Best Kobe Basketball Shoes in 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Being a professional basketball player, I can say that shoes play an essential role in your performance and your final achievements. The more comfortable and compatible they are with your movements, the better your performance will be. If you are a professional player, you must be aware of the Kobe shoes, famous and popular because they belong to Kobe Bryant, a renowned basketball player. Today you’ll get the signature and best Kobe basketball shoes.

To make your search easy, I wanted to conclude the five best Kobe shoes here in this article so you would be able to select the most appropriate and suitable one relevant to your performance.

I do have many basketball shoes, but my favorite ones are from Kobe’s list. They not only make you comfortable throughout your game but also help you enhance your game by providing you with the most relaxing environment. Most basketball players choose their shoes with exhaustive research and proper concentration.

This step has already been taken for you from my side, and now I have focused on the best available Kobe shoes and their relevant buying guide to make you learn what to look for while purchasing the shoes.

5 Best Kobe Basketball Shoes

Summarising the five best Kobe basketball shoes available with all the features that enhance your comfortability level during your game.

1. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoes – Best Kobe Shoes

Nike Men's Kobe

Shoes weighing 2.03 pounds give you a feeling that you are not wearing anything on your feet. And if you feel light on your foot, you would excel in your performance, specifically if you are playing any game that involves the movement of your feet. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoes are said to be the best Kobe shoes for basketball players because of the features they contain.

The shoes are known for providing the user with perfect control and traction on the ground’s surface. This control allows the user to stay stable and secure on the ground. Which ultimately increases the performance of the overall game. Furthermore, the external TPU shank, which is used in the construction of these shoes, not only enhances the stability of the shoes on the ground but also provides it with flexibility in the movements on the ground.

These located on your shoe’s outer side give your shoes the properties of being resistant to abrasion. Furthermore, you will get various color options in these Kobe shoes, and in each colour, you will get a straightforward and pleasing look. Zoom Air Cushioning is another characteristic present in these shoes, making them perfect for basketball playing because of their comfort.

This technology is responsible for providing an energetic and responsive run while playing basketball. The perfect rebound which this technology gives the player results in outstanding and continuous play without making you tired. Moreover, these shoes will not make you tired in any way, no matter how long you run and play. They can reliably be used for both professional play and practice play. It also comes at an affordable price.

Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoes are perfect for both practice play and professional play. The shoes are highly comfortable and responsive, which provides the player with solid energy throughout playing. Furthermore, they also offer the user great control and traction on the ground surface that ultimately increasing the overall performance.

  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Highly responsive
  • Offers great control
  • Fitting issues

2. Nike Kobe IX High KRM EXT QS – Best Kobe Basketball Shoes

Nike Kobe IX High

Nike Kobe IX High KRM EXT QS is pretty heavier and high-top in construction but still ideal for those who are looking for high-top comfortable shoes to support their basketball play. They contain outstanding features that provide you with stability and strength and the comfort level you want during your game. Moreover, the shoes are unique in the cushioning and softness it gives to the user because of Lunarlon Cushioning technology.

This Lunarlon Cushioning is responsible for giving you a perfect feel of easiness and peace even if you play for longer hours. Moreover, this product also contains the latest technology, which is called Dynamic Flywire. This technology is responsible for providing you with a perfect fit and size because it gives your shoes a high level of flexibility that makes your boots automatically adjust as you make any movement.

In this way, your movement will not be restricted in any step you take, and you can move quickly, which ultimately makes you feel free throughout the play. Moreover, the outsole construction provides the user with maximum strength and control on the ground’s surface. This control ultimately increases the confidence, which results in enhanced performance and top movements of the player.

Nike Kobe IX High

Nike Kobe IX High KRM EXT QS is a perfect pair of shoes with excellent flexibility and features. The shoes contain the latest technologies such as Lunarlon Cushioning and Dynamic Flywire that ensure your feet remain in a highly comfortable, soft, and accessible position. Moreover, this Dynamic Flywire Technology adjusts these shoes in a perfect fit in every movement of your foot.

  • Flexible
  • Adjustable according to movement
  • Advance cushioning
  • Not durable

3. Nike Kobe 1 Proto Mens Hi Top Basketball Trainers Aq2728 Sneakers Shoes – Most Popular Kobe Shoes

Nike Kobe 1 Proto Mens

As these shoes are designed in a high-top style, so they are ideal for those who are fond of playing basketball in their high-top shoes. They are not similar to the other shoes on the list and contain unique and more advanced features. Ample cushioning is used, which provides the player with a softer and cushioned environment. And with the availability of such foam construction, the shoes ultimately increase their stability and strength to make the user feel more secure.

The comfortability this shoe offer is no match to any other on the list. The more comfortable you are while playing basketball, the more enhanced your overall performance will be. Further, these shoes are renowned for cushioning and the extreme comfort level they provide. Then we have the construction of these shoes, which is done while using the full-grain leather material.

This full-grain leather material helps you in taking each step with more confidence and peace than before. Further, the outsole is composed of a rubber component that adds to the stability and controls it provides to your feet. The traction this rubber outsole provides to the feet enhances the strength of the shoes, making them more protective for your quick and sudden movements.

Nike Kobe 1 Proto Men’s Hi Top Basketball Trainers Aq2728 Sneakers Shoes are designed for those players who prefer to wear high-top models while playing basketball. These shoes contain rubber outsoles for maximum traction and control on the ground’s surface. Moreover, they are incredibly comfortable and soft in feel, which adds to the overall performance of your game.

  • Rubber outsole
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Provides stability
  • Heavier

4. Nike Kobe 8 System Elite – Best Kobe Shoes To Play In

Nike Kobe 8 System

The feature which these shoes contain works best for basketball playing. The composition and construction are done in a way that ultimately supports the movements in basketball games. Nike Kobe 8 System Elites are constructed with the use of mesh material which ensures high durability and keeps your shoes breathable to make you feel easy and relaxed. It will keep your feet dry and warm and will not allow them to sweat.

The shoes are renowned for their construction which is highly durable and long-lasting. They are made so that they can be used for both professional and practice purposes for longer times, and their performance will not be affected at all. Moreover, they are very light in weight which makes them easy to wear. Due to the presence of these properties, the shoes have become popular in the field of basketball games.

Furthermore, they also provide the user with solid traction while moving onto the ground’s surface. This control is essential for the basketball player as he has to make sudden movements that could be difficult if you are not accessible in your shoes. Lunarlon Cushioning midsole provides a perfectly comfortable zone around your feet to give you suitable actions for basketball.

Nike Kobe 8 System

Nike Kobe 8 System Elites contain a robust traction system that helps you in long-lasting Standing and movements on the ground without affecting your performance. Moreover, the product is also very durable for professional and practice play for longer times. Further, the material used in the manufacturing of the shoe is such material that makes it durable and supports the overall performance of the play.

  • Strong traction
  • Durable construction
  • Mesh material
  • Bad quality

5. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Fury Basketball Shoes – Best Kobes Of All Time

Nike Men's Kobe Mamba

If you want something light on your feet throughout the gameplay, then you can select Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Fury Basketball Shoes without any second thought. This product contains all of the necessary features which work directly for the better performance of the player. These characteristics include Zoom Air Cushioning and rubber outsole.

All of these features and combined work in coordination to give a more productive performance. These shoes are renowned for their strength in construction which makes them durable and robust enough to withstand any conditions on the ground.

These are the most robust shoes on the list that can withstand rough and challenging ground conditions. While being light in weight and robust in construction, these shoes live a long way. Moreover, the product consists of extended rubber on the sides, making it more comfortable to wear and fit. This comfortability is necessary for every player to make his performance perfect.

Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Fury Basketball Shoes are renowned for being lightweight and easy to wear. These shoes consist of cushioned insoles which makes them more comfortable to use even for long hours. Furthermore, the durable construction makes it long-lasting and reliable to use for longer times.

  • Cushioned insole
  • Easy to wear
  • Durable
  • Noisy

Buying Guide

Following are the characteristics which should be kept in mind before purchasing the best Kobe basketball shoes. These are essential factors to look for before finalizing your shoes to get the best performance.

Best Kobe Basketball Shoes
Infographic: Best Kobe Basketball Shoes Buying Guide


Comfortability is an essential factor to look for while purchasing your shoes for basketball playing. The more comfortable your shoes will be, the more favorable your performance will be. Soft and padded shoes add to the relaxation of your movements which ultimately enhance your performance. Moreover, different types of shoes come with varying zones of comfort. Make sure to look for and select the one which consists of foam or padded insoles to enhance softness around your feet.


Stability enhances the control of your shoes on the ground. While playing basketball, you come across various movements and actions which are not planned and are unconscious and sudden. To enhance and make those actions easy and quick, you need to have shoes that should be stable on the ground. Furthermore, the stability of the shoes predicts how long you can play. If you want your game to be long-lasting and continuous, then you should select shoes that should have stability features in them.


The shoes you are selecting for your basketball-playing game should have strong traction on the ground. This is important for you because this aspect is related to your safety and security. While playing, you should not compromise on your safety. Go with the selection of shoes that contain traction in their outsole to make sure you can quickly make abrupt movements without complications. This can be made possible if you have shoes that include traction and control in their outsole on the ground surface.

Weight and Flexibility

Always look for shoes that should be light in weight and should not be heavy. This is because lightweight shoes are easy to carry, and while wearing lightweight shoes, you can quickly move around within seconds. Since lightweight shoes make you light on your feet, it means that you can play effortlessly for long hours. Furthermore, lightweight shoes are very flexible, so they add to the performance of your game. With light and flexible shoes, you can play for long hours without getting tired or stressed out.

Design and Look

Although the design and look of the shoes are not very important, still they are essential to pay attention to while purchasing. This is because the design makes your game attractive and your kicks more appealing. Basketball is a game that develops your followers and fans. And your followers and fans not only focus on your game, but they also look at and prefer your overall personality to admire you. The looks and design of the shoes depict the essence of the player. That’s why these features are important factors to look at.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Kobe shoes comfortable?

Yes, Kobe Shoes are famous because of the comfort they provide to the player, their uniqueness in looks, and the responsiveness they give after every step. They make you feel excellent and accessible as soon as you wear them. Furthermore, Kobe shoes belong to one of the most popular and highly reliable brands of shoes in the world.

Will Kobe shoes go up in value?

Yes, Kobe is a precious asset and will increase in value with time. This is because these shoes are comfortable and popular among basketball players. Moreover, they provide all of the features which the players demand to make their game better and outstanding.

What makes good shoes?

Shoes are said to be good when they feel comfortable and perfectly fit on your shoes. The shoes should be constructed in a way that provides you with enough room to make them bigger and move inside the shoes. Moreover, the quality and construction of the shoes should be qualitative and durable in their use.


Basketball Kobe shoes are essential in the life of a basketball player. They play a crucial role in providing the player with a stable base to make his movements precise and accurate. The basketball shoes you are selecting should be comfortable and should have perfect weight according to your feet.

They should also be durable in construction and should have robust construction so that they last long. The article mentioned above contains the five best Kobe shoes, which are responsible for enhancing your performance. Moreover, a buying guide helps you select the best Kobe shoes to make your overall performance the best.

As a reviewer, I will suggest you buy,

  • Nike Kobe 8 System Elite contains mesh fabric in their construction which makes them breathable. Moreover, the shoes provide excellent traction and control on the ground surface to make your performance better.
  • Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Fury Basketball Shoes, because these shoes include Zoom Air cushioning to make the insole more padded and soft. Further, it also contains a rubber outsole to ensure proper control on the surface.
  • Nike Kobe IX High KRM EXT QS contains the latest technologies to make the shoes perfect for basketball playing. They provide excellent stability and strength with enhanced comfortability to the player.

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