Best Trampolines for Backyard and Home 2024 – Top rated

If you are tired of restricting the kids from gadgets and often fail to limit the screen time, then an indoor/outdoor fun activity can be a savior. The addiction to digital gadgets is stagnating the lifestyle of kids. The addition of the best trampolines playable in the yard can spark a new life into your kid’s daily routine.

best trampolines

Variations in trampolines target multiple audiences. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can select from ranges. Improving heart health, flexibility, and blood flow with trampoline jumping can improve your health. However, the selection is tricky as all claims to meet the excellence, but here are the nine best trampoline reviews that I found helpful when searching for a grand surprise for my lovely kids.

Top 9 Best Trampolines in the Market

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

1. Zupapa 15 14 12 10 8FT Trampoline

  • Light in Weight Frame
  • Ensures safety features
  • Self Locking

2. Springfree Trampoline | 8 10 11 13ft

3. Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline

  • easy to assemble
  • For families
  • Galvanized steel frame

4. Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Trampoline

  • Padded spring
  • Strong built
  • Alloy rim steel

5. Giantex 15Ft Trampoline

  • Premium Quality enclosure
  • Durable
  • Anti-slip mat

6. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet

7. ORCC Trampoline

  • Waterproof and UV exposure
  • Strong stitching
  • Rustproof brass frame
  • Waterproof
  • UV-resistant
  • Wide circumference

9-Merax 12FT & 14FT Trampoline

  • Easy to assemble
  • Bouncing mat
  • Basketball hoop

 1. Zupapa 15 14 12 10 8FT Trampoline – Top Rated Trampoline

The Zupapa 15 14 12 10 8FT Trampoline is the perfect way to get your daily dose of exercise. It has been safety-certified and features a heavy-duty frame that will endure for years.

Zupapa 15 14 12 10 8FT Trampoline

Our Rating 97/100

When it comes to security and quality, Zupapa trampolines are a clear choice. Its security certification and no-gap design ensure that your family will be safe while having a great time. The hot-dip galvanizing technology provides a heavy-duty rack that can support up to 425 pounds.

Moreover, this trampoline is a great way to get your kids energized and out in the fresh air. The poles are also padded with 10mm foam to protect your children from further injuries.

Zupapa trampolines are a cut above the rest. With a simple, self-locking frame structure that doesn’t use screws, this is more stable and sturdy than other brands. Plus, assembly is simpler and takes less time-saving you valuable minutes on those warm summer days.

You won’t find another brand like it on the market today. It’s not just an outstanding product but also a fantastic experience you can have every day of your life.

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Furthermore, Zupapa trampolines have more springs than other brands, bouncing higher and lasting longer. And their heavy-duty frame is made of thicker steel tubing that provides superior strength while still being lightweight enough to move around easily when needed. You will not find another label that delivers this level of quality at such a reasonable price point!


  • Light in Weight Frame
  • Ensures extensive safety features
  • Self Locking
  • 6 wind stakes make trampoline stable in Storm


  • A little bit less bouncy than others

Zupapa Trampolines are not only safe but also fun. Kids will love jumping on these trampolines all day long, and parents can rest easy knowing their kids are playing on a product designed specifically for their safety.

2. Springfree Trampoline | 8 10 11 13ft – Best Backyard Trampoline

The Springfree Trampoline is a unique design that provides a safer and more fun exercise than a traditional trampoline. The feature that I liked the most about it, the patented enclosure system, keeps kids from falling off the trampoline, giving parents peace of mind while their children jump.

Springfree Trampoline 8 10 11 13ft

Our Rating 95/100

The flexible composite rods are designed to keep feet safe from being pinched or trapped, making them ideal for all ages and skill levels. So, whether you’re interested in getting an effective workout or want a fun way to play outdoors with the kids, Springfree is the perfect choice for the best trampoline.

Moreover, this trampoline is Made of durable, weather-resistant material with a powder-coated finish. UV inhibitors prevent fading in sunlight. In addition, it folds up for easy storage when not in use. Assembly was required but only took about 20 minutes.

We all know that kids will want a trampoline for their birthday or Christmas. But you don’t want them jumping on an old rusted-out piece of junk from Craigslist, do you?

Springfree Trampolines are safer and more durable than other brands of backyard trampolines because they have no springs. When your child jumps on this patented steel-frame system, they will bounce up and down without ever touching the ground.

The result is zero injuries due to falling on the edge of the mat or being hit by another kid’s foot while bouncing around. This means less crying when someone gets hurt and fewer trips to urgent care. It also means your kids won’t get bored using just one part of their body while they’re jumping. They’ll use every muscle in their body and get a great workout, too.


  • Basketball hoop
  • Ensures extensive safety features
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Self Locking and Screw Free Structure


  • Installation needs expert handling

Trampolines are a fun way to get exercise and play simultaneously. Unfortunately, they’re dangerous because of the safety concerns with springs and frame materials. Springfree trampoline solves these problems using a patented bungee cord system instead of springs or metal frame parts. It makes jumping safer than ever before. You can even fold up this trampoline, so it doesn’t take up space when not in use.

3. Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline – Best For Families

Kids love to play outside, but it can be hard for parents to watch them. The best way for kids to have fun is with an Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline. This trampoline is made of the best quality materials, guaranteed to be firm enough to take 500 lbs.

Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline

Our Rating 94/100

Unlike most other models on the market, this trampoline comes with a safety pad that provides peace of mind for parents. Plus, the cushioned mat design eliminates discomfort from falling onto hard ground or pavement, which can sometimes come about when playing outside in colder weather conditions where underfoot’s less cushioning.

This trampoline is a great way to get your daily dose of exercise without leaving the comfort of your backyard. This rust and corrosion-resistant trampoline are built with a heavy-duty steel frame. Moreover, it has a kid-friendly frame so children won’t stress their arm muscles because it requires less bounce to get airborne. The one installed at my child’s school can entertain more than ten kids at a time.

Furthermore, it has a galvanized steel frame, ensuring that it will last for years, and the polypropylene jumping mat ensures a smooth bounce. With pole foam sleeves and caps, as well as a safety enclosure net and poles, you can be sure that your little ones are safe while they’re bouncing around. The legs and pads provide extra protection, making this trampoline perfect for families.


  • Premium quality built and weather-resistant material
  • Certified to meet the safety measures
  • Durable and easy to assemble
  • Premium quality safety enclosure net to bear heavyweight


  • The stitching loosens at the corners compared to the round trampoline.

This Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline is perfect for anyone who wants a quality, safe trampoline. The rust and corrosion-resistant materials make this trampoline durable and long-lasting, while the ASTM Standardized solid steel frame ensures safety. Assembly is easy with the included instructions manual to be bouncing in no time.

4. Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Trampoline – Best Expensive High End & Sturdy

Do you have a backyard? If so, you ought to get yourself a Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Rectangle Trampoline. It’s the flawless way to spend your summertime in a delightful activity. You can hop and play with your buddies all day long. This trampoline is amazing for kids of all ages, even adults.

Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Rectangle Trampoline

Our Rating 97/100

It has two different springs (80-7″ & 4-5.5″) that are 25mm each, which means it will last longer than other trampolines on the market today. The enclosure net and poles are made of soft, safe materials that won’t damage easily if someone falls into them or lands on them by accident. And best of all, this trampoline comes with a hook-and-loop breakaway rim that prevents distortion to the enclosure net and poles when someone does happen to fall off their jumping mat onto one of these areas.

This amazing trampoline offers safety features like a hook and loop breakaway rim to minimize damage to the enclosure net and poles while offering ample bouncing space that is perfect even for older children or adults looking to get some exercise with their family members through fun gameplay like dodgeball.

As the parent of young children, you know that holding them safe is your utmost priority. That’s why you’ll love the Skywalker Trampolines 14-foot Rectangle Trampoline. This trampoline features a patented enclosure system that eliminates gaps between the net and jumping surface, so you can rest assured that your little one is safe. At the same time, they play and also reduce the risk of injury.


  • Strong built and structure minimizing the injury risk
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Padded spring with superior strengths
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor setups


  • The packaging is a bit compromised

You won’t find another trampoline like this one on the market today. With its safety features, large jumping area, and durable construction, this is truly the best choice for your family’s backyard entertainment needs.

5. Giantex 15Ft Trampoline – Awesome With Full Size

Giantex has the best quality trampolines on the market. They are made with premium materials and have an excellent design that will make them last for years to come. You can trust Gaintex to provide you with a safe, fun, and durable product.

Giantex 8FT 10Ft 12Ft 14Ft 15Ft 16Ft

Our Rating 93/100

These Trampolines are built to last so you can enjoy them for many years without worrying about safety issues or durability problems. We know how important your family’s safety is, which is why Gaintex only uses high-quality materials in our construction process.

The safety netting is an integral part of the trampoline enclosure. It prevents children from falling off and injuring themselves and protects them from outside objects like trees or branches that might otherwise fall on top of them.

However, many families have found it difficult to find a quality set of safety netting for their trampolines because they are often flimsy and poorly made, with gaps between the mat and the steel tubes. This could lead to serious injuries if a child were to jump into one of these holes while playing on the trampoline.

Giantex has solved this problem by designing its line of high-quality safety enclosures for your family’s home trampoline. These nets are designed specifically for each model, so there are no gaps between the mat and steel tubes, giving you peace of mind knowing that your children will be safe when using their new toy.


  • Support frame with reliable balance and anti-slip
  • Large weight-bearing capacity
  • Premium Quality enclosure net with zipper
  • Durable, enhanced, and durable springs
  • A wholesome package with a ladder


  • Installation instructions are a bit unclear.

Giantex Trampoline is the perfect solution for a family backyard. It’s easy to assemble and comes with four sturdy legs that support the whole weight of the trampoline. You can load up to 16 pounds too. This trampoline will give you great memories that won’t be forgotten soon. You can use this trampoline anywhere in the world, whether it’s at home or on vacation.

6. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet – Most Durable on the Market

The sky’s the limit with Skywalker Trampolines. This 15-footer is perfect for some serious family fun. Jump on, and see how high you can go! With a slam dunk basketball hoop, you can show off your skills while getting your blood pumping and muscles moving. With a safe, soft design and a hook and loop breakaway rim, this trampoline is perfect for hours of fun.

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet

Our Rating 93/100

This bad boy can hold up to 4 times the weight of an average user, meaning even your biggest friends can join in on the fun. With a rust-resistant steel frame and enclosure system featuring upright foam padded poles, this trampoline is safe and sturdy enough for everyone. The polyethylene threaded net has a double zipper and latches hook for extra protection, so you can bounce to your heart’s content without worrying about falling off.

Skywalker Trampolines are the safest and most durable on the market. They’re made with a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame, rust-resistant springs, and an enclosure system that will keep your kids safe while they jump. Plus, it comes in different colors, so you can pick one to match your backyard.

If you want a high-quality trampoline that’s built from top-quality materials but still has all the features you need for hours of jumping action, then Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet is a perfect choice. This model comes with soft padding around the edge, so falling won’t hurt as much if you happen to slip off during playtime (which will be hard not to).



  • A little bit less bouncy than others

You can trust that your kids will be safe on this trampoline because it has been tested four times more than what is required by ASTM standards. Moreover, it includes an enclosure system so your little ones won’t fall off while jumping up and down. It also comes with padded poles to keep everything stable while they play. This is one investment that you won’t regret making.

7. ORCC Trampoline – Available in Various Sizes Including Medium

My worst nightmare as a kid was falling through the trampoline. The phobia kept me reluctant to play, and I spent my childhood watching popping kids in the trampoline’s net. Fortunately, I found ORCC with high-enclosure netting and padded pole-sleeves of variable sizes. The top-rated safest backyard trampoline is good enough for adults and children. Setting in my backyard, I enjoy quality time with my kids.

ORCC Trampoline

Our Rating 91/100

Another reason I felt safe was the reliable bouncing sheet to carry enough weight. Usually, the jumping mats with considerable weighting capacity have a low bounce. However, the ORCC jumping mats have reliable weight capacity and waterproofing, fade-resistant, and UV resistance. In addition, the heavy-duty stitching also prevents mishaps.

Premium quality built elements such as galvanized and PE-PVC foam padded
Springs do not lose elasticity with time. Further, “W” shaped frame stands provide enough grip and withstand the rust and moist environment. The package contains an anti-skid ladder, U-shaped wind skates, rain cover, and hooks for quick assembly.

The galvanized frame is made with modern technology keeping the orientation and strong grip. For ORCC, safety is essential and overshadowing features of the best trampoline for kids and adults. I found the model perfect for family, and you can also surprise your family and loved ones with such an amazing bouncing and reliable trampoline.


  • Waterproof and UV exposure resistant mat
  • Strong stitching to carry significant weight
  • Stable and rustproof brass frame with an adhering shape
  • High netting with secure poles suitable for adults and over heightened


  • Do not have vibrant colors.

The trampoline is a family-time play-zone. The weight capacity and reliable heavy-duty stitching are a few exceptional features for multiple persons at a time. Frame with a stable design and strong traction makes it the safest trampoline.

8- Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline – Available Up to 16 FT for Home

If you are looking for a trampoline for the school play area, then the Excame is a full-size and perfect option that accommodates a maximum number of bouncers at a time. The heavy-duty frame and strong net also increase the jumping room for kids. While bouncing over the mat, the collisions with the netted walls and steel frames can cause damage. But the safest trampoline with a strong net can withhold the weight also support the collisions.

Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline

Our Rating 93/100

The Examine trampoline in the play area of my child’s kindergarten school is the most favorite activity of my kids. Bouncing is good for gaining confidence and improves stability and control—usually, the school play area witnesses several kids’ heights. Examine nets are long enough to support the taller kids. Moreover, the high-density PE netting and durable mat ensure the child’s security.

Another important feature of the trampoline that I noticed was the waterproof mat. Hence, you don’t have to pack it during other weather changes. The UV protection and waterproofing of the mat let you enjoy all sorts of weather without the guilt of damaging the trampoline. The waterproofing prevents the sogging damage and ensures the colors do not fade due to water and sunlight exposures.

Usually, the setup is permanent in schools and needs not to pack, but during summer vacations and school play area renovations, one needs to pack the space-consuming play setup. Fortunately, the model is easy to set and can withstand assembling with ease.


  • Waterproof and UV-proofing
  • High nets with dense PE-netting
  • Durable and secure fitting
  • Smooth bounce
  • Wide circumference


  • Accommodative yet not recommended for elderly people

The trampoline is the most durable on the market. The package with a small ladder, spring covers, and other additional accessories is good for first-time installers. Security is a feature that attracted me to write an honest review. A strong jumping mat held with galvanized springs and a double-quick clamp makes the bouncing journey memorable and secure.

9-Merax 12FT & 14FT Trampoline – Cheap But Good 

The Merax is not a simple trampoline but an awesome recreational trampoline designed for kids and adults. Usually, kids love to bounce on the trampolines because it utilizes their energy. Instead of handing over the digital gadgets and play stations, the trampoline is a healthy and progressive free time activity.

Merax 12FT & 14FT Trampoline

Our Rating 90/100

Although it is the best expensive trampoline, the additional basketball hoop justifies its worth. The wide space for bouncing kids and the jumping enclosure with the safety net are exceptional features. The zipper on the net enclosure eases the in-out movements.

The tightly woven trampoline mat and attached Springs can withstand the extreme vibrations. 72 galvanized springs also add to the mat’s lifespan and remain rustproof to add durability to the frame. Usually, kids with tiny hands and feet get stuck in spring-mat gaps. However, the Meraz trampoline has durable green PVC padding over the frame to fill the gaps.

Moreover, a sturdy frame and a mini ladder in the package with a basketball net enhance the fun time for the children. Further, the interior is enough to accommodate the kids with maximum safety and fun. The trampoline is ideal for indoor and outdoor settlement.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Basketball hoop
  • Durable and water/rust/dust proofing
  • Stable frame with galvanized and padded springs
  • Strong and responsive bouncing mat


  • Huge size not suitable for small lawns and backyards

Trampoline with basketball hoops boosts the fun with gaming zeal. If you are a sports enthusiast, the combination is a great choice. However, the price is a bit higher than others, but the addition of a play makes it worth the price.

Things You Must Know Before Buying A Safest Trampoline

After an in-depth analysis of each product of the best trampolines Brands for families and surveying the owner’s choices, I find certain factors are essential for selecting a reliable and secure trampoline. Usually, items that target minors need to be certified and pass a few protective measures.

So, if you are planning to install a trampoline in your yard, you must consider the following factors in the model you fancy.

Mat Quality and Response

Usually, the trampoline mats are stiff to withhold the heavyweight. However, for bouncing response, elasticity is quite essential. Non-elastic mats tend to tear at the attached springs. Therefore heavily woven material of the mat surface enhances the durability.

Safety and Security

The kids are the target users of the trampoline. Therefore, hazard coverage is an essential factor when selecting a trampoline. The trampoline encapsulates children of different ages; therefore, the chances of uncertain conditions are quite high. Therefore, to avoid any mishap and injury, one must find a model that focuses on security and safety. Padded support rods, covered springs, and a sturdy shape with an appropriate balancing frame keep the trampoline erected.

Ease of Assembly

The trampoline is suitable for both indoor and outdoors setups. However, the playable takes a significant space in the yard and garden. Moreover, it is no more a drawback if you do not have magnificent backyards or lawns.

Instead, the ease of assembly and disassembly adds value to the trampoline. Every time you cannot call the mechanical support to adjust the trampoline. Rather an easy-assembly and low Maintainance add to the user’s comforts.

Frame Material and Style

The frame is a critical element, and the whole system transfers the impact of vibration. The simultaneous compression and elongation of the spring with fluctuating forces creates a resonance in the frame. The synching of the waves can reinforce the resonance and may eventually fall. Therefore the model with a reliable and sturdy base frame impacts the user’s choice.

Combo Packages

Suppose you are looking for all accessories and essentialities of the trampoline. You can find combos with versatile elements. The basketball hoop or the rain protection cover with a small yet strong ladder makes the combo good enough for kids.

Net Cover

The surrounding net has to support the whole body weight without losing elasticity. The net covers are basically for the kids and also adults. Usually, jumping often disturbs the controls, and you may fall on the ground, but the trampoline saves you and your kid from falling on the ground.


Playable is not small in size. The frames, net, and ladder take significant space in your yard. Moreover, there are many trampolines available with various size options. So, choose the one that does not overcrowd your space. Instead, select the one that meets the requirement of available space.

6 types of trampolines

For easing your selection procedure, I can provide you with distinctive and reliable categories of a trampoline. The most obvious categories regarding the shape, size, installation and springs are below;

1. Round Trampolines

The models mentioned above are all round-shaped trampolines. The round shape is quite accommodative, and the circular shape is also much safer than square or hexagonal. The round-shaped trampoline can help you bounce with convenience even if you have multiple attendees compared to other shapes.

2. Competitive Trampolines

The trampoline is not only for kids. Experts and professionals install competitive trampolines for exercising and burning calories. Gymnasts, athletes, and other physiotherapists recommend practicing in the trampoline for professional touches.

3. Mini Trampolines

The mini trampoline workouts are trending due to effortless calorie burning and muscle toning. The gyms and exercise clubs install mini trampolines that add fun factors while burning excessive calories.

4. Inflatable Trampoline

The inflatable trampoline is highly portable. Regardless of the resting surface, the luxury trampoline can be installed at any place. All you need is a pumping system to inflate the trampoline and enjoy the fun time.

5. Caged Trampolines

The trampolines with security nets are perfect for children. The jumpers are safe, and parental supervision can let the kids enjoy the group play. Usually, trampolines have a mesh that keeps your kids safe from losing balance and falling.

6. SpringLess trampolines

Spring attached trampolines are quite unsafe for kids without supervision. However. The springs enhance the bounce, but the springless trampolines are responsive and safe to carry young. The springs often injured the soles and toes. However, the springless trampolines are a bit expensive.

Trampoline Maintaining Tips

Trampolines are not cheap toys. However, the assembly disassembly makes them vulnerable to wear and tear. The extensive activity over the trampoline also causes the springs’ loss and frame deformation.

Therefore before you bring an expensive setup to your place, be sure to know how to maintain the trampoline. Below are a few tips that might help you retain the trampoline in a good position.

  • During winter, the steel frame and the mat often change their shape and texture. Therefore before allowing kids make sure all parts are fully intact.
  • You can wash the trampoline more often if you have a waterproof mat and rust-free steel frame. It will remove the stains and potential infections.
  • Do not abandon the frame and mat in the open area for a long period. Instead of the trampoline not being used, disassemble and save each part carefully.
  • Weather Cover sheets can prevent damage and elongates the lifespan of the trampoline.
  • Trampoline bouncing is a fun activity, but if you are suffering from ortho issues or any other problem then avoid it simply.
  • The surrounded area should be potentially safe.
  • Prohibit anyone under the trampoline while others are bouncing in the netted zone.
  • Do not wear shoes or socks on the trampoline.
  • Safety padding of the frame can prevent severe damage.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Type of trampoline is best for the home?

I recommend spring free trampoline for indoor setups. If you can afford a bit pricey model, Springfree and mini-trampoline are safe and durable indoors. Netted trampolines are also safe and recommended for little attendees. Reliable safety and ease of installation determine the suitable one for your home.

2- What is the potential risk of injuries with unsupervised trampoline use?

The poor-quality trampoline or nonprofessional installation may make you prone to several injuries. Often people are against the trampoline due to the severeness of following injuries.

  • Sprains
  • Ankle injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Neck injury
  • Fractures and stains
  • Nerve damage

Is there any recommended age limit for kids to play on a trampoline?

American College of Orthopaedic recommends above 6 years of kids. Before the age of five, the bones and joints are not strong enough to hold impact and may have permanent distortion. Moreover, children above 6 and below 12 years should not be left alone on the trampoline. Adult supervision is essential to prevent mishaps.

How many calories can I burn in an hour on a trampoline?

Almost 1000 cal/hour you can burn in a trampoline. Gyms are setting versatile trampolines to add a fun way of burning calories. The trampoline-designed workouts burn significant calories and help lose weight by shaping the muscles. According to experts, a 10-minute trampoline jump can burn the same calories as a 30-minute treadmill walk. However, the trampoline saves you from electricity costs.

Final Verdict

The trampoline selection is an utmost factor to avoid mishap and adds a fun playable in your yard. The restriction on COVID causes people to stay at home and miss fun activities with friends. However, High-end, Coolest affordable trampoline installation will let you enjoy fun moments with friends and kids.

Above, you have been jumping through a brand into another brand of trampolines. But according to a senior orthopedic physician and an expert physical trainer helped me choose the right one. Here are three picks that I like the most;

  • ORCC Trampoline ( best Affordable with safety certification)
  • Giantex ( high quality and variable sizes)
  • Merax ( basketball hoop and durable )

Although the trampolines mentioned above are the best trampolines available on Amazon, the preference depends upon your liking and disliking. I prefer round trampolines due to safety purposes.

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