Can You Use An Outdoor Basketball Indoors? About Wilson Evolution

Is the outdoor weather not suitable for a game of basketball? Want to take it indoors?
If so, then chances are you must be wondering whether your outdoor basketball can be used indoors? Or perhaps you are not sure which basketball is used outdoors and indoors? After all, they look exactly alike!

Wilson Evolution Game Basketball

Buying the right basketball may seem tricky, but if you know your materials and their endurance, finding the perfect basketball that works outdoors or indoors (or both) will be easier than you think.

Can You Use An Outdoor Basketball Indoors?

So no matter what your dilemma is, we will try to tackle all your doubts regarding outdoor and indoor basketball in this article.

What Happens If You Use An Outdoor Basketball Indoors?

It would help if you had a ball that could smoothly bounce on the hardwood panels when playing indoors. It should also allow you to deliver quality shots without much hassle.

Outdoor basketballs are specially made to withstand rough outdoor environments. As a result, they focus more on durability and less on feel or grip. Because of this, we are using them indoors does not pose significant or immediate harm to the basketball itself.

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However, you may find it challenging to dribble or grip as outdoor basketballs are harder than indoor basketballs. You might even find yourself stubbing a finger or two while managing your outside ball indoors!

Overall you can use an outdoor basketball indoors, but you may find it challenging to play with.

How Do You Know If A Basketball Is For Indoors Or Outdoors?

To know if a basketball is made for indoor usage or outdoors, you need to feel and look at the exterior material.

For indoor usage, 100% authentic leather is used. They have a luxurious look and a smooth and sticky feel. However, they can also feel stiffer as leather basketballs are frequently too stiff.

Hence, they are ‘broken in’ or softened with continuous usage to acquire a good feel and grip. Because of the high-quality material used, indoor basketballs tend to be expensive.

On the other hand, outdoor basketballs are made from composite leather or rubber. Generally, they feel rougher and not sticky to the touch compared with leather, as durability is the priority when making them.

They will also usually have a better grip than the indoor balls.

However, consider that composite leather, prevalent on hybrid basketballs, also has a more sticky feel and is most akin to an actual leather indoor ball. So be aware of confusing them with each other.

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Lastly, rubber and composite leather are more affordable than their indoor counterparts, with rubber being the cheapest.

Can You Use An Evolution Ball Outside?

No, you can’t since an Evolution ball is an indoor basketball. It is specifically made to maneuver in indoor courts easily.

Playing with it outside will drastically reduce its lifespan as the hard concrete floors can rip its soft exterior easily. The outdoor environment demands tougher and more enduring balls.

Unfortunately, Evolution doesn’t fit this criterion very well.

Is The Wilson Evolution Good For Outdoor Use?

Wilson Evolution is composite leather with a sponge and butyl rubber core. While mixed leather balls are known to be fit for outdoor usage, it is recommended not to use the Wilson Evolution outdoors.

The Wilson Evolution is notably more supple than other indoor composite leather basketballs. Using it on more challenging outside surfaces will rip through its exceptionally soft coating and result in poorer performances outdoors.

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When playing outdoors, you need a ball with both functionality and durability combined. Wilson Evolution is a functionally excellent product; however, it is not sturdy enough to survive the harsher conditions outside.

Final Word

Having the right ball in the court leads to better performance and a greater life span for the ball.

Hopefully after reading this article you know which basketball to choose for outdoor and indoor playing. Have fun!

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