Can A Basketball Break A Window?

A basketball can break a window, but it depends entirely upon what kind of window it is. If it is a car window, it will likely break if the ball hits with strong force. The glass will also break if the basketball hits the windshield at the corner.

If we talk about house windows, they are not as strong as car windows, so they will surely shatter or crack. The chances of breaking a windshield or window pane also depend on the basketball. If the basketball is very rough or hard and it is thrown with full force, it is evident that the windows of a car or house will get damaged or cracked. They may also shatter into a million pieces and will be beyond repair. The only solution, in that case, will be to get a replacement.

Can A Basketball Break A Car Window?

A typical car windshield is made of two layers of glass that sandwich a piece of laminate between the glass panes. The laminate helps prevent damage caused due to object collision. The other parts of the car, like the rear window or sunroof, do not include laminate. Instead, they have tempered glass. When a bouncing basketball hits the rear window or sunroof, it can create cracks or completely shatter the window, especially if the ball is flying at high speed.

The damage inflicted by a basketball on a car window depends upon various factors, such as the speed and velocity of the ball. It also depends on the material with which the ball is made and the condition of the car windows.

A basketball that just bounced from the windshield may not crack it, but the impact can significantly affect the edges of the glass. If the windshield edges are loose, the possibility of damage and cracking increases. In rare circumstances, the whole windshield may fly off.

Can A Basketball Break A House Window?

Yes, a basketball can break a house window. Commonly, windows in a home are made of tempered glass, but they can also be made of laminated glass. Tempered glass breaks more quickly than laminated glass, but it is not used in residential construction due to the high price of laminated glass.

If the house windows are made of tempered glass, and the ball hits with a high speed, it is likely to shatter or break. But if the house windows are made of laminated glass, they may withstand a bouncing basketball thrown at high speed.

What Happens If You Break The Glass In Basketball?

A basketball backboard is a flat and vertical board with a mounted rim. This elevated glass board may even have a basket. The glass or board is used to return and assist the basketball player when a ball is shot. During the game, the glass backboard can break due to a regular throw or a dunk. Since there are many exciting moments in a basketball game, such as long shots, assists, and dunks, there is a good chance that the ball may hit the board accidentally. 

When a player breaks a glass backboard in basketball, the game stops. The broken backboard is replaced with a new one. The player gets a fine after the game, and he also gets a technical foul. However, the player is not kicked out for breaking the glass backboard. The defending team gets to have the ball instead.

What Balls Can Cause The Most Damage?

Many sports balls can damage windshields and side glass windows, from golf balls to baseballs. Windows in homes may also face breakage due to these balls.

Generally, baseballs and golf balls severely damage the windshield and house windows by passing right through them. Even if the house windows are laminated, just like a car windshield, baseball and golf balls can damage them completely. Soccer balls can easily break tempered glass windows into a million pieces. This glass is often used in houses and the side and rear windows of automobiles. Balls usually cannot break the car windshield with a laminate layer between the glass panes.

Similarly, a hard basketball can also break any tempered glass easily. Since a basketball is larger and heavier than most other balls, you can expect it to land severe blows.

A tennis ball may affect a tempered glass window if thrown with full force, but laminated windshields will not get damaged easily. A tennis ball has a rubbery core; when it hits a firm surface such as a laminated windshield, it bounces back and drops.

How To Protect Garage Windows From Basketball?

If you have a backyard basketball court or a basketball hoop in front of your garage, you will have to practice extra care in regards to protecting the windows of your garage. This means you have to be vigilant to protect the windows from being broken. You have many options to protect the windows in your garage from a basketball, such as:

  • You can install protective screens on your windows. These screens are designed to protect the glass windows from any damage caused by any ball.
  • The screens also come in the form of roll-down protective screens that you can move up and down how you like.
  • You can also use wooden shutters on the exterior side of your windows. They help protect the glass windows from flying balls.
  • Another option is to protect the glass windows with iron rods or grills that completely cover the window. These also have small openings through which the ball cannot pass.
  • Another pro tip is that if you have large trees near your backyard or garage, don’t trim them. They can prevent flying balls from breaking your garage windows or any other house window.

Related Questions 

Can A Basketball Break A Windshield?

Yes. A basketball could create cracks in the windshield if it comes flying at high speed and lands an impactful blow.

What Factors Determine The Possibility Of A Window Breaking From A Basketball Hit?

  • The type of window coating.
  • Distance between the thrower to the window.
  • The angle of the ball relative to the window.


Basketball is a fun game enjoyed by millions around the globe. But sometimes, it can get a little troubling when this hard ball hits the car windshield or the windows of a house. Generally, the degree of damage depends upon the type of ball, type of glass material, distance, and the speed of the ball.

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