Can You Use Indoor Basketballs Outside? Does it Effect Game

The weather outside sure seems nice, right! Do you want to shoot some hoops but only have an indoor basketball at hand and don’t know what to do? Do you have indoor basketball and want to know that you can use Indoor Basketballs Outside? Then you will get all the answers from here.

Can You Use Indoor Basketballs Outside

Can You Use Indoor Basketballs Outside?

If you’re in this situation, fret no more! All your queries about the right basketball will be answered here. It isn’t easy to decide which basketball to go for because they look primarily alike. 

So it gets tricky to buy the right one. 

But, when you know the materials, built, and functionality, things get easy. You can pick up the ball according to your usage. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Is It Bad To Use Indoor Basketballs Outside?

Well, yes! Indoor basketballs are manufactured for basketball courts. The main difference between the two courts is the material of the floor. 

Outdoor courts are made of cement or solid grain, usually over-layered by some tarmacadam or any polymeric rubber crumb. That requires a much stricter material for having good endurance, grip, and performance.

An indoor court has a solid floor made of wood and is usually polished maple. The polished maple requires a ball that has an immense grippy material because if not, the ball will most likely slip. 

The outdoor and indoor courts structure is the reason for different types of basketballs.

What Happens If You Use An Indoor Basketball Outside?

Outdoor basketball courts require a much smoother ball in terms of build. In addition, of course, the material needs to be sturdy and durable, but its grip should be relatively soft. 

The outdoor courts have polymeric rubber crumbs or tarmacadam, which already provide a firm grip on the ball. The texture of the outdoor courts is also quite rough and solid.

Indoor courts are constructed with polished maple wood in mind, so they can get damaged if used on the rough, grainy, and solid outdoor courts.

Can Composite Leather Basketballs Be Used Outside?

Basketballs created for outdoor courts are made up of composite rubber. Composite rubber consists of rubber scraps that have been repurposed and undergo processing. This kind of material is necessary for a basketball intended for outdoor use.

The material is also incredibly durable and can last a long time. The grainy and solid construction of the court doesn’t make them crack or reduce their functionality either. 

The structural integrity of the ball is made for the outdoor basketball courts, so they are perfect for such situations.

Can You Use Leather Basketball Outdoors?

Leather offers excellent grip and structure, and both are crucial factors for indoor basketball courts! In addition, hardwood polished maple floors are incredibly smooth and slippery. Therefore, the best choice for an indoor basketball court is a leather basketball. You can also visit the best outdoor basketball.

Leather basketballs are stitched and manufactured to look highly premium. They are stiff at the start, but they become softer when used a bit and offer the best experience.

On the contrary, they can be an abysmal choice for outdoor basketball court usage. The court for which the leather basketball was designed has opposite material specifications.

The leather basketball cannot withstand the sturdy, grainy floor, which leads to it breaking down and getting cracked. 

It offers too much grip so that the game won’t be as efficient either. Moreover, the ball will not be viable for another round after being used for outdoor games. 

Therefore, leather basketballs are not recommended for outdoor use.

Is Practicing Basketball Indoors Better Than Outdoors?

All professional basketball leagues are played indoors. Therefore, if you want to play professionally, practicing on an indoor basketball court is a good idea.

The basketball type used in both courts is immensely different from the courts themselves. Therefore, it is better to get accustomed to one style and focus on that. Outdoor basketball is a domain that is used mainly for recreational purposes.

Final Words

Choosing the right basketball depends on understanding what the basketball is made of and, more importantly, what the basketball court is made of. 

Leather basketballs are perfect for indoor use due to their feel, grip, and comfort. Composite rubber basketballs are the best when it comes to outdoor basketball courts. Professional players practice and play on indoor basketball courts with leather basketballs.

Outdoor basketball is majorly used as a recreational activity. Thus, indoor practice is the best way to build your expertise in this sport.

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