#1 Are Basketball Shoes Good For Working Out? [ Best Tips ]

Basketball Shoes

Basketball Shoes are not a cheap investment. Having to keep multiple pairs of shoes in your cupboard can be a daunting task. It can eat up your savings and take up a lot of extra space. So is there a solution? Can you wear your basketball shoes for working out as well?

You can wear basketball shoes when working out. However, you can only wear them while doing aerobic exercises like weightlifting. The heavy sole helps stabilize your body and keeps you firmly on the ground. For anaerobic exercises like treadmill running and elliptical, you need running shoes. 

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used For The Gym?

Contrary to popular belief, basketball shoes are great for the gym. They can come in handy during powerlifting and bodybuilding workouts. However, they are not recommended for a treadmill or running long distances because their weight slows you down and hampers your progress.

Similarities Between Basketball Shoes And Gym Shoes

The most common type of shoe people wear in the gym has a flat sole and excellent heel support, qualities synonymous with any good basketball shoe. Basketball shoes come with excellent heel support. They help prevent any injuries that occur during basketball tournaments.

Moreover, these shoes help provide stability significantly while players constantly change pace and direction during games. In addition, the shoes have a thin cushion that helps players stay low to the basketball ground. 

What Are Some Drawbacks Of Basketball Shoes?

Basketball shoes may be suitable for some exercise. However, wearing them for lunges, squats, treadmill running, or other similar exercises can be problematic. Here is why:

More Cushioning Reduces Flexibility

Basketball shoes come with a cushioned heel that limits your ability to move naturally. The shoes are primarily designed for quick cuts and lateral movements. When worn at the gym, they may seem uncomfortable and less flexible. 

Stiff Soles Limit Movement

Adequate flexing and articulating of your feet is necessary to do lunges or sprints. You can not get a good workout at the gym without lunging and sprinting. Basketball shoes have very stiff soles that hamper your movement. You should instead invest in running shoes; they offer more mobility and help strengthen lean muscles in your body. 

Thick Soles Hamper Balancing

Most exercises at the gym require good balancing, which is quite challenging to achieve with basketball shoes. Many believe that wearing basketball shoes will ensure less strain on the lower leg. In reality, these shoes make lunges, squats, and all other similar exercises very difficult. Not just that, but wearing basketball shoes may also put extra strain on your knees. 

Reduced Range Of Motion

A good workout will require you to maintain a steady posture and perform a range of motions. This becomes quite challenging when you are wearing basketball shoes. The bulky and oversized shoes restrict your movement and don’t allow you to engage your core muscles. This becomes a more significant issue if you are a beginner at the gym.  

Excessive Pronation Can Cause Ankle Injuries

Rolling inwards with each step or over-pronation can cause ankle sprains. Basketball shoes, sneakers, and other similar footwear can worsen your condition. The shoes come with higher heels that put a lot of pressure on your joints. It is hence better to wear running shoes while going to the gym.

Lacks Impact Absorption

Workouts don’t always go as planned. You often experience injuries and discomfort. Gym shoes offer good impact absorption, which protects your body against physical injuries. When you wear basketball shoes, your feet make more contact with the ground. The stiffer rubber sole will absorb some impact and lead to excessive fatigue. 

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Working Out?

Basketball shoes can be worn while you work out at the gym, but that bags another more important question: are basketball shoes desirable for workouts?

Basketball shoes are heavier than standard running shoes, giving them an edge and helping provide excellent stability to players when they work out. Basketball shoes will serve you well if you go to the gym to perform aerobic exercises that require weightlifting and bodybuilding. However, there is a catch.

If you want to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises, you may need to bring an additional set of shoes to the gym. Basketball shoes slow down your running and reduce your overall performance. You may need a lighter pair of shoes. 

What Are Basketball Shoes Good For?

Over the years, the market has evolved a great deal. Through experimentation and research, companies have finally perfected basketball shoes. The new models boast an excellent construction that helps players avoid injuries. Moreover, the basketball shoes help players easily engage in jumps, rapid cuts, and quick starts and stops. 

In addition, basketball shoes also come with shock absorbers that limit knee strain. The extra ankle support protects your feet and helps you achieve greater agility. They are much bulkier than your regular running shoes, providing greater flexibility and helping players move laterally comfortably. 

What Kind of Shoes To Wear For Working Out?

Not all joggers and shoes are made for working out. Some are pretty heavy, while others lack durability. If you want to make the most of your workout, you must invest in any of these shoes:

Cross-Training Shoes

Known for their durability and strength, you can wear cross-training shoes for several exercises, including lifting weights, hypertrophy training, and all cardio exercises. Apart from treadmill running, you can wear these shoes for compound lifts and strength training exercises. They are flat and allow you to grip the ground while remaining stable. Moreover, they help cushion your feet against pressure and help secure your joints. 

Lifting Shoes

Lifting shoes are flat and come with a little cushioning. They are most suitable for powerlifting and maximal weight lifting.

You want to keep your body stable when lifting hefty weights. Your feet need to hold onto the ground, so you don’t fall and injure yourself. You will have to push your toes into the ground and press your pinky toes down to help stabilize your body. This is easier when you have a relatively flat pair of shoes with less cushioning.  

Running Shoes

As the name suggests, these are most suitable for running on the treadmill or outdoors long-distance running. What makes them stand out is their lightweight body and some cushioning. The shoes are also neutral, meaning they don’t come with any control or stability mechanisms that help restrict or regulate the movement of your feet. This makes them perfect for people who want to train for extensive running. 

Related Questions

Is It Okay To Work Out With Basketball Shoes?

Basketball shoes can be worn for weight lifting and body lifting exercises, but they are unsuitable for most other workouts. The high-top cut of the shoes can cause a lot of discomfort and restrict your movement while performing specific exercises. Moreover, the shoes come with additional paddings around your ankles, increasing pressure on the feet. 

What Makes Basketball Shoes Good For The Gym?

Whether a newbie or an experienced trainer, you can wear basketball shoes for your everyday workout. They come with a thick sole and bulky body that gives you the stability to perform all body lifting and weight lifting exercises efficiently. 

Are Basketball Shoes Good To Work Out In?

They can be worn when you want to engage in exercises like weight lifting. You should go with running shoes for running or using the elliptical. 


  • Basketball shoes can be worn for working out or at the gym.
  • They are suitable for body lifting, weight lifting, and aerobic exercises.
  • You should not wear basketball shoes for running or anaerobic exercises.

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