Best Basketball Songs

The young generation, while growing up, has many interests, one of which is the relationship between basketball and music. With almost 800 million fans following, basketball is considered one of the most popular sports in the world. It is becoming famous internationally as the game has lots of exciting shots, dunks, and moves. Music and basketball have a solid connection with each other. I am sharing my list of the best basketball songs that I enjoy listening to.

Warming up before the game or trying to get rid of the background noise during a practice session in the court, songs play a significant role. Listening to these can inspire and motivate the players before the big game night and boosts their confidence. These songs can even take you down memory lane. . I hope you will also enjoy these while moving on the court.

Best Basketball Songs

Roundball Rock – John Tesh

The Roundball Rock served as the theme for the NBA and created excitement among the crowd before the match. Many similar tunes are now available, but nothing can beat this version by John Tesh. SNL did a skit on this song without using words which might be one of the reasons it is the best basketball song since then. In 2008, the Olympics made their theme song short and limited so that Roundball Rock could be played for the audience around the world.

Champion – Ron Artest

If you live for big moments, then “Champion” is arguably one of the best rap tracks by an NBA player. It focuses on the biggest and bright moments of the match that any player can relate to on and off the court. The first-hand nature of the lyrics by Ron Artest and the catchy beats is beautiful for the players and the audience. It is one of the best basketball songs ever and is often dubbed on the 2011 playlist.

Remember The Name – Fort Minor

This song is one of the best basketball songs and is mandatory to have in your playlist. It motivates and reminds us that achieving greatness is all about hard work, and there will come a day when you will have to give your 100 percent. Your luck, skill, pleasure, power of will and pain, everything will be the reason to remember your name. Hitting the court with this song blasting in the headphones and sneakers makes you ready to drip some sweat.

Forever – Drake

Forever by Drake is one of the best songs to get that cocky attitude on before an exciting game night. One might play this on repeat as it inspires the players to achieve greatness. Drake, Kanye, Eminem, and Lil Wayne shall be applauded for the fantastic lyrics. This song gained popularity and has excellent star power. The catchy beat of this timeless classic has half-billion views on YouTube and pays tribute to Lebron James.

Shaq – I Know I Got Skillz

Shaq is one of the greatest songs created by a past NBA player who was best at both songs and games. Shaq always has something to say or share his opinions, and as a result, we got this gem. People might know him from his TNT pregame, but he gained real success after this banger. Until the release of the song, people weren’t aware of his rapping career. The line “all you jealous punks can’t stop my dunks” gives a subtle element of roasting the rival team.

Space Jam – Quad City DJs

If you are sorting your list for the upcoming game, Space Jam will make it to the list because the Quad City DJs nailed it. It blends the playful, jolly movie with the hype of basketball and gives a perfect 90s vibe. The beat of the song helps you speed up your game while you enjoy the catchy lyrics.

Sirius – 90s Bulls Intro Theme

The “Sirius” races your heart every time it plays in the arena while you enter with your team members. The credit for the starting lineup shall be given to the NBA teams and the collegiate teams. This gives you chills as an NBA fan back in the 90s, vibing on the court. The incredible lineup was more than enough for the opposing team to get weak. Playing in the background with the lights dim makes the crowd lose their mind.

Basketball – Kurtis Blow

“We love that basketball” chorus from the song admits the feeling one has for the game. It covers everything, from players to the references, you’ll enjoy every bit of it. Almost everybody loves this song, and it should be added to the playlist real quick. Kurtis Blow paid tribute to basketball and showed his love for the game by writing this song.

Battle Scars – Lupe Fiasco

All the lyrics of this song have a profound meaning. The line states that scars never go away, and they remain with the person. This is very much relatable for the player. They face defeats, and every match that a team loses stays with them till death. But it has a significant impact on the players’ personalities and even has three teachings hidden in it. The three things the players must incorporate to achieve success are stepping out from the comfort zone, moving ahead, and overcome competitors.

He Got Game – Public Enemy

If you love watching movies and listening to songs, this will make up your playlist. “He Got Game” by Public Enemy makes us realize that all of us got our games. They might look different on the outer side, but everybody has their games. Ray Allen, a high school sensation at the release, made this song quite relatable on or off the court. This piece states some of the loopholes that exist in the basketball community. This recreation by Public Enemy did justice to this song.

Sweet Georgia Brown

This song made in the 40s does not directly relate to basketball but creates a great environment when played on the speakers in the arena. This engages the crowd while they enjoy some tricks and techniques used by the players in the court and bounce along with the ball. The Sweet Georgia Brown made a spot on the list and gained fame after Harlem Globetrotters gave a superb performance on this song.

Wing – Macklemore x Ryan Lewis

The central theme of this song was about consumerism in America but emphasized that we should end our infatuation with the brands. Shoe labels and logos never make a difference in your game or the skills you have. It’s always the dedication and hard work that take you to places. The “Wing” played in the arenas by the NBA and received a great response from the audience. It motivates the players to work hard to achieve their goals and stay focused.

Benefits of Music

Music has a significant impact on the person and can enhance athletic performance. There are three ways in how music is suitable for basketball players are:

Releases Fatigue

Any sport, including basketball, needs a lot of patience and forbearance. Music can divert your mind and take away your attention from the fatigue, stress, or anxiety one might feel before the game or otherwise. Research and study have proved that listening to music can calm and increase your endurance to almost 15 percent. It also improves the performance of the players and helps them focus on the game.

Helps to Stay In Zone

Pairing basketball with some energetic music helps the players stay in an altered mental state of awareness while on the court. It keeps them focused with little effort and enhances the performances of the players as well. It takes the player in a trance-state where they need less energy as compared to their normal state.


Some songs motivate or take you down memory lane. You have some affiliation with specific lyrics that help motivate the players, even on or off the court. It boosts energy, and you experience pleasure while you play or practice basketball or any other game that you like.


What’s that song that they always play at basketball games?

YMCA gets people on their feet and has been played in the arenas for decades. People dance and swing their arms in the stadium for the NBA teams.

What is a sports song?

A sports song is any song that fully celebrates sports events. It indulges the crowd and the players so that they can enjoy the event.

What are some old-school basketball songs?

An endless list of old-school basketball songs is present on the internet. The “Roundball Rock,” “Forever,” and “Space Jam” are some of them.

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Music has a significant impact on the basketball players as well as the audience. It can motivate and improve their overall performance as they enjoy every move and stay focused. The audience, on the other hand, also enjoys the game to the fullest. My personal favorite best basketball songs are mentioned in the article above. I hope you enjoy listening to my playlist while using some techniques in the court.

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