Best Basketball Insole To Secure Your Feet in 2022

Let’s be honest that we all need some support and comfort in our lives and the hardships. Without them, you can’t really make it to the goal, and if you still make it, it won’t be enjoyable.

The basketball insole is kind of like that. There’re many ways to win the game, but if your feet aren’t happy throughout the process, you won’t be satisfied either.

To make your feet happy, you need to have the best basketball insoles in your collection to protect your ankles, toes, knees, and lower back while you’re playing or training.

This article covered all these things with 12 great basketball insoles to make your shopping journey more accessible.

Let’s get started then.

Why Do My Feet Hurt After Playing Basketball?

If you’re a basketball player, it’s expected that your feet will hurt as you might do so many activities on the basketball ground. The reason may be are:

  • Running more as it can apply a force up to 6 times your body weight
  • Forget the daily stretching routine before you start your game
  • The hard surfaces connected with high speed and torque can hurt your heels
  • Improper shoes without lightweight insoles
  • Carrying some extra weights can also hurt your arch and heel area

Moreover, there’re some common feet problems that basketball players deal with,

Plantar Fasciitis

If you’re a basketball player, you may hear of this problem. Plantar Fasciitis is an injury to the ligament of the foot sole. This mainly affects the arch and heel area.

Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle is very painful when you turn, roll or twist your ankle in an awkward style. The outside trauma of the foot causes them.

Achilles Tendinitis

The medical term refers to this as the very sharp pain in the back of the leg. If you run too fast or carry weights every day, this problem can happen.

Broken Toes

Broken toes are something players face commonly. However, they heal very fast if you take some rest.

How Do Insoles Help With Basketball?

Well, insoles are pretty helpful if you’re an athlete. For example, as a basketball player, you may have to do many rough activities like running, carrying weights, training, jumping, etc. 

These things need to be done comfortably as much as possible. Otherwise, feet problems may occur.

Insoles help calm down your feet and protect your toes, knees, ankles, and lower back. Also, they make sure you have proper arch support to avoid over-pronation when you play.

What Kind of Insoles Do I Need?

There’re so many types of insoles in the market. Make sure you know for what reason you’re buying them.

If you have a foot problem, there are thousands of basketball insoles for flat feet. They offer proper arch support so you can efficiently run and play with them. Also, the problem with your feet will reduce if you wear it for a long time!

Furthermore, you may need some insoles for only running or training. If that’s your purpose, go for light cushioned ones as they’re not of much weight, and you can jump and run smoothly with them.

Quick Overview Best Basketball Insole

“The lightweight cushioning and hydrologic moisture is available for powerful and dry feet.”

“Wide and deep heel cup with high-quality foam enhances the great arch support.”

“Great insoles for plantar fasciitis with extra layer cushion for shock absorption.”

“Heavy-duty material with semi-high heel ensures high arch support and long-lasting insoles.”

“For joint stress, the control bar is right at the place with great durability.”

“The EVA and PU fabric ensure the great functionality of the feet.”

“100% polyester fabric reduces heat and friction in the shoe.”

“Anti Microbial feature confirms odor-free feet all day long.”

“Individuals with flat feet can get appropriate arch support.”

“One of the best insoles for Plantar Fasciitis that’s clinically proven.”

“Elastic air cushion is premium here for great breathability of the feet and it won’t feel sniffed.”

Unique natural coating takes off all the odor of the feet and keep them clean

Comparison Table of Top Rated Basketball Insoles

Name Material Color Arch Type
Walk. Hero Premium EVA Multicolor Flat feet, High Arch
Sof Sole Implus Foam Orange Neutral Arch
Powerstep Pinnacle Polyester Fabric Black, Blue Neutral Arch
Superfeet Green Closed Cell Foam Green High arch
Physics Gear Sport EVA Foam and PU material Red, Black High Arch
Shock Doctor High-Density Foam Black, Green Flat Feet, High Arch
Spenco Polysorb Polyester, Nylon Green High Arch
Profoot High-Density Foam Multicolor Flat feet, High Arch
Dr. Scholls Cork Multicolor Neutral Arch
Astrqle Unisex Velvet Rubber, silicone, gel Blue Low Arch
Superfeet premium Closed Cell Foam Multicolor High and medium Arch
Spenco total support max High-Quality Foam Blue, Black Max Arch Support

Best Basketball Insoles Review

After researching for so many days, we’re here with the top 12 best insoles for basketball. No matter which one you pick, you’ll be satisfied that’s guaranteed!

1. WalkHero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

The first item on our list is from WalkHero, designed for your utmost comfort and support. With the unique shape and full-length foam design, this one has one of the best shock absorption qualities!

You’ll be glad to know that WalkHero insoles strengthen your tendons, muscles, and ligaments to make them stay in an optimal position. In this way, you’ll be more stable and walk more cozily.

This item is undoubtedly for you if you have significant feet problems like plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, or broken toes. The stress and pain reliever insoles can be your best friend for a long time, that’s for sure!
Moreover, they’re made of high-quality EVA material that always keeps your feet cool.
The insoles are designed to walk regularly in casual boots or work shoes. This everyday footwear will ensure reasonable control and good arch support while walking or running.

It’s not recommended to wash them in your washing machine as they can be damaged with it. However, they’re effortless to clean. Just try to wash them with your hands. It’ll ensure durability and will be cleaned perfectly.

WalkHero Plantar

And yes, they’re risk-free to use. If you don’t like them after purchasing, try to contact customer service, and they’ll offer you the best solution they can.

  • Made of EVA material for smooth and soft usage
  • Arch support ensures leg and foot alignment
  • A deep heel cup keeps the exact feet’ position
  • An extra layer of cushion for shock absorption
  • Reduces any type of feet problems with long term use
  • There can be chemical smells when you first unbox them

2. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s ATHLETE

Sof Sole Insoles Men’s ATHLETE

Those who’re looking for athletic casual footwear insoles, here you go. Thanks to Sof Sole for providing the insoles that are great for walking, running, playing, or whatever you want to do with your shoes!

The insert is usually made of Implus foam for better comfort and cushioning, generally used in high-quality insoles.
Also, the soles are odor-free as they have a Hydrologic Moisture-wicking feature which is undoubtedly one of the greatest. They’ll keep your feet moisturized and soft even after the training sessions!
If you have medium to high arches or flat feet, go for this one blindly. As it has a solid arch support system, you can walk outside all day without feeling any pressure or pain.

For pressure reliever, it has a gel pad right under your forefoot so that you can run with your flat arch anytime!
The Sof Sole Insoles come with a high and deep heel cup so that your heels can sit softly without any trouble. In addition, there’s sufficient stability, so no extra force is needed.
Furthermore, you can wear them with any shoes you want to wear. They’re a good option for work that requires standing all day, like some heavy-duty construction work or playing and training for basketball!

Additionally, the available size will be 7-8.5, 9-10.5, 11-12.5, 13-14, and 15-16. Choose whatever your feet fit!

  • Lightweight cushion and gel pad for comfortable walking
  • Hydrologix moisture cover for the dry feet
  • Compatible with any kind of shoes
  • Comes in multiple sizes for various foot shapes
  • Made with Implus foam for amazing durability
  • The insoles can be thick for some people

3. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

Powerstep Pinnacle

This Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx is perfectly great for people who have tarsal tunnel problems, sprained ankles, and stress fractures. But, don’t worry about these difficulties anymore because your life will be changed after purchasing these insoles!

The great thing about these insoles is that they provide a comfortable heel secure system. They also offer a bottomless cup that’s slightly angled for your maximum support. You’ll feel the pain reduction in your knee, ankle, and lower back once you start to wear Powerstep Pinnacle!

Moreover, these insoles are medically graded to prevent rolling ankles and overpronation. Wearing them every day will decrease your feet pain and improve your body function.

Again, if there’s a chance of other problems due to over-pronation, these insoles will make sure to alleviate that!

Powerstep Pinnacle

It’s made of 100% polyester and designed for everyday usage. For any casual walking, running, or even standing for a long time, purchase this one, and your feet will be happy. Depending on your preference and program, you can also easily remove the insoles from shoe to shoe, depending on your preference and program!

  • A synthetic sole ensures your complete foot relief
  • Reduces heat and friction with 100% polyester fabric
  • Cushioning base creates soft feelings
  • Durable EVA foam creates ultimate satisfaction
  • A deep heel cup verifies the stability
  • The sizes should be more even

4. Superfeet GREEN Insoles

Superfeet GREEN Insoles

The professional and high orthotic Superfeet Green has been stealing the customers over the years with its incredible designs and features. It’s mainly for people suffering from multiple feet problems and searching for reliable insoles that can be used for a longer time!

This insole has a high-volume shoe insert with maximum space inside the shoes. As a result, it would fit perfectly in any type of shoe you wear, and if it doesn’t, just trim them (yes, you can) by measuring the exact size.
In addition, it’ll stabilize your foot, that’ll reduce any kind of stress on your knees, feet, or ankles. Praiseworthy, isn’t it?

As the Green is one of the best-selling insoles, people with flat feet can start wearing insoles with them. Why? Because it has a medium profile orthotic that’ll give you utmost support to your feet.
Let’s talk about the heel cup now. It spreads your weight appropriately so you can maintain stability. It also gives you relief from plantar fasciitis, sprained or broken tissues, flat feet, high arches, and many more.
The shock absorption quality is top-notch, with the most comprehensive and deepest heel assist. As a result, you can walk with it quickly, and the sufficient cushioning will absorb shock from the daily activities you’re performing!

Since they’re made of high-quality foam, you can expect that they’ll hold heavy-duty weight without even collapsing. It means you can use them for a long time without being damaged!

  • A wide and deep heel cup with a good arch system provide high support
  • High-density foam is here for an extra cushion for your feet balls
  • Top tier shock absorption quality for everyday usage
  • Great for plantar fasciitis and other foot-related problems
  • Has enough space for toe splaying
  • You may have to replace the insole every 500 miles

5. Physix Gear Sport

Physix Gear Sport

We all need relaxed walking time with a sound support system; here, Physix Gear support will be taking care of that. In addition, your feet will finally be able to breathe after wearing these insoles, and it’ll give you relief from stress and heel pains immediately.

They’ll provide maximum performance for both men and women, which is just the cherry on the top!
If you’re into an active lifestyle and busy with standing work all day long, look no further. The lightweight and ultra-thin insole, which is made of EVA foam, will give you a smooth feeling right after you wear them.
Again, it has anti-microbial fabric, so your feet will be in great shape always!
Well, these insoles can be fitted into any type of shoe you wear. You can enjoy enough room for your toe splaying so it won’t be tight and uncomfy!

Physix Gear offers orthotics ranges that are from extra small to extra-large. This means both men and women can easily find their perfect size without the hassle of cutting or trimming the forefoot.
Furthermore, individuals who suffer from Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, flat feet, runner’s knee, or even plantar fasciitis can use them for remarkable arch support!
One of the best things about these insoles is that they can absorb an optimum level of shock. So it’ll make the walking or running situation simple, we believe!

However, it’s made of dual-layered foam; still, it’ll give you ultra-thin cushioning compared to other thick soles. If you’re a person who wants to keep it light, go for this one.
Let’s not forget about the non-slip design of these fantastic soles that ensures you get proper support without any slippage!

  • Made of high-quality durable EVA foam
  • Ultra-thin lightweight built-in is appropriate for daily use
  • Offers anti-microbial fabric To control odor
  • The non-slippage design confirms maximum support
  • Appropriate for multiple feet sizes for both men and women
  • Some complaint about the heel cup that it’s too wide

6. Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insole

Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insole

If you’re an active athlete like a basketball player, stop right here because the Shock Doctor Ultra insole will provide everything you need. They mainly offer stability, shock absorption, and a higher support system in their products.

As an active athlete, you must have a full feet control bar and total feet motion control in your insoles so that the joint body stress can be reduced quickly. You’ll get that in Shock Doctor for sure!

Moreover, the adaptive arch technology will adapt to any type of foot shape and provide extra comfort while walking or doing any chores.
A remarkable fact is that it can surely cure your feet related problems if you have one. The shock dome and heel shock pad will ensure the shocks aren’t transferring directly to your hips, knees, and lower back.

Also, this shock dome is why your feet problems will decrease after you wear them for a long time correctly!

In addition, the feet shock absorption foam ensures to reduce your pain and fatigue so you can train and play harder and longer!

  • Anti Microbial feature approves odor-free feet
  • The shock dome feature reduces multiple feet problems
  • Adaptive arch support ensures the durability and reliability
  • Control bar lessens joint stress issues
  • The heel shock pad makes sure no shocks are transferring to the feet
  • The insole size can be larger for some people

7. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer 

Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer

Staying active with proper health is the main motto of Spenco, which is great for any basketball player or any athlete. The Polysorb Cross trainer has the best combination of all the features you’ll need for your sore and tired feet!

This insole will provide you with premium shock absorption with excellent energy return. It means you can wear this one all day long with good comfort and support with injury prevention, like reducing the pain of your ligaments, muscles, and lower back.

Polysorb Cross trainer soles are designed with EVA material to provide you with SBR cushioning for your activities. They’ll give the long life of your shoes. Isn’t that amazing?

You’ll be amazed to hear that these insoles have a layer of 5/32 inches thick so that the footstrike stays gentle and comfortable.

Let’s talk about the arch support here. Spenco Polysorb is usually designed for people who have a medium arch. However, you can get much support if you have flat feet also.

Most insoles focus on one area (either on the heel or arch), but Spenco knows the best. It’ll provide support exactly where you need it, including your arch and heel.

Many designers forget about the forefoot when paying attention to your heel and arch. So your pain and stress can happen from there also. Don’t worry; these insoles will cover your forefoot to reduce cracks, itching, pain, and burning.

  • SBR cushioning for longer-term usage
  • Great arch support for people with flat feet
  • Focuses on your forefeet like your heel and arch area
  • Thick foam assures the feet stay comfortable
  • Premium shock absorption ensures good energy return
  • The quality can be increased more
  • Some complain about unstable arch support

8. ProFoot Orthotic Insoles

ProFoot Orthotic Insoles

Some of us try to purchase budget-friendly insoles that offer excellent cushioning and support, especially for flat feet. Thanks to the ProFoot Orthotic Heels to provide such features that are also clinically approved!

The Profoot insole is of ¾ length, so it won’t cover the whole interior of your shoe. Also, you don’t have to trim or cut it to fit as it’s super easy to put in your shoes.

However, you may find them somewhat thick in the arch and heel area, but it’s prevalent for people with plantar fasciitis.
The insoles have medium arch support designed for people with feet problems. So, if you prefer a less sniffed arch and a small insert, then it’s the sign you should buy Profoot.

Well, now the question is if it has a proper heel cup. Yes, it has a semi-heel cup for your foot stability, which helps distribute weight while performing multiple activities.
Moreover, they’re made with high-quality materials, so you can use them on various surfaces for a long time, and they won’t get damaged easily.

  • Give relief from any type of feet problems by staying sturdy
  • Impressive construction and heavy-duty material makes it long-running
  • Stays on hard surfaces and maintains great stabilitySemi heel cup ensures high arch support
  • Provides less sniffed arch for utmost comfort
  • If you have small feet, this may not be ideal for you.

9. Dr. Scholl’s Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Orthotics

Dr. Scholl’s Plantar

We know it’s tough to deal with the feet problems every day. So if you’re that person, look no further. Your solution is right here. Dr. Scholl’s make sure you get the dual action relief because these insoles hit the exact point where it hurts.

The shock absorption quality is high in these soles as the cushion protects your feet from getting all the aggressive shock from the ground. In addition, it supports your sensitive arch and stretches it further so it can heal gently.

In addition, these soles reduce the morning pain of plantar fasciitis you may get every time.
These insoles fit into any type of shoes you wear. In addition, they’re easy to trim to your shoe shape and size to wear with heels, boots, flats, or sneakers!

Moreover, you can fit them in and out quickly, and there’s enough space for your toe splaying once you wear them—no worries about getting too tight or too loose in your feet area.
The other great thing is that you can wear them all day for your work, games, or anything you want. Just put the insoles go outside, and you’re safe and secure with your feet!

  • Clinically proven to reduce plantar fasciitis problem
  • The cushion absorbs shock and stretches the arch further for relief
  • Can fit into any type of shoes like sneakers, heels, or flats
  • Reduces the morning feet pain and keeps the feet stress free
  • Dual-action relief provides the feet stay comfortable all day long
  • The cost is slightly expensive than the other insoles

10. ASTRQLE Unisex Silicone Honeycomb Sports Insole

ASTRQLE Unisex Silicone

Do you want to feel jumpy and sporty with your shoes on? Well, then you’re at the right place then. Astrqle ensures this durability with their honeycomb insole, and your feet will breathe smoothly after wearing them!
As you already know, these insoles are ideal for sports like basketball or football; they also take part in a massage healthcare role.

The breathability here is fantastic, which comes with a soft elastic cushion. So your feet won’t be sniffed or tightened for them!
However, they’re somewhat thick, but still, you’ll find them lightweight, which are great for your everyday walking!

The remarkable thing about Astrqle is that they provide a spring back feature that gives you the sporty and jumpy feeling without any glitch. That’s pretty much impressive, we can say!
They can give you the highest arch support, and you can wear them in your workplace or join your sport wearing them as long as you want.

And, of course, the insoles are made from high-quality velvet rubber so that you can tailor them according to your feet’ size and shape.

  • Super durable and have the ability to stay in one place for long
  • The hold-up feature of these insoles are excellent
  • Gives powerful vibes to the unique spring back feature 
  • A soft elastic air cushion provides amazing breathability
  • Velvet rubber is easily trimmable and fittable
  • There’s a lack of cushioning if you compare them to gel insoles

11. Superfeet Premium Flexible Thin Insoles

Superfeet Premium Flexible

These classic Superfeet premium insoles are the savior for people who have to stay a little longer for their work or a player who needs more practice outside. You might not get impressed at first glance but trust us; it’s fantastic once you start to use them. Let’s tell you why!

Superfeet isn’t only built for comfort, they’re created for more excellent arch support, and indeed they’re successful in their purpose. So if you have plantar fasciitis or feet problems, go for this one. They’ll ease your pain immediately.
You’ll be nicely able to keep your feet, arch, and heel in their exact position. In this way, your feet problems will be reduced over time.

Your feet will be pleasant and happy with the fantastic forefoot foam and plastic solid heel support they offer. Also, there aren’t any overly padded situations in the insoles, so you won’t feel sniffed or tightened while you’re wearing them.

About the shock absorption, these insoles have the deepest and widest cup to absorb the shock pretty much perfectly.
Plus, the natural coating helps to prevent odor that can cause bacteria. What more could you ask for, right?

  • Works great as to shock absorbant
  • Perfect choice for people with flat feet
  • Natural coating escapes bad odor
  • Made with high-density material providing great durability
  • The factory-fitted insoles can’t be replaced with new ones

12. Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles

Spenco Total Support

In this 21st century, we all want products worth everything. Spenco is one of them, luckily. The total support max insoles are tagged as one of the best replacement insoles ever. So what’s the reason for it?

The reason is pretty simple. It has stability, a great support system, and soft cushioning. These three things are the major points of any insoles, and Spenco has them.

Additionally, they’re made of EVA and PU fabric to maximize your functionality and comfort!
Spenco total insole supports a full-length insert that’ll fill up a good amount of your shoes. And yes, shoes mean any type of shoes you prefer. They also add some sizing guides so you don’t get confused about the perfect shape of your foot.

However, if you face any sizing issues after purchasing them, simply trim them off (they have the option). Just place your foot over the insole, draw a line, and cut to size. Easy!
Another excellent benefit is higher volume arch support and heel cup for your stable feet. You need to have medium to high arches for Spenco total.

If you overpronate, there’s good news for you. The deep heel cup of Spenco offers outstanding motion control that’ll guide your feet through each of the strides.
Moreover, it takes the pressure off your feet ball with the help of a metatarsal pad. Surely you’ll get your pain relieved after using these insoles!

  • Cushioning pads work great at absorbing all the shocks
  • Comes with a metatarsal pad to take the pressure off the feet balls
  • The deep heel cup provides advanced stability
  • EVA and PU fabric ensures ultimate functionality
  • Good for flat feet with maximum reliability
  • People with high arches may need more support system

What to Know Before Buying the Basketball Insoles?

Now that you’ve known about some best basketball insoles, you should also be careful about what to look for before buying them. Because there’re already many scams out there, it won’t be pleasant to spend your valuable money on them.

What to Know Before Buying the Basketball Insoles
Infographic: What to Know Before Buying the Basketball Insoles


The first and foremost thing to consider about basketball insoles is their durability. It depends from person to person how long the product will last. Some people can use insoles for 3months straight, and some can use them for three weeks.

It’s realistic to expect insoles to last not more than two months. So while buying them, try to look at their durability. If they start to fall out between your playing or training session, it could be dangerous for you! Also, try to purchase them from some known brands we mentioned before!


Your ankles, knees, and lower back will hurt more if you purchase the wrong size. Also, you’ve to make sure that the insoles you’re getting match with your basketball shoes. 

Try to avoid buying your insoles according to the brand’s dimensions as every single manufacturer is different, so the size you’re picking might not be the same. Instead, take your shoes to the mall and choose one that goes well with them!

Fit for Purpose

Insoles made for sports shoes or specifically for basketball shoes will be better for you. As it ensures that the item is designed for some intense pace than regular insoles can’t cover.

You can’t use everyday insoles for your basketball shoes because the support won’t be good enough. If you want, you can also go for some custom-made insoles. They’ll perfectly match your feet and shoe sizes, but the price tag will be high.

Odor-Free and Moisture Wicking

It’ll be possible to use your insoles for a long time. For that, it’s essential to make sure your feet are odor-free and dry. Of course, after a hectic day, it won’t be pleasing to have those smelly feet, will it?

Moreover, the moisture-wicking feature is essential to keep your feet healthy. Another thing you may consider is to check if the insoles are washable. In that way, you can wash them quickly, and the products will be clean.

Arch Support

If you have flat feet, plantar fasciitis, or any other feet-related problem, try to get insoles that provide additional arch support. Unfortunately, most basketball shoes don’t have proper arch support, so they can worsen your feet!

Lightweight and Flexible

A heavy insole will be more challenging to perform with, and it’ll irritate your feet. Insoles that are made from foam, EVA, or lightweight materials are great for your basketball shoes. Mainly, they have to be flexible for your natural movement!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is A Basketball Insole?

A Basketball insole is used as a replacement for the already built-in insoles placed in the basketball shoes. It provides enhanced support and comfort for your feet, so it’s necessary to wear them if you’re an athlete.

Can You Jump Higher With The Basketball Insoles?

The best insoles for basketball will make you jump higher. When you purchase the correct item for your feet, it won’t be irritating or painful as your toes will have a little cushion then.

They also raise your confidence, so you’ll forget that you’re wearing something on your feet (as they’re lightweight) and run faster than average!

Do NBA Players Wear Insoles In Their Shoes?

Of course, they wear. The reason is that the flat bottoms of the basketball shoes have hardly any cushion, so it’s very tough to move fast and train well. The toes also start hurting after some time.

Players wear insoles to boost their relaxation, which also plays a significant role in enhancing their game!

Do Insoles Make the Shoe Tighter?

It depends on what type of insole you’re wearing. If it’s thick, you’ll feel a bit tighter inside your shoes.

But the thinner comfortable insoles won’t make it compacted because they’re built for your utmost satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

Maximum comfort, support, and stability are much needed for the feet of any basketball player, and shoe insoles can provide that appropriately.

We tried to cover all the essential features and information about the best basketball insoles that can protect your feet from injury.

Still, if you need a little suggestion, then buy Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Walk. Hero or your gratification.

And if you’re on a tight budget, go for ProFoot Orthotic Insoles. They’ve all the essential features you may need at a budget-friendly cost.

Well, no matter what you buy from our list, you won’t regret it, and that’s our promise.

Good luck!

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