About Us

Hello Beautiful People, I am Michael John. A coach of a basketball team in college delivering my knowledge to my students for the last 3 years. Being a basketball enthusiast from my childhood, I am able now to guide the respected people on basketball equipment and its hopping skills. Before joining basketball college as a teacher, I and my friends used to play basketball on regular basis.

Whenever our team need to buy some products they always consulted with me. Why? Because I was the only one who had experience in buying basketball products. When I joined college basketball and was teaching dribbling and rolling out basketball on the finger tip, the students were also admired my skills and they suggested to me that why not should I start guiding the newcomers on basketball.

They suggested I should make a blog on basketball and finally decided back in May 2020 to kick start my brand outdoor basketball guide. So, all the knowledge I share here will be based on my personal experience and usage. However, some of my old friends have also helped me in reviewing the products. I hope you guys will like our ideas and products reviews.