Can You Fit 2 Basketballs In A Rim At The Same Time?

If you want to fit two basketballs simultaneously into the rim, their total size should be smaller than the size of the perimeter of the rim, which is not possible given the standard size of basketballs. A basketball rim’s diameter is not large enough to fit two basketballs simultaneously.

Can You Fit 2 Basketballs In A Rim At The Same Time?

There may be higher chances of accomplishing this if the ball is not completely filled with air or pushing one ball through just before the other. 

Mainly, it depends on the size of the basketball you want to fit into the rim. There are different sizes of basketballs for men, women, and children. The standard rim size is 18 inches, and the rim perimeter is 56.5 inches. If the perimeter of two basketballs is smaller than the size of the rim, then it may be possible to fit two basketballs in it. 

How Many Balls Can You Fit In A Basketball Rim?

Approximately two and a half standard men’s basketballs can fit in a rim but can not go through it. Two basketballs can fit and go through the rim at the same time, but with a slight difference between the first and second ball. However, this is only possible if they have less air than regular basketballs have. 

Two standard women’s basketballs can fit into a basketball rim and pass through it if your shot is perfect. A standard WNBA basketball has a diameter of 9 inches, which is a half-inch less than an NBA basketball. The perimeter of 28.5 inches is one inch smaller than an NBA basketball. But the chances are low because it is precisely the same size as the rim. 

A children’s basketball has a perimeter of 27.5 inches, so two balls would be the size of 55 inches, which is one and a half inches smaller than the perimeter of the rim (56.5 inches). There is the possibility of fitting two basketballs into a basketball rim. Three basketballs can only sit on top of the rim but not go through it.

Can You Fit 2 Basketballs In Double Rim?

Double rims are the same size as single rims, but the single rim is larger than the double rim. It is more challenging to make a shot because it bounces more than the single rim. It is more difficult to put two balls into a double rim at once because of their stiffness. 

The double rim is made from hard material designed for outdoor games, and the single rim is mainly used indoors. It takes a precise shot to go through two basketballs in a double rim. It depends on the size and air in the balls to fit and pass through the double rim. 

Men’s two basketballs cannot fit into the double rim because their size would be larger than the diameter of the rim. Women’s two basketballs can fit and pass through the double rim because the size of two women’s basketballs is smaller than the circumference of the rim, which is 18 inches. Two and a half children’s basketballs can fit into a double rim.

Can 2 WNBA Basketballs Fit In A Rim?

Two WNBA standard basketballs can go through the rim but cannot pass through hoops. According to the National Basketball Association, the standard size of a basketball is a minimum of 9.43 inches and a maximum of 9.51 inches. The diameter for a women’s basketball is 9 inches. 

So by adding two diameters, the balls would be 18 inches, which is exactly the size of the rim. However, the perimeters of the two balls would be larger than the rim. The perimeter of the ball is 57 inches, and the rim is only 56.5 inches, so it might be a very tight squeeze if you try to fit two WNBA basketballs through the rim. 

Are Basketball Double Rims Smaller?

A double rim usually is thicker than a single rim. If you stacked two single rims on top of each other, they would be the size of a double rim. Basketball double rims usually appear smaller because they are higher in inches than 10 feet, and they are typically used outdoors, while the single rim is used to play indoors and is precisely placed at the height of 10 feet. 

What happens when you sit on a basketball

Double rims are more robust than single rims because they are used to play outdoors and withstand different temperatures, weather, and weights. If a basketball hits the rim first, it usually bounces up because of its stiffness. The chance of getting through the single rim is greater than the double rim because it is harder with the double rim. 

Double rims require a more precise shot than a single rim, making you better at a perfect shot. If you were to practice on a double rim, you would face more difficulties in training but be a great player. The double rim helps you learn smooth and perfect shots because it needs a more restrained drop and a more cautious ball settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Basketball Rims A Perfect Circle For One Basketball?

Basketball rims are about double the size of a basketball. The basketball can easily fit into the rim and go through it. Almost all rims are the same in size and material. The rim is made of carbon steel and is perfectly round in shape. It stands 10 feet off the ground. 

Its size is 18 inches round. The basket is 6 inches apart from the ring. Basketball rims are made for one ball at a time because the rule of the game is that the ball has to go through the rim. The ball can bounce off if it is not perfectly thrown. Therefore, the size, shape, and strength are important to consider when making the basketball rim.

Can You Fit 2 Basketballs In NBA Basketball Hoop?

No, you cannot fit 2 basketballs in an NBA basketball hoop. Because the standard size of an NBA basketball is 9.43 inches to 9.51 inches, the difference is less than an inch, and that is because of the air in the basketball. Even if it is at its smallest size (9.43), it will not fit into the hoop because the diameter of a basketball hoop is 18 inches in the round. 

By doubling the basketball size, it would go from 18.86 inches to 19.02 inches. The diameter of two basketballs is larger than the size of the hoop, so it is impossible to fit an NBA basketball into the hoop. The double rim is stronger than the single rim so that you can easily put the ball into the single rim hoop. Children’s two basketballs can fit in an NBA hoop because their size is smaller than men’s and women’s basketballs.

Can Children’s Basketballs Fit In A Rim?

The perimeter of a children’s basketball is 27.5 inches, which would be 55 inches if multiplied by two (one and a half inches smaller than the rim). If you want to fit two basketballs simultaneously, you can try the children’s basketball.


All the math and technical points above make it clear that it’s hard for 2 standard men’s basketballs to put in a rim simultaneously. Meanwhile, 2 standard women’s basketballs may sit together on the rim but go through it one by one. Although we know that basketball isn’t played with two balls, you can use this tactic to improve your skills. Increasing the arc beneath your shot will only increase your chances of success. We may be more confident in our shot now that we know the rim is nearly the size of two balls.

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