How To Convert A Portable Basketball Hoop To In-Ground?

Portable basketball hoops are dangerous, especially if the ground is in a windy area. It can fall anywhere and can hurt you while playing. However, if you want to stay secure and play safely, you can convert a portable basketball hoop into an inground. So, how to convert a portable basketball hoop into an in-ground?

There are several ways to convert portable basketball hoops to inground. You just need some tools, ready to mix cement and concrete. The simplest way is to dig a hole in the ground and mount the pole into it. Later you should attach the hoop to the pole. 

How To Convert A Portable Basketball Hoop To In-Ground? A Step-By-Step Guide

Portable basketball hoops are great for making a good game happen any time at any place, but they are not as safe as advertised. So, the only way to make them safe is to convert them to in-ground hoops.

The easiest way to do this is to remove the base, embed the pole into the ground, and later cement the pole, following the rule of thumb. However, this is a lengthy process and takes over two days. There are more options to do this accurately.

Let’s jump to the three ways to mount the hoop into the ground by saving time and cutting costs.

  1. Mount Portable Blackboards On In-Ground Pole

The easiest way to convert a portable hoop without messing up is by mounting the portable blackboards on the ground pole.

  • Put the basketball hoop in the vertical position.
  • Dismantle the rim and backboard.
  • Lay down the pole.
  • Unscrew the upper part of the pole with a screwdriver.
  • There are no extension poles to turn portable hoops into in-ground systems. 
  • You can go with two options, either buy a rounded in-ground pole or use an old support pole with a mountain bracket.
  • Attach rim and backboard to the pole and mount it inground. 
  1. Cement The Pole

To convert a portable hoop into in-ground through this method, you will require the assistance of a person.

  • Mix ready-mix cement in water.
  • Dismantle the backboard and rim from the pole. Lay the loop down.
  • Dig a proper hole using a shovel. Use a rule of thumb to dig the ground, which means if your pole should be 5 meters above the ground, it must be 5 meters below the ground too.
  • Another option that you can use is to make a base to avoid digging, but it is a little messy and looks odd.
  • Insert the pole into the ground and fill it with cement and concrete.
  • Level the ground at the end. 
  1. Cut The Pole And Fix It On A Wall.

This method is a little bit complicated but saves space.

  • Lay the hoop on the ground.
  • Unscrew the backboard and rim
  • With measuring tape, measure the length of the wall where you want to fix the hoop.
  • Make a spot on the pole and cut it with a metal cutting saw, so the hoop stands on the wall.
  • Set the pole in a wooden or metal box and add ready-made concrete into it. Fix it on the wall.
  • Level the hoop and allow the cement to dry.
  • Screw the backboard and rim back to the pole.  

Why Convert Your Portable Hoop To An In-Ground Goal?

Portable hoops are great and purposeful, but they are not safe for a good basketball game. It can be frustrating if your portable hoop keeps falling and crashing during the game. So, to avoid that frustration, you should convert your portable hoop to an inground goal.

A portable hoop is prone to falling and can severely injure the players. Hence, having an in-ground goal is excellent for avoiding such mishaps. In-ground hoops are stable, safer, and give you a better practicing experience. They make you feel like you are playing a real game. Therefore, you should convert the portable to an inground to get the most out of the game. 

Can You Convert A Portable Basketball System To In-Ground?

Yes, a portable hoop system is convertible to an in-ground one. You can make use of many methods. However, the most suitable one is using them as an in-ground kit. The kit has a small metal frame to install on earth and a hoop attached to the structure. Conversion like this is easy and takes little time. Also, you can connect the rim and the backboard to the roof or on the wall to get a robust in-ground system.

However, regardless of what you choose, make sure you follow the proper steps to keep the players away from injury. Use high quality padding to anchor and secure the hoop accurately. Moreover, if you leave your kids with it, watch over them while playing. 

Related Questions

Hopefully, by now, you know all about portable basketball hoop conversion. Let’s answer some frequently asked questions. 

Can You Cement In A Portable Basketball Hoop?

Yes, you can add cement to the basketball hoop when you attach it with a pole after digging a hole to mount the pole in it. Cement provides extra stability and keeps the pole intact. Moreover, it makes the pole secure and ensures the safety of the players or kids playing near it. 

How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Portable Basketball Hoop To In-Ground?

Using a good quality kit like Probase, the entire method will cost around $150 to $160. Moreover, if you hook the basketball hoop to the wall or roof of the garage, the estimated cost would be $100 to $150. Nevertheless, more tools are required for this method. If you do not have tools, you may need to buy them or rent them from a nearby shop. This way, the process becomes expensive and takes longer than expected. 


To sum up, remember the following points before converting the portable basketball hoop to the in-ground goal:

  • Portable hoops are unsafe because they are prone to falling with the wind. 
  • You can mount the hoop to the wall or roof. Also, you can dig a hole for the pole and attach the hoop to the pole. 
  • Always use high quality materials while mounting to ensure safety.

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