7 Best Basketball Shoes for Women in 2022

Basketball is a viral game among mid-school girls as well as adults. With the perfect pair of shoes, you can have more fun and feel more relaxed while playing the game. But the task of finding the best basketball shoe for women is, however, a difficult one. To find the ideal pair of women’s shoes, you must first understand what constitutes a perfect shoe, how to select one, and a lot of other considerations.

To perform at the highest level, you need a high-quality shoes. Comfort, quality, and features all play a role in determining the value of a pair of high-quality shoes. In addition, they help you prevent getting hurt in the process. So, there’s no alternative but to get a good pair of basketball shoes. As you read this article, we’ll show you how you can approach things. Let’s now begin.

How to determine which is the best women’s basketball shoe?

There are numerous criteria to consider when determining good basketball shoes for women. To begin with, the shoe must be affordable and compatible with the qualities it provides. If you buy one for a teenage girl whose feet are growing day by day, a high-priced sneaker is not a suitable option. The shoe must then provide adequate comfort and cushioning. Basketball shoes with responsive cushioning are essential. You can’t ignore the importance of comfort on and off the court.

The shoe must be well-fitting and fashionable. Good styling is very important for women’s shoes. The closure system must be both simple and fashionable as well. However, the most significant aspect is the sole and materials, which help you get better traction and flexibility on the court. Let’s summarize everything.

If it provides at least three of the following benefits, we will classify it as the best basketball shoe for women.

  1. Good ankle support: When you play basketball, your ankle is put under a lot of strain due to the weight of your body on it. Indeed, you’ll be less likely to get hurt if your shoe gives ankle support. 
  2. Well-cushioned sole: Well-cushioned sole provides comfortability, flexibility, and agility on the court—the force of landing flat on one’s feet when a well-padded sole can absorb jumping.
  3. Good grip on foot: If your shoe offers a good grip on the surface when you move or jump. This is a must-have feature that should be in a basketball shoe.

Best basketball shoes for women reviews

In this portion, we will review the top-selling basketball shoes from the market. First, let’s see what they offer.

1. Best for quick cuts: Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Basketball Shoe

Adult Precision Iii

Product Features

  • Upper Materials: Mesh
  • Midsole Materials: Resilient foam cushion
  • Outsole Materials: Durable Rubber
  • Shoe-cut: Mid-top
  • Package Weight: 1.8 Pounds
  • Closure System: Lace-Up

As one of the most popular basketball shoes, Nike Unisex is a fantastic choice for men and women. It is a mid-top shoe with an extra well-padded collar to provide excellent ankle support and comfort. The shoe benefits women athletes through its lightweight and responsive design. Excellent multidirectional traction allows you to make fast cuts in any direction easily.

When you wear this sneaker, you’ll feel like a basketball player because it’s explicitly created for the sport. Aside from its excellent traction and grip, Precision III also offers superior comfortability and durability. This shoe has a decent amount of material. Understandably, the upper mesh isn’t of the highest quality, given that this is a budget shoe.

A durable wide rubber outsole with lace closure ensures a great fit for different sizes. This pair of shoes is quite comfy, has excellent grip, and doesn’t become dirty quickly. You’ll be pumped up and ready to explode the court with this shoe on.

  • Offers excellent ankle support & containment
  • Excellent traction allows speedy movements
  • Provides great durability
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor
  • The shoes have limited colorways
  • Being a budget shoe lacks premium quality materials

2. Best for mid-school females: Under Armour Women’s Jet 2019

Under Armour Women's

Product Features

  • Upper Materials: Synthetic textile and leather
  • Midsole Materials: EVA foam cushion
  • Outsole Materials: Durable Rubber
  • Shoe-cut: Mid-top
  • Weight: 9 ounces
  • Closure System: Lace-Up

Under Armour is specially designed for women with great qualities. When you hear Under Armour, you will undoubtedly have a vision of aesthetic design and the relentless pursuit of innovation. The highly breathable shoe is designed in a bootie-like shape that helps to fit everyone. In addition, the boots from Under Armour are incredibly affordable yet heavy-duty and sturdy.

This mid-top shoe is extremely lightweight as it only weighs 9 ounces. EVA foam is significantly lighter and sturdy, used in making this shoe. EVA foam in the midsole and sock liner gives excellent cushioning for your feet and ankles in flat landings from jumps. The midfoot has been fitted with a shank to provide additional support and stability. Using this shank and heel counter, you may confidently say that it offers the best lock in place.

Under Armour Women’s Jet

The materials used are also quite top-notch. They used high-quality synthetic textile and leather for the upper, ensuring breathability, comfy, and durability. On the other hand, rubber is used for the outsole, which has a distinctive pattern that provides excellent traction and a long-lasting lifespan. In addition, it comes with good padding in the midsole. As a result, you get great comfort and stay in safeguard as it has excellent arch protection.

  • Offers excellent cushioning and comfort
  • The traction is great and safeguards your ankles
  • Provides long-lasting service even after heavy use
  • Mid-top ensures versatile positioning
  • Color variation is very limited
  • Wider feet may find it hard fitting

3. Best for fast movement and jumps: Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 

Adidas Pro Bounce

Product Features

  • Upper Materials: Dual tone textile
  • Midsole Materials: Foam cushion
  • Outsole Materials: Flexible Rubber
  • Shoe-cut: Low-top
  • Package Weight: 3 pounds
  • Closure System: Lace-Up

This Adidas shoe is our first low-top selection, and it is ideal for women who play in temporary positions. This shoe will increase your speed while also giving you a unique look. The shoe’s pricing is relatively reasonable, making it a good choice for beginners. The low price does not impact the quality, instead lasts a long time.

Adidas Pro Bounce is a well-designed sneaker. Basically, a men’s shoe yet easily fits ladies. It provides excellent comfort and flexibility and is extremely lightweight. The midsole is nicely cushioned and built of high-quality foam, ensuring softness, bounciness, and flexibility. In addition, the in-house design by Adidas provides high responsiveness and adaptability for the girls.

The shoe’s outsole is constructed in a zonal herringbone pattern with flex grooves for improved traction. The outside sole has been engineered to be more comprehensive to provide you with a full range of mobility. Using a lace-up closure plus two-tone textile material with a textile lining on the upper, you can ensure your feet are kept safely in place. When everything else is perfect, sizing may be a bit difficult. So, make sure that you get the right number.

  • Despite being a low-top shoe, provides good ankle support
  • The shoe is very responsive and lightweight
  • The cushioning and support is awesome
  • Comes with a pretty minimalist and clean design
  • Sizing can be an issue

4. Great for ankle support: Adidas Women’s Pro Model Zero

Adidas Women's Pro Model Zero

Product Features

  • Upper Materials: Synthetic textile and leather
  • Midsole Materials: EVA Foam cushion
  • Outsole Materials: Flexible Rubber
  • Shoe-cut: High-top
  • Package Weight: 2 pounds
  • Closure System: Lace-Up

The Adidas women’s pro basketball shoe is a specialist basketball shoe for ladies that offers a beautiful combination of style and durability. In addition, the shoe provides the comfort, flexibility, and quality that a player needs.

The trendy upper consists of an ultra-lightweight synthetic textile that protects the feet. It also shields you from someone’s unintentional footsteps on your feet and promotes ventilation, comfort, and durability. In addition, this shoe is incredibly comfortable, thanks to the PU insole, EVA foam midsole cushioning, and torsion system. This basketball shoe also provides good ankle support.

Adidas Women’s Pro Model Zero

The outsole is made of rubber, giving excellent traction and allowing you to perform fast cuts in any direction efficiently. For enhanced stability, a padded ankle collar with additional cushioning is incorporated. In addition, a soft padded tongue with lacing increases enclosed comfort. This high-padded top gives excellent ankle support.

  • The upper leather keeps the feet safe from injury
  • The shoe is lightweight and flexible
  • The cushioning and support is great 
  • The fitting of the shoe is good
  • It may feel a bit tight in the toe box area

5. Best For Comfortability: Under Armour Women’s HOVR Havoc

Under Armour Women's HOVR Havoc

Product Features

  • Upper Materials: Molded textile
  • Midsole Materials: Unique HOVR Foam cushion
  • Outsole Materials: Flexible Rubber with herringbone pattern
  • Shoe-cut: Mid-top
  • Weight: 9 ounces
  • Closure System:  Webbed lace closure

This Under Armour HOVR basketball shoe is a mid-top model ideal for all positions. The shoe provides excellent support, comfortability, and stability. HOVR Havoc is a superb example of innovation and aesthetic design for females. It is pretty affordable, but the robust material lasts a long time.

Under Armour Havoc’s midsole is unique and provides outstanding cushioning due to its use of HOVR foam. HOVR foam is extremely lightweight and soft, providing your feet with superior cushioning and comfort as they land on the ground. In addition, the HOVR foam offers exceptional responsiveness and bounce since the midsole is encased in an Energy Web compression mesh. The energy web mesh absorbs and returns your foot movements to you.

However, the shoe provides extra stability as it has a TPU shank between the insole and midsole. The outsole is crafted of rubber and features a typical herringbone pattern for optimum traction on the floor. At the same time, the molded textile on the upper provides the ultimate comfort and breathability. The traditional mesh tongue promotes airflow and facilitates inflow and outflow from the shoe. In addition, it features a half bootie lining and a webbed lace closure, which ensures the security of your feet.


  • Comes with a durable thick molded sole
  • Unique HOVR & Energy web tech provides great bounce & cushioning
  • Ankle support is great along with excellent grip
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • When new, you may not get much traction

6. Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce 2019

Adidas Men's Pro Bounce

Product Features

  • Upper Materials: Premium quality Fiber
  • Insole Materials: Light Bounce cushion
  • Outsole materials: Durable synthetic sole
  • Weight: 2.45 Pounds
  • Closure System: Lace-Up Closure
  • Shoe-cut: High-top

The Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 is one of the company’s most outstanding shoes. The hardcourt’s basic design makes it a good and practical option for beginners. A cushioned collar provides additional ankle support when pivoting and cutting on the fly. The traction is enough for some light outside play and is relatively durable.

This shoe’s breathable textile uppers keep you lightweight on the feet while enhancing lateral stability and lockdown in any of these mid-cut sneakers for all-around players. In addition, balanced Rebound cushioning gives an excellent game feel and response combination and will enhance the energy of moving up and down to the surface.

The excellent shock and pressure absorption protect the joints, muscles, tissues, and other areas against damage, weariness, and pain, among other side effects. The outsole is made of a durable synthetic that has a herringbone pattern and will provide excellent traction. The elastic eyelets on the lacing system make it simple to put on and take off.

  • Manufactured with premium quality materials
  • Ensure excellent breathability and comfort to wear
  • Its design is suitable and perfect for men and women
  • This shoe’s price is a bit higher than the others.

7. Nike Women’s Court Borough

Nike Women's Court Borough

Product Features

  • Upper Materials: Breathable Suede Leather
  • Insole Materials: Phylon foam insole
  • Outsole materials: Ethylene Vinyl sole
  • Closure System: Lace-Up Closure
  • Weight: 1.76 Pounds
  • Shoe-cut: Low-top

Are you looking for a lightweight and excellently breathable women’s basketball shoes? Then, Nike Women’s Court Borough Low will be the best option for you. This shoe comes with an elegant and lightweight design. The upper construction has enough breathability, and it can provide comfort to wear. Made of premium quality materials, this shoe is excellent durability.

The upper of this women’s basketball shoe is made of premium quality suede leather. Since its upper leather has enough hints of mesh, it will provide excellent breathability. The soft foam cushion insole offers more comfortability to wear all day long. Absorbing the impact reduces the likelihood of your feet being harmed throughout the procedure.

In addition, the enhanced rubber cup sole provides excellent grip and traction on a variety of surfaces. The shoe includes a pull button at the rear wheel that makes it easy to put on and take off the shoe while wearing it. Its lightweight property makes it suitable for daily and long-term use.

  • It features a lightweight and elegant design
  • Prevent injuries by providing good stability
  • Rubber tread patterns ensure excellent traction
  • The outsole can be damaged quickly.

What Should I Consider Before Choosing a Basketball Shoe for women?

Whenever you are on the verge of buying top women’s basketball shoes, you need to focus on some vital points to choose the best pair. We have enlightened those factors and clarified what and why you should consider these factors. Let’s find out.

Best basketball shoes for women buying guide
Infographic: Things to Consider before buying the best basketball shoes for women

Should be lightweight

The weight of the shoe is an essential factor to consider. A lightweight and flexible shoe should always be your first choice. As a basketball player, you must be quick and loose on the court to get the best result. But if your shoe is weighing you down, you won’t be able to run faster or jump higher, which will affect your game, and you may lose the game.

Comfortable cushioning support

Another important consideration is whether or not the product is comfortable to use. When going around the court, your shoe should provide you with the maximum comfort and grip possible. There is a high risk of foot strain and injury if your shoe does not offer adequate cushioning. As a result, choosing a shoe with outstanding cushioning and comfort is essential.

Should match your style preference

Look for shoes that have a good balance of color and style. Also, make sure it matches your personality and style preference as well. Finally, we suggest that you go for a shoe that you can wear off the court. Thus, low-cut shoes are advised because they go well with casual wear, including shorts. Low-cut shoes also don’t look so big on the feet, and they tend to be more comfortably sized.

Must be easy to clean

The shoe material should be easy to clean. You have to clean your sports shoes more frequently since they get dirty more often. If your shoe material is challenging to clean, your shoe will be damaged early. Leathers are usually easier to clean as they can be wiped. But you should be careful while drying the shoe since too much moisture or sunlight can cause a break. 

Must have an excellent grip

Traction/grip is necessary to keep you safe from strain or injury. First, check the shoe’s outsole to confirm the grip of a shoe. The herringbone pattern is a master for a solid and safe grip. So, try to look for a shoe with a herringbone pattern and see whether it grips the ground well. 

Affordable Price

Affordability is another major factor to consider while buying a basketball shoe. First, determine a comfortable price point or price range for you, and then go further. Finally, look for the quality and features that best fit your budget and choose one. 

Shoe Height

You should choose shoe height depending on your playing position. For example, consider low and mid-top shoes if you play on the fence as a small forward who has to move a lot. At the same time, high-top shoes are recommended for the power or center forwards. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can boys’ basketball shoes be considered for girls?

A: Boys typically have more significant and broader feet than girls. Thus the sizing mismatch is apparent. You will notice some differences in the design as well. For the time being, let’s get to the point: females can wear boys’ shoes, but they must be aware of the exact style and size. As boys’ shoes are typically more comprehensive, they will fit girls more comfortably. 

Which materials make the best and long-lasting basketball shoes?

A: A good long-lasting basketball shoe is made from various materials. Either leather or mesh is used as the primary material. These materials are solid and adaptable. Foam and textiles such as cotton, polyester, and nylon are also used. The soles and outsoles are made of rubber, which is both flexible and long-lasting.

Will the identical basketball shoe work both indoors and outdoors?

A: Most famous women’s basketball shoes are designed for indoors. As a result, if you play the outdoor game frequently, your shoe may not last as long. So, what does this imply? Should you buy a shoe for each court? You certainly can. Indoor basketball shoes are typically made of genuine leather, whereas outdoor basketball shoes are made of durable rubber. If you don’t want to buy two pairs, you can go for the rubber material shoe, which is more flexible and durable.

Which is better, a Low-Top Or High-Top basketball shoe?

A: You can not determine whether a basketball shoe is good or not by its cut. You should and must use different shoe tops for various positions on the field. For example, if you play the fence position as a small forward who needs to move quickly, you’ll need a low/mid-top shoe. Low/mid-top shoes are more flexible and designed for quick movements. High-top shoes, on the other hand, are designed for power forwards. 

Is It Possible that a Basketball Shoe Can Help You Avoid Injuries?

A: It is highly possible. First of all, different basketball shoes are available for each playing position and according to the requirements of that position, which lowers the chance of injury. In addition, basketball shoes now provide ankle support, good cushioning, and a good grip, which helps avoid injury risks.


Choosing shoes for basketball is a tricky job. As a result, you must ensure that you end up selecting the possible best basketball shoes for women. Good quality shoes provide you the best comfort, flexibility, and mobility and, most importantly, have the minimum rate of getting injured.  

We have presented you with 7 top pairs from the market, including some wide women’s basketball shoes. So, You’ll find a wide variety of shoes in our selections, from which you may choose the one that best suits your needs.

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