Are Basketball Shoes Good For Netball?

Shoes that are aimed at specific sports are usually costly. For people who play multiple sports, buying different shoes for each can be impractical and pocket-heavy. Therefore, most people try to find common ground between different sports shoes, such as those for netball and basketball. The question that arises is, are basketball shoes good for netball?

Basketball and netball are often confused as being the same sport. However, there are some differences that set the two apart. Both types of shoes offer the player a good grip and stability while playing. The most significant distinction between the two types of shoes is their weight.

Nonetheless, the physics and movements of the two sports are more or less the same, which makes basketball shoes good for netball.

What Shoes To Wear For Netball?

Netball is an indoor sport, so netball courts have polished floors. Therefore, netball shoes should have firm soles with ample traction to maintain friction with the floor and prevent the player from slipping. 

Netball is a more tactical game than basketball. Players are required to constantly and rapidly accelerate and decelerate, make high jumps, pivot around, and rapidly change direction. Hence, the right netball shoe should have a balanced combination of cushioning and support. It should have a low platform and fit firmly around the athlete’s foot, according to their foot shape.

Difference Between Netball And Basketball Shoes

Netball and basketball shoes are pretty similar but not the same. Their primary difference lies in their weight. Netball requires players to be faster and more agile than basketball. As a result, netball shoes are lighter than basketball shoes to prevent hindrance in the player’s speed due to excessive weight on their feet.

Another feature that sets basketball shoes apart from netball shoes is that the former provides more ankle support. This is because basketball requires higher jumps and more powerful landings than netball. In these landings, it is highly unlikely that the player would land perpendicular to the ground. Instead, the landing inclines the foot in one direction. There is a risk of severe ankle injuries, an already common occurrence during basketball games without proper ankle support.  

Are Running Shoes Good For Netball?

Running is a linear activity, meaning that it involves regular motion in one direction. Hence, running shoes are specially designed only for this purpose. This type of activity is drastically different from netball, which requires a multitude of movements, including rapid lateral movements and speed manipulation. 

Although running shoes are lightweight and comfortable, they do not meet the requirements of a multidirectional sport. They do not offer support for high-impact landings or provide traction for direction changes. By wearing running shoes for netball, you will be risking ankle sprains and fractures, reduced performance, and other accidents, such as tripping and colliding with other players.

Moreover, running shoes are also less durable than netball shoes. If you use them for a vigorous activity like netball or basketball, there is a risk of shoe breakage during the game, leading to accidents.

Is High-Top Shoe Good For Netball?

Generally, the preferred cut of netball shoes depends upon the individual athlete since every person’s foot shape and comfort level are different. 

A myth surrounding high-top netball shoes is that they provide more stability than low tops and offer protection against ankle injuries. However, nothing can be farther from the truth. High-top shoes do not provide any more ankle support than low-top shoes. On the contrary, they may significantly hinder the athlete’s performance and lead to reduced jump height. They may have higher shock-absorption ability to some extent.

Related Questions

Are Basketball And Netball Shoes The Same?

Basketball shoes and netball shoes are quite similar as both are court-specific shoes. They both have a cushioned midsole and firm fit. Both shoes support the player’s feet without negatively affecting their performance, agility, and speed.

Basketball and netball shoes also offer higher impact absorption and direction than shoes meant for other sports. However, a few key features distinguish the two. Basketball shoes are heavier than netball shoes and give increased ankle support.

Can I Wear Netball Shoes For Basketball?

Yes, you can wear netball shoes for basketball. Except for a few minor differences, the two shoes are almost the same. But it is better to practice with these shoes first when starting to play basketball to adapt to their capability to avoid bad performance or accidents on the court. 

In fact, whether you choose to wear basketball shoes or specialized shoes for netball, practicing in them before competing is favorable to your performance. Netball shoes are the most crucial gear in the sport, so it’s best to exploit their benefits entirely.

Is Low-Top Shoe Good For Netball?

When it comes to specialized netball shoes, qualities like comfort and security matter more than the cut of the shoe. Generally, many athletes prefer low-top shoes because they are lightweight and allow them to perform a more extensive range of motion than high-top shoes. 

No evidence suggests the benefits of low-top shoes over high-top ones. Therefore, athletes should select and wear the shoes that are most comfortable for them and that help in improving their performance.


  • Basketball and netball shoes are nearly the same, except for a few differences, such as weight. 
  • You should never wear running shoes for basketball or netball because they are not designed for such multidirectional activities and can lead to hazardous accidents on the court.
  • You can wear basketball shoes for netball and vice versa. Both shoes are court-specific and have a firm sole that provides ample traction. They also have cushioned midsoles and foot-fitting support, making them perfect for both sports.

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