Peaceful Sleep

Peaceful sound sleep is a significant factor during puberty as it helps to release the growth hormone, which changes your height. Also, get rid of all the bad habits like smoking and drinking. This might harm your size.

Why Are Basketball Players So Tall

If you have noticed, the basketball players are on average tall, up to 6 to 6.54 feet, which is enormous for an ordinary person. So obviously, the curiosity will peep like what the thing makes the players tall. 


In a statistic, it has been seen that the worlds’ 17% of 7 feet taller men are a part of basketball, and when they produce taller babies, they also join the team later on. This way, generation by generation takes place in basketball. 

This is called genetics which is hugely responsible in this case, and as the team mainly welcomes the taller ones to be a part, so taller people are seen in the scene. 

Healthy Diet Plan

A healthy diet can only serve a healthy body which is a significant factor in the case of basketball players. Therefore, determined players adjust their lifestyle according to a healthy routine from an early age where there will be a lot of nutritious food and drinks. These healthy foods serve all the body parts enough nutrition to grow healthy and taller.

Why Are Basketball Players So Tall

Daily Workout

All basketball players start a routine workout at the very beginning of their life. These heavy workouts help to have a fit body which impacts their growth. As a result, they get a good height.

Intake of Growth Supplements

Many have been heard to take synthetic growth hormone supplements to get the desired height though there is no such proof whether the supplement works or not. But one is here that the health can be at risk because the supplements have some side effects. 

Can Short People Play Basketball 

As most basketball players are tall, the curious mind won’t stop asking, can short people play basketball. If you don’t know, in the long history, there have been many quick people who were below six and have successfully built up a career in basketball and have succeeded. 

So all you can say besides height, quality also matters in this sector. If you have the potential to do better, you can easily make your position here. Otherwise, it won’t help you. But if you are taller with just a great height, then a little training will be needed. If you don’t have potential still, you will make it all. 

Basketball is all about throwing, dribbling, jumping & dunking. So an extra height can cause a significant benefit here. But a short man will have trouble playing here until they are experts. So, usually, the team tries to hire the tallest people. 

Final Thought

So, the answer to the famous question “Does basketball make you taller?” has no authentic proof, but if you want to get taller, you need to maintain a healthy diet plan and proper exercise. Fortunately, playing basketball and taking an interest in comparative proactive tasks offer a broad scope of advantages for well-being and athletic executions. I hope this article helps you to learn about the answer. Stay connected to learn more exciting stuff. 

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